Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, the King of the Ring went down last night, and mixed reviews of the event are surfacing. Oh well, I'm glad it went down, cause there is finally WWF news! Joy! On to the PDC!


-Mr. Ass became King of the Ring last night, and that means his monster push is beginning. He will most likely be pushed in attempt for him to become a heel main eventer. I don't think he'll go for the Intercontinental Title, since recently that title has gone to crap. He might become that heel that the WWF desperately needs, and a new heel means new main event matches, which is exactly what the WWF needs.-Everyone is wonder why on earth did the WWF bring Steve Blackman out as Vince's partner before Shane McMahon was forced to fight? Well, this is probably the WWF's final attempt to get the Lethal Weapon over as a wrestler. Sure he was a tough guy, but he would never receive any crowd reactions, even with his glowing sticks before matches. Maybe this angle with having Blackman associated with McMahon will finally get him over, and it could finally give him the respect he feels he deserves.-Well, tonight proved that the McMahon vs. Austin is still going on with the McMahons putting the screws to Austin. Now the question is who on earth was messing with the wires that was holding the briefcase. If it's another McMahon, I'll puke. WWF has probably done it again with "who on earth is the wire raiser?" They really know how to get the wrestling world talking.-I guess the Undertaker, since he retained the title last night, will stick his injuries out. He's in real pain from what I heard, and even the WWF wants him to take some time off, but I suppose he wants to keep wrestling. That's tough for ya, and he's not taking time off like other wrestlers elsewhere do. Of course, time off would be nice because that way, he can wrestle at his full potential, without a nagging injury bothering him.


-Well, the word now is that when Hogan comes back, he will fight Nash at a Pay Per View down the road, defeat him at that Pay Per View, and then fight Bret Hart for the title at a Pay Per View at the end of the year. That's strange, I thought Nash wouldn't want to do the JOB to Hogan again? Why can't Nash defeat Hogan cleanly in a match? He was nice enough on the first Nitro of the year to hand the strap over to Hogan, so why can't Hogan return the favor and do a clean job? Of course, a Hogan vs. Bret Hart match would be exciting...a few years ago.-The internet is buzzing about the Nature Boy Ric Flair suffering what could be a career threatening injury. He's having major back problems at the moment, and I guess all of his bumps at his old age is really catching up to him. It is sad that Flair has to quit due to an injury, as it would have been better for him to walk away from the sport healthy...in about ten years. HA! Flair, however, has gave all of his heart and soul to the sport of wrestling, and if he has to leave us to injury, it will be a sad day indeed.(Creighton on the news part)-Micasa reports that Master P has "nixed" the upcoming showing with Naughty by Nature on a WCW program. I suppose No Limit is really taking over WCW, and the ratings are showing it! I hope WCW comes to a realization that rappers have a little role in wrestling. People want to see WCW spend money on wrestlers, not rappers. Watching Nitro last week was painful with a good chunk of the show with Master P. Now I could just rip the hell out of Master P, since I personally don't like his music, but he's either not being used right in WCW, or he has no place in wrestling. Rappers vs. Rappers in a ring would be interesting though if more rappers come in. Hmm..

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. Make sure you watch Monday Night wrestling tonight, and I'll be here tomorrow with the classic Impressions and grades. So until then, chill till the next episode.

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