Welcome to the Friday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, this is the column that looks at Chyna and laughs right at her. Last time I checked, Chyna's old chin was auctioning for about $4,000 on good old Ebay. Just remember, if you keep fueling my fire about calling me an asshole for taking shots at Chyna, I'll just keep it coming.

For the Compaq from Hell, I've noticed that I can put the Illegal Operation message below the task bar and out of sight by dragging it with my mouse. Before hitting close on the message, you can still use everything on Windows. Well, that's what I do, and my computer works perfectly fine then.

Today, we'll be reviewing Smackdown and Tough Enough. Now can you dig that?

This show starts off with what else? A lovely Vince McMahon interview. After Vince stroked his own ego with the crowd, Monotone Linda came down to bore me to death!!! Well, not that bad, for she provided the reasoning for WCW Invasion this Monday. Works for me.

Our first match is the nothing match which I discussed yesterday, since X-Pac has nothing to do with this feud. He teamed up with Billy BITCHCAKES to take on Edge and Christian. A whatever match, with Edge oddly pinning X-Pac with the Buzzkiller, the new name for his DDT. If you remember from the old WCW days, X-Pac, named Syxx then, had a submission hold called the Buzzkiller. Oh the irony! After seeing the debacle with Jeff Hardy, I'm wondering if Edge will be jobbing to X-Pac on Monday? I really hope that Edge gets a clean win over Billy Gunn sometime soon, because that's only fair.

Wow, Spike Dudley, the man who was totally absent on RAW, is backstage with his girlfriend, Molly Holly. In this segment, they joke to Crash Holly that he's never kissed a woman before. Man, talk about a real life shoot.

FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for giving PRINCE Albert the Intercontinental Title. Shouldn't someone be ridiculously over with the crowd at all parts of his match to get a title? Shouldn't they earn it in same way or fashion? Yes, that's the case with any wrestler, unless guys like Jim Ross have total hard-ons for the individual or if their name is X-Pac. The match was decent, though, with a very interesting frankensteiner by Kane, from the two big men. Kane shall go back to being built up like a monster, and then jobbing to whoever. I think DDP misjudged how big Kane truly is when he attempted the Diamond Cutter.

Again, the WWF needs to do something to put emphasis that the Dudley Boyz are heels. Tables match was the usual, but I was loving the debut of Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire, as O'Haire hit the BEST Swanton in the Business (better than Jeff Hardy). O'Haire's Swanton is much more graceful. After that, the big load of WWF jobbers ran down, and just beat down the WCW Tag Champs. Poor O'Haire and Palumbo took a beating!

Next, it's Jackie/Crash Holly vs. Spike Dudley/Molly Holly. I really hope that Tough Enough helps Jackie's WWF career, just like it might for Tazz and Al Snow. Wow, did you see the Handspring elbow by Molly? Chyna wishes she could do one like that. Same with Ms. Hancock, who we won't dog because she's not a big ego like the 8th Wonder of the World. Match was pretty entertaining for the mixed match, and I chuckled at Jackie beating on Crash after the match.

Wow, Torrie Wilson backstage. Will she ask for more money in the WWF? Torrie was hitting on Vince, with Steve Austin giving him a hug. This segment was quite comical, with 3 people kissing Vince's ass at once. The Jericho-Tajiri-Regal segment was funny too!

Perry Saturn has a mop? I missed it last week on Smackdown, thanks to shitty UPN, so this is new to me. It's a complete rip off of the janitor on Weird Al's UHF movie. Very, very, very sad. Instead of taking the mop away, Big Show snapped it in half, thus setting up this match. If they put suspenders (sp?) on Saturn, and let him have his own clubhouse. I'd laugh if Perry put a fan on a chair and blasted him with a firehose. Ok, enough of the UHF references. This match had a surprising amount of heat to it, as the MSG fans deserve some cookies for being a great crowd, as always.

You know, I'm curious to see how Scotty Too Hotty will do without his partner, Grandmaster Sex-ay. Scotty looks extremely happy to be back on television. William Regal hasn't wrestled in a while. Damn injuries. It's strange to see the mist still on his face, by the way. Pretty good match with Jericho/Scotty vs. Tajiri/Regal, although I'll still say that a delayed chop (the worm) couldn't pin an infant.

Interesting segment with Steve Austin at the end. He talked trash on Booker T, etc, etc. However, Tazz jumped in the ring and called Austin on! I'm sure that will please the ECW fans. Tazz got his ass handed to him, though, and as Austin called on Cole, Booker T rushed in and drilled Austin with the WCW title. The crowd was chanting "Booker T" before that, but maybe that's a MSG thing. Good sports entertainment, but I like main events.

LAST WORD: Overall, this show was a good watch, but it has a few things that I'm picky about, like the Albert IC title win and the first tag match. The WCW angle was played out much better, tonight, and for that, this show gains a B+ (B Plus) in my book. I'm looking foward to seeing WCW matches this Monday Night on RAW.

Tough Enough

My fears of Mtv making this show like the Real World were over, for this edition of Tough Enough was very good and it had the wrestling focus. The 13 trainees did their early WWF training for this week's edition, as they worked in the ring with Al Snow, Jackie, and Tori of all people. I remember hearing that Tori would take part in this, but since she wasn't on show #1, I wasn't sure if she'd be on it at all. I like how Tori got on Chris for thinking his previous training made him elite.

Al Snow is very fun to watch on this show, as he was very sarcastic with the contestants but very helpful on advice at the same time. Some of the finalists were just getting pounded on regular bumps, and I don't blame them. Many current wrestlers experience whiplash, so you can imagine the hell of these amateurs. They also went into the WWF training center, for a work out. Good old Stephanie McMahon got her mug on television, since she hasn't been there with Triple H out for an injury.

But the highlight of the show was Tazz... I was laughing so hard when Tazz arrived on their so-called day off. The guys saw his hummer pull up, and they were scared to see him! That was great! Tazz made them wrestle in pig shit, and then made them jog afterward. That had to have been miserable. Looks like that Darryl character will be the first guy cut by the WWF, thanks to his attitude.

LAST WORD: Oh man, this show is very good, and I'm surprised on my wanting for more. Next week, Triple H appears to make these contestants look like fools. That's going to be a great show. I'm hoping that this shoots past the 2.1 rating it got last week.

I do find it funny that Mtv is willing to pony up a half an hour for Tough Enough, but TNN won't give any time for WCW.

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