Oh my, has this weekend presented us with slow news. Argh! It is the hardest to write the Phat Daily Column during these times, but like always, I'll charge on! Gotta keep the streak alive, as this column is #70 in a row. No such thing as a day off for me! Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Good lord, Sable is suing the WWF for a lot of money. The word is that Sable has filed suit against the WWF claiming for unsafe and horrible work conditions. She claims that lots of harassment happened during her final days in the WWF, and she also claims that the WWF wanted her to do a lesbian angle and get "accidentally" striped in the ring. Well, I highly doubt that Sable will win, especially for suing the WWF for around 100 million dollars! Let's look at the situation here. Would a judge award a case to someone that willingly posed in Playboy. Judges would accuse that of someone who would do anything, even lie about WWF working conditions. So Sable, you better give up your lawsuit because it will A) hurt your career by giving you a bad name since the judge would rule against her since she posed in an adult magazine B) hurt your husband's career since he didn't have a good time in WCW when he left, and C) completely wipe out your Playboy career. But of course, she could be right, and win the case, and the WWF would be really hurting. We'll just have to watch this one. -Many are wondering how Chyna will fend against the Big Valbowski in their match for the King of the Ring. Will Chyna win? Will she compete in Men's wrestling from now on? Well, apparently, the WWF is really considering having her as women's champ. She wants to either wrestle men, or just be Triple H's manager as usual. I think she should go for the Women's title. She would crush Debra, and she would have a great opponent too. Her name is Nicole Bass. Wait a second, Nicole Bass is Val Venis's new lover, and Val is fighting Chyna!! The pieces...they are coming together.-Well, the WWF Volume 3 CD is now #96 on the Billboard charts. Oh yeah, did I mention that it has been on the charts for 21 weeks!!!!! This CD is great, and who would have thought that it would reach the top 10 on Billboard. This is a wrestling cd, and for a business that gets no respect in the entertainment world, I thought that a theme cd did awesome on the charts. I'm sure those snobs in the music industry weren't happy to see a wrestling theme cd beating out their precious superstar's cd. All I have to say is get WWF: The Music Volume 3. You won't be let down, and I guarantee that.


-Apparently, everyone's favorite interviewer, Mean Gene, is going to retire once his contract is up. Oh thank the lord, as I can't stand Mean Gene at all anymore. It's odd that I loved him in the WWF, but I can't stand him now in WCW. Hopefully, WCW uses his retirement to get someone brand spanking new to do WCW interviews. No, don't use Ricky Rachman as the replacement! Find someone brand new, hip, and with a good voice for the mic. New is good. Having refurbished 80's icons is bad. So get someone new WCW!! (Credit Ray Kim for the news)-Oh my God! The WCW hotline reported that the Red and Yellow has a small chance of returning Monday on Nitro. If I see that, I must have a trash can near by, because I'll hurl. That's all I need right now, Hulkamania. I'm already in hatred of Hogan, and bringing back that...Hulkamania will really drive me away, and cause me to rip on Hogan much much more. I wonder though. What if the gimmick actually gets over, even with me, if it comes back. That would be interesting, and it would generate interest in Hogan again, right? I actually liked Hogan, AT FIRST, when he turned into Hollywood. Maybe this new turn around could make me and many other wrestling fans interested. That's if he goes back to Hulkamania. (News Credit: Kirk Huffman for making the expensive phone calls)-Wow, the word is that a new tag team will form, consisting of Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit. That's a mean team, and they will be very hard to defeat, if they form. They could both whip tag team ass in the air, and on the ground. Would they be pushed? That's a good question, because, personally, I think WCW is very high on the duo of Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelo. DDP and Bam Bam aren't such a bad tag team after all, and it helps WCW because that eliminates two wrestlers that they don't have to give singles pushes to. That's basically what WCW tag wrestling is. Hmm.

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-The other day, I realized something. Since my Spring Quarter is ending at my college, I will be working and going out much more now. Therefore, it's very hard to say when a scheduled Phat Chat will happen. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, and I'm sorry for those who were counting on Phat Chat to be a guarantee every Wednesday at 7:30. My next Phat Chat, when it takes place will feature the great Marc Middleton. Be sure to catch that one when it comes around.

@Well kiddies, I made something out of nothing. Joy. So that's it for today. I hope some news comes out tomorrow, because this gets rough after a while. Anyways, thanks as always for reading, and just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, a hard working daily columnist, signing off.

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