Finally, the Tito is done with College for a while! Welcome back, once again, for Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. It's Thursday, and you know we all just lived through a fun night of Thunder. I mean, words can't describe how great everyone feels the day after a Thunder broadcast. Let's discuss the "finer" points of Thunder and more in today's column. On to the PDC.


Before we jump into Thunder, let's discuss the WCW surprise once again! WCW and Thunder has announced the "big" surprise will indeed happen at the Great American Bash, if you can smell the buyrate. Bischoff was claiming on Thunder, as were the announcers, that this surprise would forever change WCW and wrestling in general. They keep hinting that whatever it is, it's from California, or that its base is in California. All I hope is that none of the negotiations involve any actors from Hollywood, because Lord only knows WCW needs that again.

Wow, a possible decent chance at making the Cruiserweight title good again happened last night, as Chavo won the title from Daffney! Oh wait a's no longer Chavo Guerrero Jr. It's Lt. Loco, a man now based on a stupid military gimmick. A man who used to sell merchandise for "the powers that be" during Russo's first WCW. A man who got over with the help of a fake horse named Pepe, and a man who was getting over as Eddie Guerrero's flunky. Wait, that was the worthy Chavo, and not the stupid gimmicked one. He'll loose that title to some geek off the streets in no time.

I love the e-mail that I'm getting about Hulk Hogan!!! Many readers now feel as though Vince Russo is booking Hogan like Mick Foley, as he'll now switch between Hollywood Hogan, Hulkamania Hogan, and FUNB Hogan. Of course, with Mick Foley, he acted different with all 3 personalities...and strangely enough, somewhat wrestled different too. With Hogan, it's the same Ego, terrible wrestling ability, and worn out charisma that we've been used to for the past few years now!

Wow, some of the things I say can be very ironic. Weeks after everyone and their mother reported that La Parka had in fact been released from WCW, I reported or mentioned that La Parka's profile was still on Now, I see many many reports covering this fact that La Parka has NOT been released. That stuff really cracks me up.


I've heard that Stone Cold's rehab seems to be running on schedule, but whether or not he'll be able to wrestle at Summerslam is still unknown. You've probably heard that he's lost 10 pounds already from the last time you saw him at Backlash, so maybe that will shut up the ones who ripped Austin for looking overweight. Little do those inviduals know that it's sort of hard to work out when you physically can't. Hopefully, his rehab is successful, and that his return to the WWF is what they need to end this stale period. Yes, the storylines aren't changing until Steve Austin officially returns.

The decision is still pending for the WWF about Vic Grimes. For those of you who don't watch ECW(I know there is a lot, 0.8), Vic is one of the members of the Baldies. I don't know what it was, but I was very impressed with Grimes early Saturday morning when I watched ECW on TNN. I don't know if it was his opponent, Kid Kash, making him look good or what, but I saw talent. Raw talent. Then again, the wrestling style in ECW is different from the WWF's, and the wrestlers aren't as willing to sell many innovative moves either.

Smackdown is tonight, and yours truly will be doing IN DEPTH and BLOW BY BLOW results for this very show. Can you smell the impressions! Anyway, here is a wonderful and fun NON Spoiler preview of Smackdown tonight:

Test vs. Chris Jericho(King of the Ring)
Godfather/Dean Malenko vs. Too Cool
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Benoit
Dudley Boyz vs. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle
Women's battle Royal!
Eddie Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy(King of the Ring)
Val Venis vs. Rikishi Phatu
DX vs. Kane/Rock/Undertaker

Doesn't look bad on paper, and I'm anticipating the Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Hardy match. I've heard that one is just loaded with great moves and spots. Anyway, I'll be on the board tomorrow morning with this wonderful coverage of UPN's top dollar show.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with full Smackdown coverage. So until then...why not check out the new BAD TITO at the Phat Pharm!

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