Sunday, Sunday..... Yeah, I took yesterday off, but blame that one on burn out. After a long night of studying, I just stared at the screen Saturday morning, trying to think of a good history column. I just couldn't do it......

But today, I'm back, and I've got an interesting topic to discuss, which I know will give me lots of e-mail. We'll get to that in a bit.

One of the funniest moments in internet wrestling history occurred when Scott Keith's presented the cleared up soundbyte for the Undertaker's stalker. When I listened to it, which you can by Clicking Here, I about fell off my chair from laughing. Seriously. It just goes to show you how involved Vince McMahon is with the WWF. Will it turn out to be him? Well, who knows, because many wrestlers can't talk if they tried. But Vince can, and thanks to modern day technology, he was busted as the stalker.

And you know what this ranks low as? The Black Scorpion. Back in 1990, Ole Anderson, the head booker of WCW for that year, muffled his voice for the wrestler who had no identity until the week of the show which he'd be revealed. And you know what's funny? Vince McMahon doesn't have any idea, yet, on who the stalker will end up being. Wow, you mean to tell me that Vince McMahon thinks on the same level, at times, as Ole Anderson, the man who destroyed WCW after a great 1989 run? Quite possibly.

That's not what the column is about, though... Time to discuss the Hitman, so on to the PDC!

Why, Bret, Why?!?

After RAW is WAR, you know, the one the Hart family attended and was honored, I made the comment to a few people online about Bret Hart probably going to discuss this moment in his "Sharpshooter" column. You know, cause it was a big moment for his family, and maybe that he could mention that he won't be returning to the WWF, like them.

But what we got was the following passage, and I quote: "The same goes for wrestling. I love wrestling but it's the business that is slimy.

I love to just be a fan and watch guys like Benoit and Jericho and Lance Storm. I appreciate how talented they are and how hard they work and I don't pay attention to the surrounding circus. "

Wait a second there..... I see Chris Benoit listed, as Bret has wrestled him to some very excellent matches. I see Chris Jericho listed, who I've seen Hart mention several times. Finally, he mentions Lance Storm, who also hails from Calgary.............. Alberta, Canada, and was on RAW for about 30 seconds. It was nice of him to praise those wrestlers, but what about his family? Most of the Harts attended RAW, and his father, Stu Hart was honored. Since Bret is writing a "wrestling" column, which is usually about his family or anything current in his life, why not comment on his own father's achievement?

Also, why not comment that with the WWF, his origin federation, Stampede Wrestling, will start up again. Why not mention that with all of the problems about Bret's finish in 1997 and Owen's death, they forgave the WWF, and came back to show support on RAW? Nope, that's not Bret, who can't even say that he was proud of his dad for all of his accomplishments in professional wrestling.

Now don't get me wrong. I've supported the Hitman when everyone else called him an asshole. It's the truth. When he wrote the column about the Thunder "shoot" Vince Russo made him do about Bill Goldberg, I defended Bret and cheered him on for doing it. Everyone else yelled about Bret not cooperating with Russo, despite Russo's booking being extremely ridiculous. I've also understood why Bret would be mad about Survivor Series 1997, where he was screwed out of the title. He knows Vince McMahon did it in the heat of the Monday Night Wars, but before the match, he was promised nothing screwy would happen and that he wouldn't be embarrassed with Shawn Michaels, the man who kept dodging Bret, like the faked knee injury for the possible Wrestlemania 13 or King of the Ring 1997 match up.

I've stuck up for Bret during his whole time at WCW, saying that they probably screwed his career more than the WWF ever did. The bookers during certain times at WCW didn't use him properly, and that they allowed Hulk Hogan to continually escape having to wrestle the Hitman.

But not this time. Not mentioning the honoring of his family in his latest column pretty much proves his feeling about his own family. It appears that Bret wants to be isolated from his own family now, which is quite insane. Ever since the 1997 Montreal incident, the Hart family has taken many twists and turns, excluding certain members (British Bulldog), and ignoring each other as well, like when Bruce Hart struck back at his brother for certain comments one week. It appears that Bret is now the black sheep of the family, as all of the others seemed to unite, on RAW, to see their father, Stu, honored for his lifetime dedication to wrestling.

But not Bret. He has to just sit back at his home, alone, and write about how he loves to watch Chris Benoit, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho, instead of remembering who he grew up with or what business (wrestling) gives him the opportunities to write such columns, everyday.

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