It's Sunday! Instead of messing with your heads on an outrageous topic, I get to hype King of the Ring for y'all. Now can you dig that? Speaking of the King of the Ring, be sure to check out the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show, later today, for the special Preview of tonight's WWF event. Not only can you listen to a great Audio Show hyping the King of the Ring, but I'll be on the show, as a guest, to join in on the fun. Click Here to listen to the show, which should be up sometime this Sunday afternoon.

Awww, a few people got mad at my Chyna comments. Oh boo hoo, please cry me a river. It's not like the WWF needs Chyna right now, or will in the future. Ever since her spread on Playboy, she's done NOTHING for the WWF. The WWF tried to push her and her book, and it missed the high expectations it had in sales. Then, the WWF tried an injury angle with her, to which nobody gave two shits whatsoever. Then, she was made Women's champ, and she totally screwed up what could have been a good money feud with Lita, by fighting a heel turn full blast. Finally, it appears that ever since her Playboy shoot, she's but a bad case of the Sable infection, in which she thought that she was ABOVE the WWF. Well, once her WWF contract ends, in what November, we'll see how much she needs the WWF. Look at Rena Mero. She hasn't exactly done anything great ever since her WWF release, which she promised she'd do. Chyna is nothing without the WWF, which she forgot, and she'll be easy to replace with some other bodybuilder who can learn basic wrestling moves.

Has anybody read the Diana Hart-Smith interview from Chairshots yet? Talk about a straight shoot. In this candid interview, Diana doesn't hold anything back when it comes to discussing Martha Hart, Bret Hart, and even her future ex-husband, Davey Boy Smith. My eyes just kept getting bigger while I was reading this, not only since it's very revealing, but it's just another case of the Hart family, shaking up, ever since the Survivor Series 1997 Montreal incident. It's just flat out sad. Click Here to read this good stuff.

Wow, my introduction resembles a Daily Apples section. On to the PDC, for we have the King of the Ring to hype.

KING of the RING Predictions

The Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley and someone
This is a rumored match, so ignore this prediction if it doesn't happen. Like I've said before, I'm sure the ECW marks are screaming for New Jack to join the WWF to be Spike's partner. They are just marking out at this fact. While we're making fun of people, I'd fall of my chair, laughing, if Chyna would turn out to be Spike's mystery partner. Seriously. Whoever it may be, Spike's team is going down.
Tito's Pick: Dudleys

Diamond Dallas Page vs. the Undertaker
Let me tell you this: this match isn't happening. It will, most likely, turn out to be some lame "sports entertainment" angle. The WWF is keying on extending this feud for Invasion, I'm thinking. I just hope that anybody who bought the Pay Per View for this feud and this feud only, won't be disappointed at a little brawl that may occur.
Tito's Pick: Yer Mom

Lightweight Title: X-Pac vs. Jeff Hardy
The title will change hands here. Why? Is it because X-Pac has been a great heel lately, or if he's worked hard enough to deserve a title? Of course not. Jeff Hardy puts his life on the line for nearly every match, but he won't be able to get a clean win over a guy who totally underachieves for his age. Asskissing is a form of elevation which is not only ridiculous, but unfair to those who work hard. Expect the "I just went over you" grin by X-Pac, after the match. The only way I see X-Pac losing is if Eddie Guerrero returns, but I doubt that will happen since I don't think he's through with drug rehab yet.
Tito's Pick: X-Pac

Street Fight: Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon
For anyone hoping for a WCW run in, this should be where it may happen. My theory is that this match will occur before Angle's KOTR finals match, making him injured for someone else to win this year's crown. I'd personally love to see Booker T run in to help Shane, but Buff Bagwell? I don't know.... But what I do know is that I smell a screwjob for this match, and that Shane McMahon, the future brains of the WWF, will put his body, on the line, once again. I doubt any execs of other companies would even dare to take the risks that Shane does, physically.
Tito's Pick: Shane McMahon

King of the Ring Semi-Final: Kurt Angle vs. Christian
My theory is that the WWF wants to save Edge vs. Christian for the future, and not tonight. I could be wrong, for the WCW wrestlers could attack Angle in this match, and them make Kurt destroy Shane in the street fight. Whatever the case may be, I'm going for Kurt Angle in this match.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

King of the Ring Semi-Final: Rhyno vs. Edge
Rhyno has been red hot, and crowning him King would legitimize his spot as a force in the WWF, to some fans who are still unfamiliar with him. I could be totally wrong, though, if we see an Edge vs. Christian final.
Tito's Pick: Rhyno

King of the Ring Finals: Rhyno vs. Kurt Angle
As my prediction goes, the street fight will leave Angle too injured to even compete against Angle, leading him to lose. If this isn't the match, Edge vs. Christian will definitely be it. I don't exactly see any other combination, possible. All hail King Rhyno!
Tito's Pick: Rhyno

World Title: Steve Austin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
Well, it's now being said that Benoit will take time off to rest and heal his body up from the nerve damage and other injuries he's compiled, busting his ass for the WWF lately. That's a damn shame, too. Honestly, I don't see Chris Jericho winning the title, because I see many in the WWF making the same argument about Jericho not being ready or fitting to be the World Champion of a company. There's always an excuse. The garbage, added, from Smackdown about how Austin and Vince will break up as a duo if Austin loses shows who will win this match. Austin and Vince, splitting up only to feud again? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah right. Austin retains, probably to the dismay to many.
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin

Note that the WWF will probably add some matches on Sunday Night Heat, in which we may see Matt Hardy defend the European title, Kane defending the IC title, and/or Test defending the Hardcore title. Hey, there's 3 title holders that aren't a part of the Pay Per View already. What's up with that?

Overall Take: This card is much, much better than the previous two WWF Pay Per Views, Backlash and Judgment Day, with a main event to pretty much look foward to, with a decent undercard. The WCW invasion is what makes the whole show intriguing, whether or not it occurs. I'm hoping for a good show so that the WWF can make a great run in the month of July, before they put all hope on the shoulders of the Rock, who returns on July 30th (RAW is WAR). If the WCW invasion fails, I don't know what could boom wrestling?

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