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    Tito's back in your face for some Monday Night Impressions. Each week, me, myself, and I throw up OPINIONS about the Monday Night Show. Not only that, there are grades for each of the shows, which seem to trigger lots of heat at times. Then there are the Phat Stats©, which were created to show how the event looked statistically. Then there's the Last Word, which is just intended to be the closer of the impressions. It's all good fun. On to the PDC.

    Note: I'm VERY behind on e-mail recently. Sorry for the incovenience if you wanted something answered quickly.

    WCW Monday Nitro

    Only in WCW can we have a return by Jim Duggan. I do feel bad for him. Bill Goldberg absolutely ran over the good man. Hey, Duggan was out of his Janitor's set up! Where was his television title? This was a tournament match for the 4 corners, as these matches were pretty good. What's even more shocking is that WCW is now putting confidence in Jeff Jarrett, as he won the match tonight! Oh wait, Hulk Hogan will be his opponent at the Bash. Ugh.

    Good midcard action tonight, as the Jung Dragons keep trying to get on television more, although their hardcore win was identical to 3 Count's months before. Poor Vito was a good hardcore champ.... Also, 3 Count looked good in their match tonight against Palumbo/Stasiak, who also looked decent during that tag match..and that says a lot! What's even funnier is that Tank Abbott forced The Perfect Event to wrestle 3 Count. Hey! I have an idea! Why not change Tank's character into one of those evil Boy Band managers. You know, the ones who take ALL of the credit for their music(it's true though), and take all of their profits. He's already enjoying their music, so why not make fun of the Boy Band music even more? One problem with 3 Count that I really noticed tonight. They are both very small individuals. Even smaller than the Hardy Boyz, who they used to wrestle back in the day(notice the Swantons?). Oh well, the two looked sharp in the ring, and even pushed the Perfect Event to a good match...again, that says a lot! Good efforts by Mark Jindrak and Shawn O'Hare for their match with Juvy and Rey. Too bad both Juvy and Rey Mysterio aren't the same wrestlers they used to be.

    Call me stubborn about Lance Storm, but I'll admit he looked good tonight. Fans are even cheering. Wow. He's letting his "wrestling" do the talking, and that's good! Then again, we have this bogus Demon/Vampiro feud. It wouldn't be so bad if everyone wasn't kidnapped or hidden so much. Tornburg(sp?)...just throw on your paint. Vampiro, get into the ring. Meet him there Demon, and shut up and wrestle!

    Nitro Phat Stats

    Matches: 8
    Clean Wins: 7
    Screwjobs: 1
    Disqualifications: 0
    No Contests: 0

    Last Word: Now THIS was a good wrestling show. That cancer known as Vince Russo is gone, for now, and the booking team in his place did a great job tonight. Good wrestling matches, understandable angles, you name it. I hope WCW takes a look at how well this Nitro was put together. I'll give it an


    for a hell of a show. Just filter out that Demon-Vampiro feud, and a few slight other things, and these guys could slowly chomp into that stale WWF. Most of all, keep Russo away!!!! I predict a 2.8 for the second hour, to compete with RAW, coming off a pay per view.

    WWF RAW is WAR

    Oh joy, the WWF was smelling the ratings tonight, and they featured THREE returns tonight. Let's talk about each of them right now!

    Shawn Michaels- When hearing the rumors about his return along with Mick Foley, you knew exactly what was happening. I miss the classic HBK who would come in and book some outrageous matches. Now, he's just a spokesman for the WWF, and used here and there for promotional things until his WWF contract runs out about a year from now. Damn shame.

    Mick Foley- I do like seeing Mick Foley coming back, but come on, commissioner? He acted like every other commish when they were given this spot. Especially the "face" commissioners. Ooooh, let's book a match against the heels! Please. I can bet you that Mick's return will eventually get his juices flowing for a return. Who wants to bet Tito?

    Tazz- I'm glad he came back tonight, but he attacked Rikishi, instead of Chris Benoit. What the? Maybe he's screwing Benoit out of the Intercontinental Title, but it sure didn't seem like it after Benoit destroyed Rikishi after the match. I don't know. I just hope Tazz has lost that proper weight that the WWF wants him at, and let's hope that Tazz only did that to screw Benoit out of his IC title to spark some great, and stiff, matches.

