Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Nothing like a slow and boring Sunday for wrestling. We have NO pay per views to discuss, as we will next week. This upcoming week should be a battle since WCW has the Great American Bash to hype up. Also, yesterday, I did results for ECW on TNN, and I added my commentary along with it. If you enjoyed it or hated it, please contact me about it. Well, that's all I have to say about that, so on to the PDC.


In ratings news, Smackdown's ratings are down despite the now lower competition on other channels. So what's going on? Well, a 4.6 is still a decent number on a network, but this is a show that was pulling 5.0 shows in May, the toughest month for television. I've heard of some markets losing UPN recently, but it doesn't show that bad. Maybe many people were upset from the RAW main event with the Rock and Undertaker?

From Boyd's report earlier, it seems that the WWF is heavily considering turning Grandmaster Sex-ay into a heel. Alright! Now I'm not going to rip on Too Cool, so close your e-mail software right now. I think this move would do a great deal for the Lightweight title. Just look at what Scotty Too Hottie(or however it's spelled these days) did when Grandmaster was injured. He put on some great matches in the Lightweight division. This has been my true point about bashing Too Cool, and that was to have them spice up the Lightweight division. As for Grandmaster, turning him heel would anger the fans very much because they are all hooked on Too Cool. Plus, it would allow for the old Brian Christopher to come out and be his old cocky self. Finally, it would enable the WWF to punish Grandmaster if he has any ego problems backstage, which he seems to have. They can't punish him now since he's in Too Cool, but if they break him from that, he could be punished easily.

Since the WWF news is very dry right now, here's the Sunday Night Heat preview. Heat is coming off a terrible ratings week, which was understood with the Memorial day holiday weekend.

Chyna vs. the Godfather(King of the Ring)
Essa Rios vs. Perry Saturn
Al Snow vs. Val Venis(King of the Ring)


It's just crazy how bad some of the things are getting backstage at WCW. The older guys are already trying to take control, and the younger guys are already complaining about pushes. Old times are here once again. Let's look at some of the current situations:

Hulk Hogan- He's complained away from WCW about their new format, but once he's around Vince Russo, he loves the format! Now that's the Hulk Hogan I remember, and he'll assume control really soon after he wins at the Great American Bash, and then gets his title shot at Bash at the Beach. You know he'll win that one.

Lex Luger- Can you blame him really? He's forced to wrestle a very inexperienced and untalented Chuck Palumbo. Sure, Luger isn't the best wrestler in the world either, but he's still a decent name. Palumbo is still very unpolished and should work more with the undercard before attacking the main event scene. But since Russo loves Palumbo, Luger gets punished.

New Blood- Although they are getting on television much more now than before, they are complaining because none of the titles are heading their way. Even worse, many of the smaller guys in the division refuse to step down into the Cruiserweight division. I suggest either making a new title or bring the Television title back into fame. It could silence some criticism, but WCW has a big roster right now of midcarders. A new title for them to fight over could help sooth their needs.

Poor Booker T. It's being reported that Booker T is getting laughed at for his new current gimmick. Hell, he doesn't even like it, but since he's NEVER complained about anything, he'll continue working with management on the gimmick. For Booker, this is just another instance where something terrible holds him back from being on top of the federation. Don't they see how talented this guy truly is? He's done everything that WCW has asked and more, but yet no paybacks are ever given. I long for the day he gets pushed, or has his contract run out in WCW. That way, people like myself and Coolbeans can be happy that one of the most talented wrestlers in the industry finally gets what he deserved.

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