Welcome to yet another fun and exciting edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the current events of the WWE or wrestling, and then discuss the ratings for various WWE shows, which just came in. You'd figure with how low they are, someone within the WWE would throw a wrench in the ratings process, to you know, delay the bad news. That usually happens with a low rated RAW for some reason.

A couple things here... For those of you who are currently trying to contact me on E-mail, well, you can stop trying. Every damn account I start gets somehow ruined by spam. I'm tired of it. Too many of you online have WAY too much time on your hands, as you can think of nothing else productive with your lives, other than signing up e-mail accounts to receive unlimited amounts of spam. Hell, some assholes currently spam me with Virus e-mails, which I know how to spot, thank you very much. This has been happening on and off for over 3 years now, and it badly hinders my communication with readers. I used to be very good on responding to e-mails, but now that my accounts get flooded, I can't do any justice to my readers.

Secondly, I watched a tape of WXW, a backyard federation in my area that I found out through my brother. It was good stuff, as it was a mix of hardcore wrestling, storylines, and some good comedy. I really liked the commentating on the video, especially, and I liked a lot of their gimmicks. You can view WXW's website by Clicking Here.

To add on to this, I did say a while ago that I MAY start viewing backyard wrestling tapes, sent in by readers. That's true, as the POSSIBILITY would occur in the Fall, where I'd be away at college and I'd set up a mailbox at Mailboxes Etc. for a month or 2 to receive the tapes. Keep in mind, though, that I'm probably cutting back on my columns when I start graduate school, so watching a whole bunch of videos would take up a lot of time. I don't know, we'll just have to see how the circumstances are then to really decide if I'm going to review backyard videos or not.

On to the PDC.


-RAW scored a 3.7 in the ratings, down from last week's 3.9. Oh man, that just hurts, especially AFTER a Pay Per View. Not good whatsoever. Right now, the WWE is such a mess, storyline wise and based on their pushes for certain talent, that it will take a year or so to fix. There are NO SHORT TERM FIXES right now, so the WWE better rethink what they are doing for cheap and immediate shock value. They should concentrate on building for the future, meaning that some veterans might need to be put in their place or the creative team could receive some massive changes.

-The only WWE brightspot on television right now is WWE Confidential, which in a 11 pm to 12 am timeslot on a Saturday Night, is pulling ratings over 1.0 almost on a consistant basis. This week, it was another 1.2. You can tell it's successful because the shows with actual wrestling, Velocity especially and Mtv Heat, are getting killed in the ratings.

-And that brings me to discussing their ratings. Both Velocity and Mtv Heat did 0.9 ratings, which is quite pathetic for shows featuring "exclusive" matches. Exclusive? Try second-rate, with many of the wrestlers who fans no longer cheer for on RAW or Smackdown. So why not spread the good wrestlers to those shows? Well, you'll get temper tantrums, such as the one X-Pac gave for wrestling both Heat and RAW one night. Also, before the split, the WWE couldn't fill 2 extra television shows with their full roster, so how are they going to fill 1 extra show for each split roster and say it's good wrestling programming. You simply can't, especially with the loads of midcarders the WWE currently has, who have NO opportunities to break through as superstars.

-Oh no! The Divas special for last night was rescheduled! I guess the 1.0 rating that it will get will have to wait now. Not necessarily, as the special has been moved to 12 am midnight on Saturday night, as many could be coming home from going out and it will give them something to jack off to while they go to sleep. There's something more to the delay of the Divas special that we aren't being told, I'm afraid. It's cited as TNN blocking the show because it appeared to racy, but I wouldn't doubt it's from nobody showing up at WWE World, which I thought was where the special was to be taped? If it wasn't the world, wherever it was, there's a possibility that attendance for the special was a joke? I don't know, but TNN could seriously care less what goes on their networks, as long as it generates enough ratings so that they could promote their Star Trek marathons.

-I wonder what Dr. James Andrews will say to Triple H before and after his surgery. Andrews, especially lately, has been very outspoken in terms of athletes taking too many supplements to get ridiculous arm and leg injuries. Not saying that Triple H is truly taking anything, but that's twice in a calendar year that Triple H needed to be operated on, once for a leg injury (quadricep tear) and now to clean bone chips in his elbow. After Triple H has his elbow surgery, I wonder what will be the new excuse for not having that many good matches since his return, as compared to 2000 through 2001 before his quadricep injury. Triple H blamed the elbow injury for how bad the Main Event at KOTR was. Too many injuries in the WWE lately....

-Looks like the national media has caught wind of the WWE's ratings decline, as they should. When the WWE was doing well on TNN, especially, they'd throw out press releases to hopefully spark some interest in the stock market. Now, it comes back to bite them, as it should and it will only put the WWE in more of a decline, especially with its 3.7 rating. RAW lost 19% of its 12 year old to 17 year old audience, while Smackdown lost 35% in that category. Not good whatsoever, as the WWE's most loyal sponsors are Video Game Companies. These numbers could scare away those guys, leaving the WWE with an actual small amount of sponors. I told you this would hurt.

The article, well written on CNN actually, talked about how the WWE had to "develop new talent and manufacture new personalities". Well, duh! The WWE actually responded to the issue, saying that's exactly what they are doing. Huh?!? Brock Lesnar and Edge are the only ones even NEAR that category, and Edge is out with an injury and Brock has yet to receive many boos in his position from the fans. The WWE has buried RVD, Chris Jericho, and many others over and over again to even give them a chance to shine, while they won't let Kurt Angle become the company's top heel and it appears as though they plan on holding Benoit and Guerrero back now.

And the WWE wonders why they get compared to WCW.

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