Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Well, we had Smackdown last night...oh wait! Reader Phil Madrid suggested that I have some names for Smackdown since I constantly call Thunder, Chunder. By the way, I only call Thunder that name because my brother always called it that...even when it first started! It's just a tribute to him, and nothing serious! But in all fairness, Smackdown needed a name to joke around with. A banner made for me has the logo Phatdown on it, but that doesn't poke fun at the name. So Phil threw out two names for Smackdown: Slackdown and Letdown! I love it! So let's see whether we have a Letdown or Slackdown from last night, so on to the PDC!


The WWF, last night(really Tuesday) produced an excellent 6 man match for the main event. When I heard Mick Foley set up the match between Triple H/Road Dogg/Xpac vs. Dudleys/Chris Jericho, I was like "oh God, not another one of these". However, much to my surprise of expecting staleness, this match was spectacular! Probably the best WWF supershow main event I've seen in while, and it had a very clean finish with Triple H giving Devon the pedigree. Damn good match put on there, as each competitor gave their all.

Major props to Hardcore Holly for taking the broken arm and continuing the match. It's a shame it happened on a move that Kurt Angle didn't do properly, but accidents do happen in the wrestling world. Angle and Holly put on a great heel versus heel match. Poor Holly now has to sit on the sidelines..unless it's just a small fracture or a hairline, then he could cast it up and act like Owen did in the great year of 1996. Casts with wrestlers always works!

Oh my Gosh, Steve Blackman is hardcore champ. You know, after all of these title wins, someone figured out that by bringing a dangerous weapon to the ring, it will make you win and keep the Hardcore title. Blackman destroyed Crash Holly with the chucks to win the title, and he then fended off the Mean Street Posse with that same weapon. After all of this time, somebody figured it out! Hopefully, no weapons even more dangerous come into the hardcore division.

Stevie....ahem, Steven Richards has found a great gimmick! *Marks Out* As you know, I'm a BIG fan of Stevie Richards. I used to follow him in ECW when he was Raven's flunkie, to the formation of the BWO, to his short lived WCW run, back to ECW, floating in independents, and then to the WWF. Hell, I was at an ECW houseshow at West Liberty College when he defeated Raven cleanly in the early spring of 1997! After losing his imitation gimmick and then wrestling on Jakked, Stevie or Steven is now a man who resembles an idiot from the PTC! This alone will give Stevie a lot of heat due to the fact that the PTC is the most hated thing in the wrestling industry! Hell, he doesn't even have to wrestle for this role..just act like those morons at the PTC do, and he's golden.

Holy Cow! Christian defeated Kane? Talk about your company man, Kane! Always doing what is best for the WWF! But hey, this fuels this strange feud between Edge/Christian and Kane/Undertaker. The blond duo don't seem as weak as before. I do wonder what the hell Tazz was doing in this match. I'm thinking that his new gimmick or angle is that he'll build up a lot of heat with other wrestlers, and become the most hated man in the WWF. It will single him out, I guess?

Good show from Smackdown, and WAY better than RAW. RAW was stale, as was Smackdown a little bit, but Smackdown had some great action all night long. It's fantastic!


Thunder did a 2.4 in the ratings, which is umm...ok I guess? I guess you can attribute the stagnant ratings to the new episode of South Park, which was no where near as funny as last week's episode. Oops! With Thunder, I really enjoyed the tag action. Although WCW has some no namers, but damn it, they are talented! I know Krueges, who writes an excellent column on the Phat Pharm called "Makin' the Tag", will have a field day this Monday! WCW is starting to get to an actual "wrestling show", but for how long?

This Monday. Vince Russo returns to Monday Nitro to be, once again, "head booker". Oh God, back to CRAP that is NOT wrestling related. In fact, as the great Wrestling Historian pointed out, Russo does not like the current direction of WCW. He doesn't like all of this wrestling, and he insists that his system of booking crazy angles and shoving 20 guys down the ring for run-ins is soooooooo successful. Yeah Russo, that's why you can't get past a 3.0 in head to head competition with RAW. In the long run for WCW, the current system could work because it's building up new talent. The old system just had goofy angles, and no build up for new talent.

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Video Review

Since I absolutely LOVE to review media, I am deciding review Wyclef's music video "It Doesn't Matter" since I missed that LAME-ASS show called TRL. It was on Smackdown, so here is the music video review, as it could be very short.

Wyclef Jean's It Doesn't Matter

If you didn't know, this video features the Rock. However, this is much different than just *starring* in a video. The Rock sings! Now the Rock is a decent singer, as his "Are You Lonesome Tonight" on Saturday Night Live still shocks me on how good it really was. The song itself is very corny, as it has a chorus of either the Rock or ladies shouting "IT DOESN'T MATTER". Very interesting background music as well. In my opinion, the song isn't too bad, but I've liked Wyclef's work for a while now, so I could be favoring. The video itself was rather flashy, going from one setting to another. The Rock was shown either singing, or just laying the Smackdown on some jabronie. It was a pretty well set up video in my opinion.

Last Word: What can I say, I'm not a music critic, and I'm sure everyone has their own preferences. I thought the video was pretty entertaining to watch, therefore, I'll give it an


Oh my gosh, I just did a music video review! What is the world coming to???

LoP Site News!!!

Lots of site news to talk about...so here goes!

Backyard BBQ has a BRAND NEW design, with what I think, is an easier to use format and it loads MUCH FASTER than the old design. The old design, if you remember it, had all of those blue cells, which bugged the hell out of many. Go ahead and check out the BBQ, as it has many Backyard Wrestling sites to look at, as well as columns and other features!

LoP Fan Zone is a new addition to LoP. Have you ever had a picture taken with a wrestler? If so, this is your place. Go to the page and send your picture of your wrestler to either the correct e-mail address or the correct mailing address, and it WILL be posted on this page!!!

Phat Pharm has been updated, with the latest edition of the "Bad Wrestling View". Just about all of the columns have been updated from this past week, so check out the Pharm to see a great group of columnists!

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