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-A Joe De Leon post caught my eye, since it said that the NWO Sting was probably the man in the Hummer at the end of Nitro. This will probably lead to Nash not trusting Sting, thinking that he is part of Macho's stable. If it is the NWO Sting, then that means it's kinda like the time when the original NWO made it seem that Sting joined them. WCW then badmouthed Sting, and turned their backs on them, and later found out that it was never Sting. The same could happen here, and more of the repetition that we love is happening again. Joy.-The damn saga continues to whether Shane Douglas has signed with WCW or not. Everyone is predicting that he may show up on this week's Nitro, which many are claiming it to be "the best Nitro ever". If he does sign, a rumor suggested that he would be in some kind of stable with some Hardcore wrestlers. That's probably not the case, as Bischoff and Nash want him to do something with Flair. Bischoff wants him to be involved with Flair because of their heat, and Nash wants him with Flair because a heated argument could get Shane fired from WCW. Flair's hurt though, so if he's signed, he wouldn't have to worry about any angle with Flair. Hmm..-The fun saga continues with who on earth the Hummer driver is. I don't think it's Sting, as I believe the part about NWO Sting being involved. I think it's Luger. Do you obviously think that WCW can sweep his heel turn under the rug when he sided with Hall, Nash, Hogan, Steiner, and Buff in the "new" nWo Wolfpac in early January? I don't think so. I think it's either Luger, or just some hot babe to add to Macho Man's stable.


-I'm happy. Looking at WWF.com, new design in all, I see that the WWF is currently working on WWF The Music: Volume 4!!! The WWF is going to work hard on this to try to top the success of Volume 3. The WWF was rather shocked to see how successful Volume 3 did after Volumes 1 and 2 did alright in sales. No word on what themes will be on the Volume 4 cd. Whoever is on it, I'll buy it the first day it comes out. -Tickets went on sale for the October 11th RAW is WAR in Atlanta Georgia, which is in the Georgia Dome. The tickets sold 20,000 in its first day!! WCW can't do that, and the South, and especially Atlanta where WCW offices are located. WCW can't sell out any event anymore, but the WWF blows roofs off arenas with amazing ticket sales. The WWF tickets even sell well for house shows. Having the WWF sell 20,000 tickets in WCW's hometown arena has got to hurt WCW. Not financially, but mentally. This is a real mental blow, but I wonder how many tickets have been sold for this Monday's Nitro in the Georgia Dome. Hmm.-Come August 10, the WWF will release a special tribute magazine on Owen Hart. That's a must buy for me, and I'm sure it will be a hot seller since Owen's death had a large effect on the wrestling world. I will say this, the WWF has done a great job handling Owen's death. That RAW, which I taped, will be always remembered, and their many multimedia features on WWF.com about Owen is very nice too. I just hope the WWF puts together a video about Owen Hart. The WWF does a great job with their wrestling videos, and I'm sure they will do a great job on his as well.-The main reason, like I stated before, of Blackman coming out was to begin his push within the WWF. If this doesn't work for Blackman, look for the WWF to make him yesterday's news. The WWF really expects Blackman to fully get over now, and he'll go right after Shamrock. I hope Blackman can get over, finally, with the WWF fans. He's a good fighter in the ring, and he seems to have a good work ethic. Hopefully, he doesn't become a waisted talent like many other wrestlers have become.-Well, the stage is set for Triple H to begin his World Title push. He could beat Stone Cold at Fully Loaded, or he could beat him at Summerslam if he's just fighting the Undertaker in a contender's match. Either way, Triple H is finally going to become a champion. I am impressed with how far Triple H has come. From the moment he's entered the WWF, I've enjoyed watching him wrestle. He has always been cocky in the ring, and I loved to see him give pedigrees on opponents. Hell, I can remember him before he was Triple H when he was in WCW. He kinda had the same gimmick, but he had no potential in the WCW. So he moved to the WWF, and he's becoming a champion after developing all these years.

@That's it for the PDC. Only 6 more to go! Joy! Hopefully, those darn ratings come in tomorrow. Anyways, I'll be back...tomorrow, so chill...till the next episode.

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