Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Another Monday Night just went by! I really wish everynight was a Monday Night. That would be real nice. Anyways, on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

Note: Today, I had most of the impressions typed out, but I accidentally clicked that damn add on AOL Instant Messenger, and that made my browser change to a different page, and I lost my whole column. Since it took me an hour to type it all, I am going to have very compressed impressions for you this week. Next week, I'll be back to normal, as long as I don't accidentally click that damn add. Sorry.

Monday Nitro

-I thought Nitro this week was very solid. They had good midcard matches, and they had 4 clean wins out of 8 matches. That's pretty good. The main event is what kept this week's Nitro from a higher grade. It's interesting how they want you to think that Sting is the Hummer driver, but my money is on Luger. As for the Triad(Bam Bam, Kanyon, and DDP). I think that they can't win their matches on their own, but I like how they kinda resemble the classic Freebirds. Wait a second? David Flair in a World Title Main Event?!? Anyways, Nitro receives a Tito grade of a


for a solid show, with a horrible main event.


-I liked how Stone Cold made those decisions while CEO, you know like the title shot, the higher contract. Very nice. I suppose Blackman is getting pushed now. Could we be seeing a new DX? Interesting. It's official, no more Beaver! GTV is everywhere! Looks like the Big Show vs. Kane feud will now heat up!! The Rock and Triple H fight way too much. Strange occurance with Godfather, Edge, Prince Albert, Droz, and Val Venis. The women's wrestling is a joke; I mean the actual wrestling part, not the looks. :) Oh, another Stone Cold title reign. This week's edition recieves a


for a decent, but nothing spectacular show. I've seen too many of these matches before.

Wrestling News

-The word is that Shane and Vince will feud, AGAIN, since Vince could claim that the WWF is his since he was the one who grabbed the breifcase. This would cause a chain of events, which would probably see a McMahon help out Stone Cold along the way, and probably have the McMahons go back together, then they could split up again, then come back together. You see where I'm getting at here? It appears that the WWF is running out of ideas with the McMahons. At least that's what I think, but it just seems odd to me that it's like we just lost a year to come back to Vince feuding with Stone Cold.-Some rumors suggest that Goldberg may have some kind of out clause in his current contract. That's probably just a rumor, but everyone else thought that Bret's out clause was just a rumor as well. If he does have that, and looking at his current unhappiness in WCW, he could make the jump. That would really hurt WCW if he did, because Goldberg is over in WCW, and he's really get over in the WWF. Always remember, however, that this out clause thing is a rumor. If it does happen, then maybe Stone Cold and Goldberg can have their fight. Rumors say that the two are talking about having a non WWF and non WCW event where they'd fight. Interesting.-The word backstage is that the Macho Man is refusing to be a part of the Old vs. Young angle. He's obviously an old man, for those who are confused at how young he tries to act, and he feels that it would ruin his "young" image if he was on the Old side. That's pathetic, because the Old side just means the older seasoned veterans, and I think that Macho fits perfectly in that category. Besides, for injuring Charles Robinson a few weeks ago with a really hard elbow, Macho should be put on the old side. -Well, the rumor killers are coming out about Raven. Many hotlines and even Kevin Nash on some kind of show have said that Raven was not fired from or has quit WCW. Right now, he's resting his shoulder injury and other injuries suffered in the ring from wrestling hard matches against Hak at house shows. It's not like Hak caused his injuries, however. Raven was said to be giving his all for the crowds at the house shows, you know, to pick up the slack that the main eventers leave around. I wish Raven a speedy recovery, and I can't wait to see him back in the ring.-I'm wondering how high the heat backstage is for Master P's large $200,000 per appearance. I'm sure many wrestlers, including the wrestlers probably on their way out (Jericho) and wrestlers sitting at home wanting a larger contract (Goldberg), are extremely pissed about Master P. Master P isn't even over with the WCW fans, as his cheers are very low, and the Country side gets more cheers. I guess WCW is getting their money's worth, eh?-Good job WCW. According to Meltzer, the WWF have contacted your lawyers about Rena Mero appearing on your show a few weeks ago. What a great idea! You could have had her if you were patient, but no, you had to "drop the ball" and give her a front row ticket. WCW is on crack if they think they can cover this up, because Sable didn't win no radio contest nor did she sit her pretty ass outside all night long in line to get great tickets. Oh yeah, that ticket happened to be in the front row, and it was in the center of the television angle. That's hard to prove that she "bought the ticket".

@That's all for today. Just think, a week from now, it will be 100 consecutive Phat Daily Columns in a row. I'll achieve the impossible. Ha. Sorry about the condensed Impressions. I'll be back next week with full impressions. Laters.

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