Welcome back to the ONE and only Phat Daily Column The Ratings are in!! So you know what that means...RATINGS ANALYSIS! Oh joy! On to the PDC.Note: Phat Chat is Cancelled this week.

Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.9Second Hour: 2.9Third Hour: 2.7Composite: 3.17


First Hour: 6.4Second Hour: 6.9Composite: 6.65

Head to Head

RAW: 6.65Nitro: 2.8

Alright, now what does this mean? It means that RAW did its average rating during the revieling of the Greater Power. Did Bischoff's telling in the first hour about who it will be affect RAW? I think many wrestling fans, well RAW fans, like wake up at 9:30. Also, I think Nitro puts on a strong first hour, but they slack off in the final hour, which they must win. RAW is way too powerful to put on a less than par show. They must have a tough third hour, or they will always lose. It's simple. Nitro must but on a super show to even take some of the ratings away. They aren't doing that. When they do that, they can slowly build off that, and thus they will be much closer in the ratings, other than getting pounded by three points everyweek.


-Alright, my e-mail flooded with comments about Eric Bischoff's extreme commentary where he was talking about Chastity's movie career, and he told the world that the initials V.M. would be the greater power. Why did he do it? RATINGS! Do I think it was wrong? Well, I think he's desparately attempting to get ratings. If I were in the same position I would do the same thing. WWF did what they did to get the ratings by becoming more sleezy. WCW is doing what it takes to dwindle some ratings away from WCW. Why the hell do you think Shiavone released the results of Mankind winning the title during a taped RAW? They want to lure wrestling fans over. WCW is desparate, and that's what they have lowered to. My question is, how did Bischoff exactly know? Some WCW spies?-Everyone's favorite badboy, Dennis Rodman is coming back to WCW. Out of all the stupid athletes that come into wrestling, I'd have to say that Rodman is the best out of them. The first match he wrestled in, which was where he was tagging with Hogan vs. Luger and Giant at the Bash at the Beach, was one of the most entertaining matches that I have ever seen. Rodman is a much better wrestler than those other atheletes Karl Malone and especially Reggie White. Hey, didn't Rodman have money disputes where he wanted to sue WCW a few months ago? Strange.-Has anyone noticed how WCW is moving to a more mature show? Their angles are getting edgy now, like with Savage getting crap poured on him, and with stuff like the Kevin Nash getting hit with the car while in the limo. Also, if you think that the WWF has women exposing themselves, just look at Macho's women. They wear stuff that their puppies will easily bust out of, especially Gorgeous George. Other stuff includes more main eventers really calling each other on, and now the new angle involving Hak, smoking to the ring. WCW is supposed to be family oriented, right?


-Oh damn. The WWF really has some large legal problems. Not only do they have the large lawsuit from the quitting Sable, or should I call her Rena Mero, but they have an oncoming Hart lawsuit to fight as well. Sable's lawsuit is for 100 Million dollars, and early reports say the Hart lawsuit is asking for the same amount. This is not good for the WWF, as all of the money that they have made from their success could go straight down the tubes. But if the WWF is really guilty from these, no remorse from me.-Speaking of Sable, the only reason she is doing this is to have her contract null and void. That's it. I wonder if the WWF will chance the lawsuit. If the WWF were to go through with the lawsuit, and win, then Sable is really screwed; literally. Her career would be finished. If she would win, she would be a very rich individual, and she could persue going elsewhere. If the WWF decides not to go through with the suit, then she would either jump to WCW, where they are rumored to want her as Hogan's valet?!? She also wants to persue an acting career, but when you talk like someone with a 3rd grade education, you won't get far as an actor.

@That's it today Titoholics. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another Phat Daily Column. So until next time, just chill...till the next episode.

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