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Anyway, I'm looking to get on my local cable company about how lousy my UPN is these days, especially when Smackdown is on. I jumped all over them to finally get UPN, and once they put it on my selection of stations, the quality is very poor. If you are going to put it on my channel selection, at least make it come in good. I'd rather not have UPN than to have all fuzz with muffled sound.

Speaking of UPN, I think it would be total suicide of the WWF if they decide to make RAW a WCW show. Many wrestling fans still don't get UPN. It wasn't until early 2000 before I got mine, and many await for their lazy and monopolizing cable companies to actually provide them the service of adding UPN to their cable. Therefore, many WWF fans watch RAW because that's the only WWF show they have right now. What happens if you take that away from them?

Duh huh. Maybe the WWF dug itself into one big hole when they did the whole Attitude angle with their whole federation. Sure, it put the WWF ahead of WCW and eventually busted them, but look what happened 4 years after the WWF started that. They are losing advertising dollars, asshole parental groups are attacking, and TNN, of all cable stations, can laugh at the WWF when being asked for more timeslots on their channel. So maybe the new raunchy Attitude of the WWF was great in the short run, but it left them in the dust for the long run.

And that, my friends, is not good whatsoever for the longevity of a billion dollar company (they were billion, at least). On to the PDC.

Week in Review

(NOTE From TITO: Since I missed a good part of Smackdown, I asked LoP's very own William Martinez to help me out with some of the awards sections. He's all over it.)

A week that was actually hyping King of the Ring had a lot of interesting newsworthy items. First, we saw the big debut of Diamond Dallas Page from the WWFE for WCW. DDP was rumored for weeks to be signing with the WWFE, and those rumors were put to rest when DDP debuted as the evil Sara Stalker. The crowd pop was somewhat mixed, but that's blamed on a terribly lame angle. DDP was supposed to be a heel, but the fans were excited to see a big name WCW star show up on RAW. Yeah.

Also this week, WWF's Tough Enough debuted, and in a good way, for it scored a 2.1 at a 10 pm timeslot on Mtv. That's a strong rating for a debut show, and I only expect it to rise once reality loving viewers get the word and when some wrestling fans find it intriguing about how wrestlers become wrestlers. Tough Enough looks to be a way to get Tazz back in the light of what many thought was a promising WWF career.

The ratings for both RAW and Smackdown did indeed improve, but only by a little bit. That's could be good news either way. Maybe the WWF product is slowly improving from the free fall ever since the RAW after Wrestlemania, or that the shows have hit rock bottom and have leveled off without dropping anymore. Take your pick. If you don't think the drop in the ratings have hurt the WWF, just remember that the last shows the WWF sold out were in Canada. Now if we go before the Canadian shows, it would be hard to remember the last WWF sell out show.

Finally, we could be seeing the end of Chyna in the WWF. YES!! YES!! OH GOD YES!!!!!!! Excuse me. It looks like the WWF and Chyna can't come to terms on a new contract, since I bet Chyna thinks she's worth more than the WWF is willing to offer. Chyna is sort of gaining the Sable-attitude these days, as reported by several wrestlers backstage. That's probably why the WWF doesn't mind not having her around these days, and also, it's why the WWF won't give her a nice expensive long term deal, either. Chyna, however, could be the first one to suffer from the WWF monopoly, though, for the WWF has no competition to drive up wages now. Well, whatever the case may be, Chyna could be out of the WWF forever, to which the WWF could easily find a replacement. I'm sure they are scouring the gyms right now, or hoping Pauline from Tough Enough wins.

-Best Match-

Tajiri vs. Rhyno from RAW

Why does a short match win this honor? No, this is NOT an ECW biased column. Sure, I'm a big fan of Tajiri, and I've grown to become a good fan of Rhyno, too. However, in Rhyno and Tajiri's short time that they had, they put on some slick spots and great maneuvers. Sure, it was fast paced, but it was blow by blow, a tough match.

Tajiri made good amends in his second televised WWF show, and that's after some criticism during his first few dark matches. Tajiri has adjusted to the WWF's rings, which will truly show how talented he can be. Rhyno, on the other hand, nearly improves by the week. The man can sell everyone's moves, and also, to help properly execute someone's spot. These are two guys who aren't ECW busts, unlike some guys like Jerry Lynn.

Both main events were pretty good on RAW and Smackdown, but they featured a lot of repetition since they both featured Jericho/Benoit vs. the Dudleys in some fashion.

-Best Tag Team-

The Dudley Boyz

It's funny how two guys get on Spike for getting a World title shot on last week's Smackdown, but for this past week, they were main eventing for BOTH RAW and Smackdown. For Smackdown, they won the World Titles for the 4th time, which is a pretty incredible feat considering that everyone predicted them to end up like Public Enemy in the WWF, if you remember that. If not, when Public Enemy went to the WWF, they showed a lot of attitude backstage and were shown to be very weak performers in the WWF rings. So they were turfed out of the WWF in a few short weeks.

But the Dudleys obviously have become great WWF superstars, and many dreams may be becoming true if they are turning heels. They were hinting it, very much, on Smackdown, and an alliance with Steve Austin would be heavenly, at least in my mind. Reports say that the Dudleys may have a King of the Ring match, but that's totally unknown since the creative staff hopes to find a partner for Spike. Gee, I wonder what former ECW superstar they are screaming for? (New Jack)

The Jackson 5

5. Spike Dudley: Great table spot on Raw and good bumping for the Big Show on Smackdown.

4. Tajiri: The WWF is sure getting their money's worth with this guy. Kudos to the WWF creative department for getting Tajiri introduced via the William Regal segments. Seriously. It's helped non WWF fans recognize who he is. Please bring back the mist, though.

3. Kurt Angle: Another great week and looks to have a major part in the WCW invasion angle.

2. Rhyno: Well on his way up the WWF ladder. He won a short but brutal match against Tajiri, and he seems to oddly improve by the week. Just amazing. Can anyone say King Rhyno?

1. Chris Benoit: See down below.

-Wrestler of the Week-

Chris Benoit

Christ, will somebody give this guy some time off? Chris Benoit is currently working under nerve damage in his body, along with various injuries for busting his ass in ever match he's wrestled in, recently. Too bad it may stop him from winning the World Title at KOTR.

The battered and bruised Crippler is finally getting some cheers from the crowd for his in-ring abilities. Maybe we could praise the multi-German suplex move, which seems to get the crowd into it. Maybe the Crossface, which has gained better respect, as of late, since they let a few people tap out to it. Maybe it was from seeing the hot Canadian crowds screaming for the man, as he almost won the World Title, twice, from Austin.

Whatever the case maybe, you can't deny that Benoit is peaking, right now, as a wrestler, despite his badly beaten body. It's basically now or never for Benoit in terms of reaching the top in the WWF, but who knows if the WWF will give that to him, this Sunday, with the injuries that Benoit is going through now. We'll see this Sunday!

Breaking News: Chyna is now accepting independent bookings and she's selling her silicone breasts on Ebay! What a gal!

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