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Mr. Tito (June 25, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. 100 is coming closer and closer, and I'm trying to figure what I'll do on 100...if I make it. Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column.

How about some Late Night Reviews?

Sable or Rena Mero on Jay Leno

-Well, Sable came out, and she first talked about how she got into wrestling. They then talked about the lawsuit and the name "Sable". She claims that the courts are deciding who owns the name. She really bashed the WWF's working conditions, and she talked about what the WWF wanter her to do. I do agree with one thing that she said. She talked about the part where she would be stripped naked on television. I agree with what she said about the children in the audience seeing that. Anyways, not a damn thing was mentioned about her WCW appearance.

Vince McMahon on Conan

-The Conan show was a great show besides Vince being on it. As for Vince's appearance, he first began talking with Conan about merchandising. They laughed at his action figure for a while. Conan asked Vince what he could do if he was in wrestling, and Vince replied by saying he would be a manager of Andy. Andy would be called "Cheeks". Funny stuff. They talked about the King of the Ring for a while, then Conan brought up Ted Turner. Vince ripped into him saying he takes lithium and that he's a "son of a bitch". Vince also joked about if Turner would sue him about his comments, he was like "oh no, another lawsuit". Very cocky when he said that. Good interview, but I'm a Conan mark.


-The word about the Hitman is that he is returing to the July 5th show, and he will do some kind of interview. Who knows, it could be a shoot interview, which would prove how much WCW is up for ratings. This interview will somehow start a push of some sorts for the Hitman, and like I said before, it's sad that it took a horrible tragedy for WCW to pity Bret Hart to give him a push. Is that what deserving wrestlers in WCW have to do? I suppose they need something horrible to happen to them in order to receive a push. What a joke.

-Speaking of tragedies, it seems that Eddie Guererro is up for a decent push as well. This just goes to prove that you must have something horrible, like Eddie having a horrible car wreck, to get a push in WCW. Uncle Eddie is a great wrestler, and although he's small, he can put up a great fight. Last we saw him, he was doing shoots on Eric Bischoff, and his Latino World Order was boring everyone. Hopefully, Eddie can make something of himself in WCW, and be a great champion for years to come.

-Don't believe anything about Scott Steiner jumping ship to the WWF. Right now he's suffering from a bad knee and a very badly injured shoulder, so if he's not around for something, that is why. He's not jumping ship to the WWF, nor is he even in talks with them. I do believe that Scott and his brother signed lengthy deals a year or two ago, so neither will be going no where. Speaking of going no where, it seems that Scott Steiner's career is in jeopardy. His shoulder is so messed up right now, that he really needs surgery to make feel a little better, but he might never be able to wrestle again. His shoulder injury now really hurts him when he takes a bump there, and taking a bump there after the surgery could damage his shoulder again easily. WCW needs Steiner, because he's a great heel, although I rip him. He's a heel that actually draws heat, and not silence in WCW's crowd.


-Since WWF news is so slow, but the King of the Ring is coming up, I've decided to post my King of the Ring predictions TODAY:

First Round Matches

=Mr. Ass vs. Shamrock. I see Mr. Ass somehow pulling this win out of his "Ass" and advancing. Sure, Shamrock was the winner last year, but the WWF wants Mr. Ass to be huge in this tourney. Easy screwjob here. Winner: Mr. Ass

=Kane vs. Big Show. This one is all Big Show. I expect a great match, but you must always remember that Kane's role in the WWF, unfortunately, is to be a big jobber. Winner: Big Show

=Road Dogg vs. Chyna. I expect Chyna to somehow win this match. I feel she'll be fighting past DX members the whole way through....Winner: Chyna

=X-Pac vs. Hardcore Holly. Too easy. X-Pac is going to kick Holly's ass. Winner: X-Pac

Predicted Second Round

=Big Show vs. Mr. Ass. I see Big Show winning this one, but Mr. Ass will put up a great effort that the WWF will hype forever. Winner: Mr. Ass

=Chyna vs. X-Pac. Not this time Chyna, as I see X-Pac winning this to advance to the finals. Chyna vs. Big Show doesn't fit. Winner: X-Pac

Predicted Finals

=X-Pac vs. Big Show. Big Show will win this since he is on the cover of the King of the Ring posters, plus the WWF needs some kind of credibility for him. X-Pac will put up a great fight though. Winner: Big Show

Other Matches

=Vince and Shane McMahon vs. Stone Cold on a ladder match for the ownership of the WWF. I see the McMahons winning this because this will make this feud last a little longer for us to see. I have a feeling that something screwy will happen though. Winners: The McMahons

=Rock vs. Undertaker. Since the Undertaker is hurt now, I feel the Rock will win the title. Undertaker needs time off to rest his injuries, so he'll drop the strap on his way out. Winner: Rock

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow for yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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