    2 very long interviews tonight. Ugh. Did the opening segment, with the Rock and Vince McMahon, resemble one of the many opening segments with Vince and Stone Cold? What's even worse...Vince is saying he's *trying* to have another McMahon. Oh my God, looks like Linda, at her age, will produce a hand like Mae Young did! The next was, of course, the passing of the guard with HBK and Mick Foley. It set up yet another fight between Triple H and the Rock..only this time, we get Kurt Angle who has fought the Rock his share of times. At least Triple H vs. Kurt Angle is remotely fresh.

    Oh my God, the WWF just loves to have X-Pac and Chris Jericho fight. It's ridiculous on how many times they've fought on television, as it's around 27466452583947690703837466 now. WOW!! Even worse, X-Pac went over Chris Jericho. So let me see here....Road Dogg and X-Pac defeated the best tag team in the WWF last night, and now Xpac defeats one of the stars of the future? I guess I just don't get it sometimes.

    Man, it just disturbs me that Eddie Guerrero cut off his Mullet. I'm kidding. Interesting match with him and Val Venis, which ended with Trish Stratus taking a MEAN powerbomb by Chyna. That had to be one of the roughest looking ones ever. Trish better go in the back and make sure her top isn't mis-shaped from the impact in the ring. Also check for leakage.

    Interesting thing with the Dean Malenko vs. Jerry Lawler match, as Stevie Richards with shorter hair and a suit came out and covered up Terri from flashing the television world. I spell a PTC imitation by Stevie Richards, which when done well, could stir up a lot of interesting things. Go for it WWF!

    Alright, the Acolytes won the tag team battle royal! It's about damn time with these two bad mother.. (SHUT YOUR MOUTH). I'm only talking about the Acolytes. Speaking of tag action, I'm glad to see the WWF tagged up the Undertaker and Kane. They destroyed the World Tag champs this past last night. Keep them as a team please...that way, some wrestlers can move up the ladder! Oh yeah, get that tobacco out of your mouth Undertaker! You are starting to remind me of Skinner, who was a tobacco spitting jobber in the WWF years ago.

    RAW Phat Stats

    Matches: 8
    Clean Wins: 3
    Screwjobs: 2
    Disqualifications: 2
    No Contests: 0

    Last Word: Remember what Jim Ross said about tonight? New and fresh storylines or twists to current ones? I must have missed all of this, as I was seeing the usual stale WWF tonight. Terrible show, especially when the product was weak before a pay per view. The action was solid, but just for being so stale, I'm giving the WWF a wonderful


    because it's no longer stale..there's mold growing off of it. I don't smell the ratings, I smell WCW of early 1998. Great midcard action, and weak main eventing. That midcard action can't last forever... I predict a 6.0 for the ratings on the first hour against Nitro.

    Overall, disappointed on one end, and relieved on the other.

    Other Wrestling Stuff

    ECW on TNN gained their usual 0.8 rating. I guess if they are getting that everyweek, it's ok enough. It's funny that ECW on TNN is still TNN's top rated show. ECW is just holding on right now, as the WWF decision could happen any time now. It's very hard to say if ECW would even get into the empty USA slot. I hope they get it, because USA can be a very good backbone to any wrestling federation, eh WWF?

    Speaking of ECW, Raven is said to have a contract offer from the WWF. What's even funnier is that the second ECW was in talks of releasing Raven, he decided to hit the weights or workouts and start wrestling with heart again. Raven whored himself into ECW for about a year just to get into the WWF. You can see by that how badly he wanted out of WCW that night he walked out of the Eric Bischoff meeting. For someone to go through a year of not caring at all....just to end up in the WWF.

    @That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Ratings Analysis so that we can all smell the ratings. See you tomorrow! Why not check out the Backyard BBQ for some good, quality Backyard Wrestling pages?

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    Take Care, and Thanks a Million for Reading Everyday.

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