Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Tonight is a great night for wrestling! The questions are: Will the greater power reveal itself? Will WCW put on a top notch show tonight? I hope both happens. Oh yeah, I have a rare segment at the bottom, that once and a while comes up as well as some PDC news. Enjoy! On to the PDC


-The direct TV, which usually somehow gets the schedules for RAW broadcasts, claimed that the "Greater Power" will be revealed in the first hour!! Oh joy, all of the clusters of e-mail that I get per day about this "Greater Power" will finally end. Man, I notice this excitement is just about like, but not as much as, the craziness of predicting the third Outsider. Nobody, except for the Pro Wrestling Illustrated newsletter, predicted that it could be Hogan. I really hope that this "Greater Power" is a shocker like that. I hope I'm not disappointed, or you'll hear about it in the next issue. :) -Are you pumped for the King of the Ring now?? If you saw Heat last night, you would be. We now have a tournament match-up between the Big Red Machine, Kane, vs. the Big Show. That wets my appetite, as well as Chyna advancing in the King of the Ring also. What more could you ask for? Maybe the rumored Hell in the Cell match between the Undertaker and Stone Cold. That might happen, if the "Greater Power" isn't a wrestler. I do believe, from watching heat, that Triple H will fight Val Venis now as well. Well, that's alright I guess. As for my EARLY King of the Ring Picks. My money is on either Big Show, most likely, or Mr. Ass to win it. Winning this thing, could put either over as an established contender. Big Show is getting good crowd responses now! Joy!


-Ric Flair is really considering retirement now, and I believe the frustrations of WCW is driving him into it. I do believe that the low ratings that his angles get, the horrible booking that WCW does, and all of the backstage tension is making Ric Flair realize that wrestling isn't like what it used to be. I agree with Flair. He's accomplished so much in WCW, and in wrestling. He's at a point in his career which he won his 14th title a few months ago, and that is a huge accomplishment, so he can still go out on top. I think Flair is easily one of the bests ever to enter the ring, and even though I usually poke fun at his old age like I do the rest of WCW, but I respect what he has done for the sport. -Uh oh, some MAJOR booking disputes between the head booker, Kevin Nash, and the man who gets his own way in WCW, Hollywood Hogan. Hogan wants that title so badly right now, it hurts. Nash feels that HE is the right direction for the company, and he wants to be champ for at least half a year. You know exactly what is going to happen. Good old Hogan will go up to the man who he has in his pocket, Eric Bischoff, president of WCW, and get Nash to drop the strap to him again. This is getting rather pathetic if you ask me. -According to Joe De Leon, Sid and Shane Douglas, are negotiating to enter WCW. Oh my, that would be great to see them in WCW, as Sid would be really used, and Shane would get lost in the shuffle. I say Sid, go to WCW, you will be used better there, and for Shane to go to WWF. WCW needs a monster like Sid in their federation. He would fit perfect as a brand spanking new main eventer, and I hope he and Arn Anderson can settle their differences. Shane Douglas on the other hand, would be very misused in WCW, even though he'll make a fat paycheck. If he'd go to the WWF, he would fill a void of lack of strong heels that the WWF now needs.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

Oh Joy! The Phat Video Review is back! Everyone's favorite, right? Well, yesterday I purchased the WCW Superstars Series: NWO 4 Life because I figured it would be a great documentary, just like Sting's video. Was I right? Today's Review: WCW Superstars Series: NWO 4 Life. Alright, this video starts out great with the Bash at the Beach when Hogan arrived as the third man. That was the forming of the nWo. After that, it showed clips of stuff in chronological order, but it wasn't really a biography of the nWo. Sure, it was in order, and it had large events that happened, but it left out a few things that I was expecting. Good examples like Syxx, Giant, and Debiase joining. They left out parts like having the nWo Sting making Sting turn Crow, but they did show the nWo falling apart, and then breaking off into two groups. The showed great clips of matches like the Fall Brawl match when Hennig turned nWo, and the matches with Hogan/Rodman vs. DDP/Malone, and Bischoff/Hogan vs. Leno/DDP. It left out a HUGE match between Hogan/Rodman vs. Luger/Giant. Hell, they neglected the nWo members that have left WCW, and that's not fair. It was narrated by Bischoff by the way, and he don't do a bad job. This video recieves a Tito Grade of a


since it left out a bunch of important stuff, but still, it was a good video


PDC News

-Alright, I'm typing this column today right after my Calculus final, and before the Chemistry final. That means I'm now on the summer schedule, which means that I don't go to college full time in the summer, I go part time. So what on Earth does that mean for the Phat Daily Column you ask?? Well, that means I will have less to study, less to write for classes, and more to write and work on for the PDC! Expect even PHATTER columns than ever before. Also, I am getting ready to watch the Wrestlemanias, so the overview of every Wrestlemania EVER will be coming in some weeks time. What else can you expect from the PDC this summer? Expect more angles updates, more long segments, and of course, the top 10 influencial wrestlers of all time! You ain't seen nothing yet.

Phat Chat News

-Get ready for this one! This week's guest, at a special time on Thursday Night at Midnight Eastern Time, will be the great LoP Newsboard administrator and webmaster of Chris Candido's and Tammy Sytch's webpage, Marc Middleton. This will be an extreme chat, that's one of the reasons for a late time. View discretion is advised. To get to Phat Chat by Java, go to http://talk.to/mrtito. You can also get there by mIRC. To do so, use the server irc.webchatting.com and the channel #pdc. Hope to see you there!

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@That's it for today Titomaniacs. Ha! So tomorrow I will be back, with my usual, and very controversial, Monday Night Impressions. So until next time, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, just a hardworking columnist, signing off!. #71 for those who are counting. :)

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