Nothing like a Friday to write the Phat Daily Column. Well, good old Smackdown was on last night, as the WWF *wanted* to get more viewers ready to buy their King of the Ring pay per view, which I'm predicting will be the lowest WWF buyrate in a while. Anyway, Smackdown had its interesting moments which got my mind moving last night, so let's talk about it. All of this and more, so on to the PDC.

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The WWF really messed up with the Intercontinental tonight. Now, I won't say this because I'm a big Chris Benoit mark, but just think about this. There was no heat or build up for this match at all. Sure they wrestle at King of the Ring, but that shouldn't matter. The WWF just throws Rikishi Phatu in, and thus ending Benoit's strong Intercontinental title run just for the hell of it. Maybe the WWF is paying off Rikishi for being so 'over', just like they did for Too Cool. Or maybe this was done to confuse anyone who seems to pick Kurt Angle to win the King of the Ring, or maybe it was done for Benoit to pay his dues just to advance in the tournament versus Rikishi? Who knows?

Wow, Jerry the King Lawler actually stepped into the ring and wrestled. Why? Well, of course, it was in Memphis! Lawler is about the equivalent of Hulk Hogan down there, only with Lawler, he's still popular with age! I don't know if the WWF will rub off this real life relationship with the Kat and Lawler, or what? Memphis crowd was a good one by the way, as they were just about into every match.

Wasn't this Smackdown supposed to gain viewers for the King of the Ring, and not lose them? Well, I'm sure they lost a lot by having their HORRIBLE main event this early. Sure, it was a "handicap" match, but who cares. It's going to be nothing but the same old crap at the Pay Per View, and for that reason, the WWF lost buyers tonight. *FINGER OF SHAME* for doing this WWF. Hopefully, you'll wisen up Monday night and actually start some NEW storylines. That would be so nice right now.

Want more buyrates? Gerald Brisco vs. Pat Patterson in a hardcore evening gown match. Now that's scary to even think about, let alone buy a pay per view for.

I guess the precious fitness model, Trish Stratus, has been training to take her bumps in school, and that is why she wrestled, or at least tried to, on Smackdown last night. She did take some decent bumps, especially for someone who could be leaking any moment up top.

Finally, did anybody see Big Show on Conan last night? I just remembered right before I went to bed, and caught this wonderful show, which is suffering without Andy. I love when Big Show is on Conan's show. Conan messes with his head so badly, and asks him the most messed up questions. He always wants to know any stories from when Big Show was little. Conan then asked Big Show that if he was to become a professional wrestler, what could he do? I think Big Show was making a reference to Jimmy Hart, as he said he should run around with a megaphone. It was suggested for Conan to become "Vagina Man" for his gimmick. It was a funny piece, and Conan welcomed Big Show back anytime because without Andy, this show is going downhill!


On the past two WCW Live reports, done well by Neil Friedman, I've noticed that WCW is mentioning another surprise for this upcoming Bash at the Beach, and that they have a new wrestler coming in, which will probably be announced by the time this column is already out. Whether they are joking, I don't know, but things like this help to spread rumors, and once that's spread, it's then taken very seriously. Of course with the Great American Bash surprise, Eric Bischoff himself was hyping it up on television. I'm sure they were just joking about surprise, but the wrestler is said to be announced anytime now. I'm guessing the Warrior, someone from ECW, or just a legend that many have forgotten.

Since I was checking for that "new wrestler", I stumbled upon that lame Newz section, which had an interview with the MOST DESERVING WRESTLER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, Booker T. Concerning the GI Bro gimmick, he said that it was always a joke backstage between the wrestlers because he used to have that gimmick before WCW. Many wrestlers wanted to see it again. Russo and Bischoff approached Booker T about doing this, and since WCW was leaning towards bad language and T&A, this gimmick would be more geared towards children, so that's why he went along with the plan to change him to Booker T. Wow, that's pretty nice of him.

Booker T also says that he's very positive with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, and he says that WCW needs a big change. He says he has no problems with the current direction that WCW is going, but he feels there is a spot for cleaner wrestlers, like himself as GI Bro. Booker T does somewhat bash Big T here, as he stated that the new Harlem Heat 2000 wasn't working, since the old Harlem Heat had Stevie doing the power moves, and Booker T doing the fancy moves. He said that Big T was just a heavy, heavy load for Stevie Ray to carry, thus making the duo fail. Booker T also said that the internet was a good thing, because it gives a way for hardcore fans to express their views. Yes indeed, especially hardcore fans like myself and Coolbeans, who keep on pressing for Booker T to get pushed to the top!

Before I finish this column, I've received many e-mails about appearing at Backyard Wrestling events. The one I went to last Friday night, the VWF, was in somewhat of a short distance range for me to travel to. So if the distance for your Backyard fed is reasonable for myself to travel to, I'll consider making the trip and watching your show.

@That's all for today's column. I hope to tape ECW on TNN tonight so that I can review it and discuss it in tomorrow's column, unlike last Saturday. Doh! So just chill till the next episode!

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