Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. We have the King of the Ring right around the corner, and many are predicting what is going to happen. It should be interesting how the final match ends. Anyways, on to the PDC.Correction: Doh! Yesterday, as many of you readers pointed out, I made a boo boo in my column. I had Mr. Ass advancing to the finals, when I should have had Big Show instead. Sorry, I'm only human.


-Now what the hell is WCW thinking? The recent word is that they might bring in Willie Nelson!! Now I admire Nelson for his hard work musically, but why the hell would you bring him into wrestling. What better off can you be by bring in a classic country singer? Nothing. I suppose they will have him in that stupid Rap vs. Country angle, and he'll be on Hennig's team. Anyways, why is WCW waisting their money on stars who aren't wrestling? They should use their money to sign WRESTLING stars, like a certain wrestler whose contract just so happens to run out July 27th, and we'll call him Chris Jericho.-Many reports have been suggesting that Raven was released from WCW. Although none of them are absolutely true, it could be proven with two things. One, since Raven is seriously injured, WCW will cut him like they all of their seriously injured stars(ex. Bulldog and Syxx), OR two, he's part of the large cut of superstars who are going to be released from WCW to make room to sign other superstars, well..more rappers. That's fine, but I know none of the wrestlers over 40 will get cut. All of the young, up and coming superstars who have so much potential, will probably be cut. Oh well, they will just jump to the WWF and become big like everyone else has.-This gets too funny. WCW is very upset with the lack of attention that Master P and his so called No Limit Soldiers are getting. They aren't happy with his prediction coming no where from being true with the Superdome selling out in his favor. The stadium fits 80,000, and the recent Nitro only sold 17,000 tickets. That's Master P's hometown that was supposed to buy tickets to see their homeboy Master P. Shows how much they care about him. Anyways, WCW is bringing in more rappers to take up much more WCW programming. So if you can't stand the rappers now, you ain't seen nothing yet.


-Alright, despite the King of Ring predictions that I messed up, I think Big Show will win it. Not just because many think that the WWF gave it away on their video tape cover or posters, it's just because it helps put wrestlers, like Big Show, over and into the main event spotlight. I think that the Big Show has been getting good pops from the crowd lately, and he's been more dominant in the ring. He's also quicker in the ring due to his recent work outs and diets that the WWF put him on. The WWF is finally happy with what they purchased, and he will recieve a world title push in the future. Good job Big Show.-Well, the Beaver Cleavage gimmick is officially over, since the Ross report said so. I personally thought that the television segments were funny, but I didn't think he'd get over if he tried to wrestle. That angle should have been kept for a skit show, not for the WWF. That showed when Beaver came out with little crowd reaction. Who knows what Beaver or Mosh will do now. Like I've said before, Thrasher's evil clown gimmick was scrapped, so could we see the return of the Headbangers? I loved the Headbangers, since they were heels, when they were last in the WWF. Why not come back?-Well, WWF released 4 more videos the other day. They released yet another Stone Cold video, a Rock video, Best of RAW Volume One, and the Women of the WWF video. I'm interest in the Best of RAW one, because I want to know if they are matches from recently, or if they included the oldschool RAW matches that I personally love. Matches like Scott Hall vs. the 1-2-3 Kid for the money and HBK vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan on RAW back in the day were classics that shouldn't be ignored. Anyways, the Rock one should be a good one, and hopefully it features highlights from his whole career, not just recent events. The women of the WWF should be a classic too! Wow, that's 3 Stone Cold videos, that's a triology!

@That's it for today. WWF news can't get any slower I hope. Good think the King of the Ring is about to go down. As always, I'll be back tomorrow to keep the streak to 100 alive! So until the next Phat Daily Column, just chill...till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999