Welcome back...to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, King of the Ring was last night, and Monday Night shows are tonight. The WWF is promising "fresh storylines" and "added twists" to current ones, while WCW is *trying* to stack the deck to provide a good Monday Night show. Also, still no Russo to live without. Let's talk about tonight, and also last night. On to the PDC.

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So the Rock is World Champion, eh? My question is: why did you have Rock lose it in the first place? I guess this means the Triple H and Rock war is over, right? Give it a month, and then they will return back to the way they were. Rock will fight Undertaker or Kane for a while, and just revert to the repetition.

I was just about to call that Crash Holly would walk out Hard Core champ, but I held back! Why, I don't know, as I completely botched up the bottom half of the King of the Ring and mis-called some matches. Oh well, there's still 6 more WWF pay per views to go. I'm hoping that the WWF adds a "twist" so that we don't see the same crazy stuff over and over and over and over.....

Predictable as it was, Kurt Angle is the King of the Ring. Now, Stephanie McMahon will have such passion for her new hero, and thus firing up the feud with Triple H. If this feud is only for one month, I would like to check the WWF's temperature because they drag out EVERYTHING. Look for the same here.

You think you know me? Edge/Christian are the NEW World Heavyweight champs! The best heel team in the business became champs, as I wonder how long it will be before Too Cool gets it again. I bet the Hardy Boyz will be the next team to step up to the plate..but with a "twist". The actual break up of the Hardys could occur if these guys feud. Only IF they feud. Who knows, they might break up on Heat anyway.

Road Dogg and X-Pac, who should really be named Kronic, somehow defeated the Dudleys again last night. God. Road Dogg and X-Pac have both lost so much lately, and they remind me of the NWO B team of 1997-98. However, they are getting wins over the Dudley Boys, the top tag team in the world right now. Maybe it's because the Dudleys are faces now?

RAW tonight will probably do the usual opening or second segment interview, and then setting up a cheesy match for the main event so someone will actually watch the 2nd hour of RAW. Hopefully, the promise of NEW storylines will come true, but if not, the WWF could be in trouble.


Well, this is week 2 of the NON-Russo era at WCW..as his future is still uncertain with the company. Many people are praising the work of Bill Banks, Ed Ferarra, Disco Inferno, and Kanyon, while others are skeptical at this point. Then again, they came in with many wonderful angles to work with! Anyway, here is the WCW.com Nitro preview....Tito style.

WCW is doing something extra special tonight in order for YOU to watch their program tonight. They are having a special 4 corners match for the World Title tonight. As if spiking the ratings with that wasn't enough....there will be special qualifying matches to see who will win the World Title from Jeff Jarrett that evening!

There will be 6 superstars, and 3 spots! 5 Superstars have been named. They are Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Mike Awesome, the Franchise, and Scott Steiner. One wrestler is a mystery folks, as we all love to just smell the ratings. I bet it's Hogan, but if not, I would be shocked to see someone like Goldberg emerge as the World Champ tonight. I'd enjoy it, because anything to stop Hulk Hogan's title shot at Jeff Jarrett would be so wonderful.

Oh no, Vampiro has been seen around several mortuaries around the area where Nitro is held at! Oh boy, looks like it's Asya's turn to be buried or something? I don't know, this feud is getting way too stupid for me. Just shut up and wrestle!

Positively Kanyon will be on hand tonight to sign copies of his book "Positively Kanyon: The Chris Kanyon Journey". Go to WCW.com for the rest of this part, because words can't be explained on the other corny parts of this paragraph.

If you remember Thunder from a few months back...you know, the one with the no referees and the Battle Royal at the end? I'm hoping that Nitro will have that same level of energy. I think that these qualifying matches and having a final 4 way match is an attempt to gain that certain amount of energy. Let's hope, as they face a strong WWF coming off a Pay Per View, and one who is promising "new storylines" or "added twists".

@That's all for me today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night Impressions. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode. Be sure to check out the new edition of Makin' the Tag at the Phat Pharm!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Tonight's Shows.

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