Welcome to the Weekend edition of the PDC, or the Week In Review edition of the column. It's been a long week for myself, personally, and I'm looking foward to a summer without school to worry about for a change. Give me a few days to clear my mind from being burnt out, and I'll be churning out some special columns very soon.

It's funny how much of a prick the Ultimate Warrior, Jim Hellwig, or the Warrior is about Davey Boy Smith's death. What, is the Warrior bitter because he was busted receiving steroids from Davey in 1992, which led to his firing from the WWF that kept him out of the wrestling spotlight for nearly 4 years? Warrior is leading the same life of steroid abuse that Davey has, and yet he makes rude comments like he did. When the Warrior's body starts breaking down from his own personal steroid use, let's not pity him.

On to the Week in Review.

Apples Per Day


Scott Hall has apparently been telling friends that he, himself, quit the WWE, and wasn't fired. I guess the WWE ignored all of the drinking he did over the past few weeks before his firing? If Hall goes through with his wrongful termination lawsuit, like one sports website hinted, then it's just another case of Hall trying to act like his life hasn't changed. Also, it's another case of blindfolding another promotion, in this case NWA-TNA, into signing him, saying that his problems have been cleared up. Anybody care to bet on how long Hall will last?

NWA-TNA announced the signing of Ricky Steamboat to appear at their 1st Pay Per View. As much as I like Steamboat, no potential buyers of today's fanbase, mostly created by the WWF's big boom of 1998, will even know who he is. NWA-TNA especially needs to sign people who can WRESTLE today, not those who are valets or those who are long retired, such as the great Ricky Steamboat.

On RAW, Monday... The show was mainly centered around the Main Event of Ric Flair vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Flair tried to screw with Austin, making him sign a contract that didn't allow punching in their match and for the loser, he must be the servant of the winner. In a decent technical bout, which would bore most, Austin won the match, despite Guerrero's inteference. We'll see what occurs Monday about how Flair will have to serve Austin.

Shawn Michaels made his WWE return by becoming the new member of the New World Order. He came out, danced, and that was it. No promos, just dancing with Nash providing some hand signals. Other notes... Bradshaw won the Hardcore Title, easily beating Steven Richards. X-Pac and Booker T advanced in their King of the Ring qualifying matches.


RAW's rating was scored as a 4.1. While that's up from the previous 2 weeks of 3.1 ratings, it's still below the stable 4.6 RAW was doing a while ago. Some more time and effort must be put into RAW's storylines, and the right people, meaning most talented, must be pushed. New stars need to be created, yadda yadda yadda.

Not too much on a Tuesday, oddly enough.


The Observer said that the main event of Summerslam 2002 is currently set to be Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon. I guess that COULD be the last payoff match from Hulk Hogan before he should be depushed? Well, that's a different story. What got me was the fact that Steve Austin was scheduled to face Hogan at Summerslam for the Undisputed Title. Of course, plans change, and Hogan as champion sucked, although Undertaker as champion isn't that much better. We could be facing the possibility of never seeing Austin vs. Hogan, arguably two of the guys who have single-handedly helped the WWF become extra successful in their respectful eras.

WWE Velocity did a 0.9 rating, but Confidential continued its early success with a 1.3 rating. But how long can this last? Every WWE show has initial success, only to fall off the face of the earth, such as what happened to Excess. I liked the 2nd edition of Confidential, and I look foward to this week's show.

I can't believe the NWA-TNA fell for the oldest trick in the book. Why on earth did they sign Rick Steiner???!? That's just damn near suicide for a promotion. Instead of scooping up all of the great lightweight talent on the market, they sign a dinosaur who has NO respect for the youth of wrestling. He's too stiff in the ring and he's no where near the wrestler he used to be. I wonder if the NWA-TNA is using Rick as bait to maybe sign Scott Steiner?


On Smackdown, we had a battle royal to start the show. The WWE would recycle the 1994 Royal Rumble finish, having Triple H and Hogan leaving the ring at the same time. Ugh. They would then fight in a #1 contender's match, which Triple H won cleanly. Bravo! Undertaker and Angle would attack afterward.

Chuck and Billy would win back their World Titles, and I guess, their stylist Rico. Hurricane's stalker was revealed to be Nidia, and her boyfriend Jaime Noble attacked Hurricane. Let's hope it helps to boost the Cruiserweight division. Chris Jericho and Val Venis would advance from their King of the Ring qualifying matches. Jericho won from an Edge forfeit. Edge has a legit shoulder injury, and Jericho's attack was to give more reason to keep Edge out for a while.

Good Smackdown overall.


The overnight Smackdown rating was 4.4. That should translate into something from 3.3 to 3.6, or so. The final rating wasn't available at press time, har har. I guess ratings could be down because the Detroit market was low, given the fact that the Stanley Cup playoffs dominate the television area. Still, it's a low number, and like I said above, some things need to be done, creatively, within the WWF.

1wrestling reported that parts of the Hogan vs. Triple H match was edited from Smackdown. All I can say is this: GOOD IDEA. The match was remotely watchable, and it's definitely wise to keep this up in the future for all Hogan matches. Too bad you can't do the same for Undertaker RAW matches.


5. Hulk Hogan - Put over Triple H cleanly. Good.

4. Kurt Angle - The man. Go get Hogan!

3. Eddie Guerrero - Push him to the moon!

2. Steve Austin - Beat Flair, despite being limited on punching.

1. Triple H - Got the win over Hogan, and in the process of that, made him look good in the match. Well, editing occurred, too.

Weekly Awards

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Steve Austin vs. Ric Flair

WEAK of the WEEK: Recycling the Royal Rumble 1994 finish.

The NBA WEST of Wrestling: The Undertaker

WHO AM I??: Jaime Noble



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