Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. King of the Ring is tonight, and the WWF drought of news, hopefully, will end. With that being said, on to the PDC.


-Alright, I caught Shotgun Saturday Night last night, and I must say, not a bad show. Good opening match with Al Snow vs. Jeff Jarrett. Gotta love the distracting by Debra. Meat vs. Val Venis was a rather good match, and a great reversal of the Meatgrinder for the fisherman's suplex by Val. Val took an ass kicking by Prince Albert and Droz. Prince Albert can really put on the moves! The Hardyz vs. D-Lo and Sexual Chocolate was a good match, and I guess the feuding with Viscera will continue. Good match with the Brood vs. Prince Albert and Droz. It had excellent moves, and Val Venis came down for the distraction. Quick Phat StatsMatches: 4Clean Wins: 1Screwjobs: 3Disqualifications: 0No Contests: 0Not a bad show. They had lots of hype for the King of the Ring however. Good matches for a Shotgun Saturday Night. I'll give it a B+ for a strong show.-Well, Shawn Micheals is supposed to make a large announcement on Heat tomorrow. Rumor has it that he'll make some kind of announcement like he'll be special guest referee in the McMahons vs. Stone Cold ladder match. HBK is one of the best ladder match wrestlers, and it's fitting for him to be a ref in it. It's very hard to say what the future of Shawn Micheals is. He comes and goes when he pleases, and the WWF likes to bring him in for that extra shock value when they need it. He can NEVER wrestle again due to his back injury, so he can only be a commissioner or a manager. I have heard that he's had lots of contact recently with his good buddy Kevin Nash. Wherever that goes is unknown.


-Reasons are surfacing why the Rappers aren't getting much attention or cheers in WCW. The main reason that WCW feels is that many true WCW fans are from the South, and rap is larger in the North. Southern leans more towards Country than it does Rap, and cheers for the Country Stable have been occurring at Southern shows. Whatever the reason may be, I think the Country vs. Rap angle is stupid, and WCW is hiring the wrong people for their business. They should focus more on spending more on wrestlers that will take them to the future, not rappers that tarnish their queaky clean image.-Rumors say that Chris Jericho turned down an offer of $2.5 million dollars. Alright, I know I swore I'd never say anything else on Jericho, but what the hell is he thinking? 2.5 Million!?!? You have to be stupid to turn that down. If he goes to the WWF, he'll get paid less, and nobody knows for sure if he'll actually get over there. I don't care how horrible the pushes are, 2.5 million is a lot of money to wrestle. He was probably making around 300,000 before that, and he'll probably make slightly more in the WWF. Remember Jericho...Money Makes the World Go Round. (Credit news to Curt Creighton).-Reports are that good old Ric Flair is having bad back problems, and it just might end his wrestling career. That's a shame for the Nature Boy, as he really loves to perform in the ring. Ric Flair does have to come to a realization that he's in his 50's, and he can't take the horrible bumps that he used to. That's the problem with older wrestlers. They can't take the bumps like the younger wrestlers can. You can't wrestle forever, but somehow they don't think that. Hopefully, when they are sitting down in their rocking chairs when they are around 70, and they are very sore and stiff, they will realize how foolish they were to continue wrestling at an older age.

@That's it for today's column. 100, here I come. So until the next Phat Daily Column, you know what to do; just chill till the next episode. Thanks a million for reading.

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