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Mr. Tito (June 04, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I try to bring this to you everyday of the week, and after 68 straight Phat Daily Columns, I'm proud to say, so far, that I've accomplished my goal. I also have a lovely special segment at the bottom, as well as important Phat Chat news to read. On to the PDC.

CORRECTION: Yesterday, for some odd reason, I kept calling Chastity, Charity. I'm retarded. Sorry about that. The real address for her page is Sorry!


-Joy! Steve Mongo McMicheal was finally released from his WCW contract!! That's great news, as Mongo has been sitting around collecting WCW paychecks when his sorry ass hasn't wrestled for a year now. Besides David Flair, he was the lamest excuse for a wrestler that I have ever seen. I wonder why it took WCW so long to axe him. Hell, they shouldn't had him wrestle in the first place. It was good as an angle to have him turn on Kevin Greene at the Great American Bash a few years back, but to have him wrestle everyweek? I just hope with Debra McMicheal, that the WWF doesn't decide to sign Mongo for some raunchy angle.

-I caught the tail end of Thunder, and it had a rather good match on the card. It was the main event, and it pitted Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair. It was a great match in my mind, and I was hoping that Benoit would get the win. But of course, there is no such thing as defeating someone who is over 40 in WCW when you are younger, so a run in by Bigelo and DDP happened. Speaking of Chunder, ahem, I mean Thunder, the word is that they are strongly considering moving to Wednesdays. This comes about because they don't want to start a Thursday Night War, plus Thursday Nights have very strong TV shows on anyways, so a move to Wednesday will be a good one.


-As reported throughout, the GDTV is indeed Goldust TV. This will create some kind of wierd and bizarre angle with Goldust, Blue Meanie vs. D-Lo, Sexual Chocolate. This will be rather odd, because Goldust can really make an angle very raunchy. Just remember how lewd his angles got back in the day. The Razor Ramone angle was nasty, as well as the Ahmed Johnson angle. Don't forget some of the wierd stuff he did with Luna. Oh man that's nasty. I just hope Dustin Runnels is really happy with his messed gimmick, and I hope his little daughter never sees her father's work. and the Ross Report said that Mankind had knee surgery, finally, yesterday morning. That's great news, and personally, I'm relieved. This is the best thing Mankind could do for himself and for the fans, as his pain will now his knees. He'll be out four to six weeks, and he'll come back like a ball of fire. Just don't come back too early Mick.

-As Kirk Huffman, Micasa, and Dave Meltzer reported, apparently Sable is now gone from the WWF. Man, the crap hit the fan there, especially with her new Playboy coming out. The word is, she quit the WWF and that she's trying to file a lawsuit against them, which I doubt she could win. Funny, I think the WWF owns the name Sable, which her career is based on. Will she enter WCW?? Would they want her? Sure she makes the crowd go bonkers, but does WCW want her attitude? I guess we will have to find out soon.

Phat Chat News!!!

-Alright, I just realized something. My spring quarter in college is coming to an end, and the Summer is here. I will be getting more hours at work and I will be going out much more with Mrs. Tito. So what does that mean??? Well it means that the scheduled Phat Chats might not happen or will get cancelled. I'll try to do my best to organize my schedule so I can have a scheduled Phat Chat. Sorry for this inconvenience, but that's just the way it is. You can enter Phat Chat at anytime, because you never know who is in there.

How about something extra for the Titomaniacs...

WCW: Push These Wrestlers!!!

Today, I decided to do something fun. I preach everyday about why WCW should push certain wrestlers. The following segment is a list of wrestlers who I personally feel WCW should either push or pay more attention to. Enjoy!

Chris Benoit- I am always preaching for this man to get pushed. Sure he's a very small man, but this man can pack a punch!! He can take down much larger wrestlers than himself, and all he needs is a chance to shine, a simple title push! See what a singles title does for him WCW, and you'll thank me for preaching it.

Chris Jericho- First, you have to sign this man. If you do sign him, push him. He's got great mic skills, and he's young and hungry. He needs to get out of the TV title scene. This man has the attitude to become a great heel contender.

Booker T- This man has skills, and WCW still wants him to return to tag action so that he can form Harlem Heat with his stupid brother again. NO! Booker T is a great wrestler that always fights with high energy. Keep him as a singles wrestler.

Scott Steiner- Get this man out of the US title bracket, and into the world. He can really draw heel heat like no other wrestler, and he has the strength and the wrestling skill to be a world champion. I think his personal problems and his craziness in the ring are holding him back.

Raven- It seems to me, that fans like to watch Raven wrestle. It's just the mistique of it, not that they like him. Many fans love Raven, but many watch just because his matches are always interesting. This man deserves a good US title push, and maybe put him into world title contention as well.

Disco Inferno- I know Disco can be the biggest joke to the wrestling world sometimes, but he's very entertaining. Just remember what his TV title career did; the fans backed him! Push him!

Billy Kidman- This man is one of the hardest working wrestlers in the business, and he gets fans without a gimmick. He's just himself when he wrestles, and he's a great performer in the ring. He should own that Cruiserweight title, but he hasn't got a shot in a while.

Hak- Damn it, push him please! He's been jobbing ever since he came into the WCW(besides the 3-way vs. Raven and Bam Bam), he makes the "hardcore" matches look good. It's time for him to win those "hardcore" matches, and get some respect! He was the extreme icon and champion of ECW, and he's getting beat up by losers like Brian Knobbs?

Perry Saturn- Now that he's finally out of his dress, it's time for the hardworking Saturn to get a deserved push. He's one of the best wrestlers in WCW, as he can fight you on the ground and in the air. I just hope his back injury doesn't hold him back.

Eddie Guerrero- This man would be a great high mid card heel, when given the opportunity, not the Latino World Order. I just hope Bischoff's personal vendetta against Eddie won't hold it back.

Buff Bagwell- Buff is the stuff, and the fans love him. He was, however, before he got hurt, on his way to a huge title push. Buff is still over with the fans, so why not give him a title. He definately deserves it for his years of hardwork in WCW.

And Finally........................

Sting- This is the only pushing 40 club member that I feel needs a HUGE push. Ok damn it, I'm a Sting mark, but he needs a push. He's the best damn wrestler in WCW, and he can still put on a great show. If you don't believe me, just take a look back at the ratings. The Sting vs. Flair match and the Sting vs. DDP match were the only two times, recently, that Nitro even came close to beating RAW at a 15 minute interval. That's proof enough. So push him! Give the title to the only Senior Tour member that NEVER left WCW.

@Well, that's it for today's PDC. That was a fun one to type. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Just remember, this is just my opinion, so it's not life or death, nor is it something to go crazy about. Anyways, thank you very much, as always, for reading. So until the next edition, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, Daily Columnist that really is daily, signing off!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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