Welcome to the all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the latest issues in professional wrestling, and then hype tonight's Smackdown. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh man, last night's South Park (a new one) was FANTASTIC! It was a great laugh to cap off what was a horrible day for myself. The South Park creators (Parker and Stone) are among the most intriguing minds in the World, and they appear to never get burned out of ideas. These guys are THAT good.

On to the PDC.


-WWE's Fourth Quarter results are in. Basically, the numbers look higher, as they did last year, because business always picks up around Wrestlemania. Most numbers are down in comparison to last year at this time, which the WWE suffered weak business that wasn't surrounding Wrestlemania. TOTAL revenues are down to $425 Million as opposed to $456 Million last year. Now keep in mind that the WWE jacked up the prices in recent times, such as Pay Per Views, going from $29.99 per show to $34.99 per show. Secondly, the ticket prices for WWE shows are higher than last year. What does this mean? It shows that the WWE sold more units of Pay Per Views last year or sold more tickets last year, even if the revenue made from the events remain the same, thanks to the price changes. Then again, the WWE runs more houseshows than normal, so we could see an increase? Not sure.

And these 4th results only account for what happened up and until April 30th, 2002. Ouch. Very poor months of May and June are going to show some major losses, in comparison to last year, and if you're a stock holder with the WWE, you might fill your pants with stuff that isn't chocolate pudding.

The one thing I did notice was television advertising. The television fees were higher because of the addition of Tough Enough 2. Tough Enough 2, while it had a slow start, became really successful in the long run. One has to wonder on how truly successful Tough Enough 3 will be.

Doesn't matter. The next quarter postings are going to look UGLY, no doubt. I'd hate to see the buyrate of Judgment Day.

-WWA and the XWF are pretty much smoked. I read from a few of the sites that the WWA recently cancelled their recent tour, while the XWF just said "screw it" when it came to negotiating a television deal. Both federations are just poorly put together, as they rely on past names to try to sell tickets. Those past names or basically former WCW wrestlers cost a lot of money these days, so it always puts those up and coming feds into debt and early.

The NWA-TNA partially has this problem, but they may solve it quickly because they apparently have something big on their hands. From EVERY review that I've read, the Elimination X title match between AJ Styles, Psicosis, Low Ki, and Jerry Lynn was just fantastic. Once the Jarretts realize that they may have a goldmine on their hands, many might be willing to pay $9.99 to watch their shows on a weekly basis. The independent scene is nearly loaded with lightweight wrestlers, and if the Jarretts start picking them up cheap, things could get really interesting. Hell, I believe they see that, because they've picked up underground favorite Christopher Daniels to enter into the X title division.

And I'm excited for NWA-TNA in doing this. Why? Because it will spark competition against the WWE. The WWE's Cruiserweight division is a borderline joke, as the WWE refuses to innovate outside their style of psychology wrestling, unlike what you're probably going to see in NWA-TNA. It could be exactly what the WWE needed to spark that division and a nice kick in the ass to Vince McMahon to realize that the smaller wrestlers are good too on the independent scene.


In the "WWE doesn't learn department", Smackdown's Main Event match has already been announced. Chris Jericho will take on Hulk Hogan in the final match tonight, which is extremely scary because the two fought in the main event of the WORST Smackdown ever, which scored a 2.9 in the ratings. Now that may not have been exactly their fault, but still, it's an omen, and given last week's low Smackdown rating, we don't want to continue down the embarrassing path.

Also, Chuck and Billy will take on Hardcore Holly and Val Venis. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY VAL VENIS AND HARDCORE HOLLY ARE A TAG TEAM, AND NOT ONLY THAT, EXPLAIN HOW THEY RECEIVED A WORLD TITLE SHOT!!!!!! Oh excuse me. I believe that the WWE should somehow trade off the European Title for the World Tag Titles, because it's obvious that Chuck and Billy are dead weight in the WWE and that the team of Booker T and Goldust could especially use the titles right now. European title would be good for Smackdown, as they have plenty of singles wrestlers to pass the title around to.

Lance Storm will wrestle Mark Henry. A damn it! Son of a bitch! You just know that Henry will go over Storm, given the latest anti-American gimmick that Storm has. Henry shouldn't even be in the same ring as Storm, nor should he be in a WWE ring period. It's time for the WWE to admit that they've failed in luring Mark Henry to become a professional wrestler. Come on, admit it!!!

As if the ratings couldn't get any lower, Test will take on Rikishi. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WANTS TO SEE THIS MATCH?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I sure as hell don't, and I plan on hitting fast-foward during this match. Prepare to fast foward! Fast Fowarding, sir! It's time for someone to realize that this isn't 1999 for Test, and that it isn't 2000 for Rikishi before it's too late.

And finally, Jaime Noble and Tajiri will face Hurricane and Billy Kidman. I say it will get 2 minutes, maximum.

Oh, and The Pink Tornado LOVES You.

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