Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Last night, Phat Chat went down, and I must say it was a very good chat. Thanks to the great Kirk Huffman for being the guest. Oh joy, the ratings are in! On to the PDC. Note: I erased some of my e-mail by accident yesterday, so if you get no reply, that is why. Sorry.

Ratings Analysis


First hour: 3.7 Second hour: 3.1 Third hour: 3.0 Composite: 3.27


First hour: 5.8 Second hour: 6.7 Composite: 6.25

HEAD to Head

RAW: 6.25 Nitro: 3.05

-Alright, once again the WWF pounded WCW into the ground. I'm surprised that WCW didn't get a lower rating, but RAW wasn't the strongest it could be either. WCW must put on a super show to even eclipse the 4.0 mark anymore. Now ratings in the 3's aren't too bad, but competition is what matters. WCW may say that they don't care for ratings, but they do. The management is really stressing over this constant 3.0 margin. Something has to be done. Why not try pushing the younger guys? Constantly pushing the older guys is what is dragging your ratings. Everyone is tired of seeing the same wrestlers everyweek on Nitro that they used to root for in the late 80's or early 90's. Wake up WCW!

The Gods have Answered My Prayers! I am finally able to watch ECW again!!!

-That's right, according to Scoops, it's official. Starting this September, ECW will be on Friday Nights on TNN!!!!! You don't understand how impatient I have been with this news, as I have wanted to hear it for a long time now. Also, it will give world title contention to ECW, because it can now be seen more, and I guarantee that a few wrestlers would love to jump on the ECW bandwagon. New television deal equals more money, equals they will go to more and maybe bigger arenas, equals better quality shows, equals financial troubles are finally over, and it equals the ECW video game which was relying on this television deal to be made. This is great news, so watch out WWF and WCW! This deal is for 3 years by the way.


-It's official...straight from WWF.com, it says that Mick Foley will have knee surgery! Finally, someone must have talked some sense into the man. Now don't think that Triple H was the man who injured his knee. Mick has been suffering from sore knees for a long time now. It just took him a long time to realize that they needed work. Sure we love to see you wrestle Mick, but we also care for you and we want you in the best condition possible. Getting the knees worked on will make you come back to be a lot better in the ring, since the knees will no longer bother you. -With the King of the Ring rolling around, I think we might see a two time champion. I think it will be Ken Shamrock again this year, and I think Vince likes his personality now. Surprising enough, the King of the Ring does a lot for wrestlers. Just look what winning the tournament did for Stone Cold. Look at him now. The King of the Ring helped establish Bret Hart as one of the bests in the WWF. And furthermore, the late Owen Hart. The King of the Ring put Owen Hart in the spotlight, and it helped gain him respect for his wrestling ability. -Many fans are on te edges of their seats, awaiting to see who the "Greater Power" is. I heard that the WWF has accomplished exactly what the wanted to do, and that is to get everyone and their mother talking about it. The word is that they might not be too sure who it will end up being. Sure they had someone coming out on Monday, but that person, whoever it may be, might not end up as the "Greater Power". Keep tuned in to find out in the upcoming weeks...I hope. I'm not sure when the "Greater Power" will turn up, so please don't ask me about it.


-Is WCW retarded? They officially signed David Flair to a freakin' contract!! Are they out of their minds? David Flair has no talent...period! I'd put my money on Gillberg if he fought him. Now sure he's young, just getting into the sport. BUT, he isn't making any efforts to go to training camps to get some wrestling skills!! When Erik Watts is beating your ass, you know that you are pathetic. David Flair matches are a waste of WCW television time that could be used on much better wrestlers or angles. Now if David went out and got some wrestling skills, I wouldn't be saying these bad things. -Oh my Gosh..I went to Charity's official website (charitywrestling.com) and it's a joke. It's like her own happy little world. Very strange page, but if you are looking for references to her former porno career, you won't find them there. I do want to say that I'm glad all of this controversy is over. That was complete BS for everyone to fuss over her former life. Hell, even Eric Bischoff, the president of WCW, agreed with that. I think he put it to rest, and I'm glad for it. Good job Bischoff..for once. -From what I heard about Eric Bischoff being on WCW Live last night, he said that he does not want to sign Rob Van Dam or Chris Candido. That's just fine, because they would just get lost in the WCW fold. As talented as those two may be, they will be easily misused. Besides, why would they need WCW now that they have a TV deal..finally. WCW could use both of their talents, but hey, they are young, and you must be close to or over 40 to be a champion in WCW. (Credit: De Leon for Bischoff report)

@Well...that's it for today's PDC. I, hopefully, will be back to continue the legacy known as the Phat Daily Column. I keep telling myself, there's no such thing as a day off, there's no such thing as a day off. Anyways, until the next PDC, just chill...till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, the Phattest columnist on the planet, signing off!

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