Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Last night, the WWF tried to dig themselves out of their great hole left by the previous 2 pay per views, and then try to make something out of the ratings, attendance, and buyrates again. My theory was that King of the Ring could be the first part of what could be an interesting amount of time before the Rock returns.

Also today, we'll try to hype RAW. That may be hard with all of the injuries that occurred, but I'll try my best. However, the Invasion angle should be good enough to speculate on.

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Oh yeah... if there are any errors in today's column, blame it on staying up late from watching the tape of the King of the Ring. Now I know why it's fun to watch RAW or Smackdown on tape, and that's because you can fast foward through the commercials. That cuts into a lot of time, whereas Pay Per Views are 3 hours straight! Ugh.

On to the PDC.

King of the Ring

All hail King Edge. I was NOT a big fan of this year's King of the Ring. Why? Well, the matches were way too short for a tournament that puts an emphasis on endurance. I suppose King Edge will now feud with his tag team partner, Christian, who will get TOTALLY jealous of his pal's achievement. I told you they'd save the Edge vs. Christian for another time.

Well, the only added match to the official King of the Ring card was Kane/Spike vs. the Dudleys. That match, itself, was nothing short of what you could see on RAW or Smackdown, but I'm wondering how the WWF now plans to push the Dudleys as heels. Taking away certain things, like the WASSSSUPPPP or D'VON...... GET THE TABLES!, was indeed, a good thing, but it will take more. I do feel bad for Kane, for he couldn't find a competitor to defend that IC title. And to think, he beat Triple H for it at the last Pay Per View.

Wow, X-Pac didn't win the Lightweight title. Oh my gosh, I'm such a fool for predicting him in the first place. I didn't take into account that X-Pac feels that he weighs 250 pounds, as compared to the approximate 200 pounds he might way these days, since Waltman feels he should wrestle heavyweights only. Man, he'd be a great piece to that lightweight division, if only he cared. Decent match, and I'm somewhat glad to not see another repetitive Hardys vs. X-Factor tag match.

The Diamond Dallas Page segment was about as "sports entertainment" as you can get these days. I told you it would lead to nothing, yet everyone thought it would be a match. But by the way Undertaker was selling the brawling, I fear for Invasion's main event possibly being DDP vs. the Undertaker.

Shane McMahon has balls larger than grapefruits. This is a guy who does NOT have to take the punishment that he does, but yet he'll beg for more. He got the living shit beat out of him by Kurt Angle, which makes me wonder if he'll spring a comeback to fight his daddy at Invasion, like originally planned. After a brutal beating like that, I don't know.... Anyway, great effort by Shane, once again, making me admire him for everything that he's worth.

The main event was pretty good, but questionable. My hero Booker T came down and attacked Steve Austin. But why? The only plausable thing would be if Booker was attacking Austin because Booker T is still the WCW World Champion, if that belt is still continued. Could this be setting up Booker T vs. Austin at Invasion, which would be a better main event than seeing the Undertaker no-sell DDP?

This show had its ups and downs, giving this show a B in my book. The WWF is in deep trouble, though, and it's not for the booking. The injury bug has struck again! Chris Benoit's body is very messed up, and as reported earlier, he may be out 3-6 months after surgery. Kurt Angle apparently broke his tailbone, which is an annoying injury to say the least. It looks like Steve Austin may have sprained a wrist, maybe broke it, from a bad spot done by Booker T over the table. Losing Benoit will hurt the midcard as it is, but if the WWF loses Austin to a broken wrist, it's not good for the company. At least there's a WCW invasion to be had, which couldn't have come at a right time.

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RAW is WAR Hype!

So will we be getting Booker T vs. Steve Austin? If not at the Pay Per View, I wouldn't doubt that they try it, tonight, to really jack up the ratings. It wouldn't be a bad idea, either, for it would indeed be a good match. Now, it all depends if Austin is able or not, which I guess we'll find out later today.

If the WCW Invasion starts tonight, will Shane McMahon lead it? He just took a beating the night before, as he should be eating through a straw by now. However, McMahon healing powers have always been great, and I don't expect any less with Shane-O-Mac. Of course, the WWF may shy away from doing an invasion, since they'd probably rather save it for 2 weeks before the Pay Per View.

Let the jealousy begin! Christian will slowly grow a hatred for his fellow partner, Edge, since he's now King and Christian isn't. It will obviously lead to some very funny skits, which is expected, anyway, between the two. I'm wondering how much the WWF will focus on this feud with the WCW invasion going on. Maybe they could screw each other out of matches against WCW superstars? Whatever the case may be, history shows that whoever wins the King of the Ring gets a good push to go along with it. Some have busted, like Billy Gunn, and some have been shoved down our throat, like Mable. Edge certainly does have the talent to be a major player in the WWF for years to come. Totally.

This RAW is a key show, for it could bring back a lot of interested viewers, or it could tell more fans to casually watch something else on Monday Nights. For a ratings swing, this is important, because the WWF can't afford to go down anymore at this point, with the current WCW television situation and so forth.

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@That's all for today. I shall return, tomorrow, with a RAW review, if you can dig that. I'll probably watch RAW, late, too, since I've been invited to attend some quality backyard wrestling tonight. God, I love that stuff. See you tomorrow!

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