Welcome back..to another Phat Daily Column. You know what today is...since it's a Thursday, what did we all watch the previous night? Huh? Oh, you forgot? Well, let me remind you....CHUNDER!!!! Of course, for a show that is unopposed and can't get any ratings above the show with heavy competition, it's understandable. But we'll look at some Thunder issues anyway..on to the PDC.


Before we discuss this wonderful show called Thunder, there were many instances before the show and during the show, like.....

Scott Steiner going off on Terry Taylor for asking him to lose to Mike Awesome. This move would have been done just to add more heat to their match at Bash at the Beach, which Steiner is most likely to win. But here, Steiner refused to lose and threw a fit from roid rage when he was told to job to Awesome. Is jobbing to just one wrestler, one who WCW puts a lot of faith in, that bad? I mean God, I'd rather job to someone like Awesome than someone like Hugh Morris. Why didn't Scott Steiner go off when they made him lose to Hugh Morris???? Why?? Instead, he goes off about Mike Awesome. What a damn headcase. You don't get paid in wrestling to do what you want, you get paid to do what the bookers and the federation tells you to do. Don't like, just ask to be released, because many have taken that route already.

Next up, Major Gunns had a Major scare before Thunder. While rehearsing the match I guess between Tygress and Paisley, one of her breast implants ruptured! Yikes! This is good proof why either fitness models or just centerfolds should NOT be wrestling. Then again, that's the risk you take with implants, as Chyna suffered the same fate. Look out, because Trish Stratus will be next!!!

Finally, Shane Douglas suffered a neck injury in his match with the big oaf, the Wall. After the match, Shane took it like a man, and refused to go to the hospital to get it checked out. The things wrestlers do to keep their "spot" in the storylines amazes me. Sure, some will milk an injury, but some, like Shane, will tough it out to be in the thick of things in their current federation. Now that's crazy, because if it's a serious injury, what says that Shane won't reinjure it because he never looked at it originally. Think!

As for the show...I was rather pleased with the Tag Team action going on at WCW. Damn good matches, especially with the newcomers O'hare and Jindrak. Great talent there, and even the Perfect Event is looking better and better nowadays. What the hell? I think what the Perfect Event needs are synchronized tights, like you know, having the same tights and look. Great tag teams have this, and since they have a name now, why not try it? The Kidman/Storm vs. Mysterio/Juvy was spectacular in my books. Damn good action. Before the match...Lance Storm had an interview...he said "Calgary, Alberta, Canada". He really loves saying that phrase.

The rest of the show...well, it was just Chunder. The Positively Kanyon stuff cracked me up, especially when he gave the "Kanyon Cutter" to the camera man! Now that's funny. Did you see that ovation Booker T got when he was in the ring? Anybody see or hear that? Anybody notice the small pop for the Misfits in Action? Now that will go unnoticed, because WCW is still pushing those JOBBERS to death. Just throw them on Worldwide, and push the better talent!


Do I feel sorry for USA Networks? Well, as a surprise, my answer is NO. Why? Why should I feel sorry for a federation that would rather feature a Dog Show instead of wrestling? Why feel sorry for a network that would rather show US Open tennis, which could have been held off for JUST ONE NIGHT, than WWF wrestling? Again, why show your own movie, Moby Dick, on a Monday, when you could have shown it at another time in the week? Those pre-emptions are a good reason why the WWF doesn't have a good conscience about leaving USA Networks. Also, a big USA Network's executive stated that USA didn't need the WWF to survive...yet now, they were fighting to keep WWF programming on their channel because they knew they'd be screwed without it.

Look during every WWF show on USA. USA Promos EVERYWHERE! Watch Pacific Blue! Watch whatever crap we throw at you until some WWF fan decides to actually watch the show! Please, USA Network shows are simply terrible. Without the WWF, those shows would have NO audience whatsoever. Saying that you don't need WWF programming is ridiculous itself, and to then fight for it after you make a cocky statement like that is even worse! Maybe this will serve as a wake-up call for USA, because now they have to fight on their own, OR build up another wrestling federation.

Poor Hardcore Holly broke his arm the other night at the Smackdown tapings. Now that IS sad, because poor Hardcore was really getting some good matches in. Now, he'll have to wait and start all over again from the bottom to the top. Damn shame.

Here is your NON Spoiler Smackdown line up. Remember, if you don't like reading the line up, ignore the bars, or just skip on over to the Phat Pharm to read RAW is NITRO by clicking Here.

Val Venis and Chris Benoit vs. Rikishi Phatu and Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle vs. Hardcore Holly
Godfather vs. Bull Buchanan
Kane vs. Christian
Edge vs. the Undertaker
Al Snow vs. Crash Holly
Triple H, Road Dogg, Xpac vs. Dudley Boys and Chris Jericho

This looks like your typical Smackdown, stale as usual. HA!

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with my Smackdown thoughts, and whatever else! Just chill...till the next episode!

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