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Mr. Tito (June 23, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Only 13 more till 100. Joy. The ratings are in, and did WCW get any better in the ratings this week? Let's find out! On to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.6
Second Hour: 2.6
Third Hour: 3.1
Composite: 3.1


First Hour: 5.9
Second Hour: 6.1
Composite: 6.0

Head to Head

RAW: 6.0
Nitro: 2.85

-Alright, this is proof that Nitro still does not have what it takes to even come close in the ratings. How in the hell do they think they can win rating with those sorry undercard matches, and those damn no contests/disqualifications in the main event. Somebody is smoking lots of crack in WCW, because they obviously don't notice that RAW is kicking their ass each and every week. Everyone knew that Macho would run down in the main event on Nitro. Nobody cared for some of the undercard matches that Nitro put on. They have piles upon piles of great talent, so why not use it for the love of God. How can WCW be so stupid? They had the formula to win a few years ago, but now they just can't seem to come close anymore. Put on stronger shows!! It's just that simple. Have clean wins, and non-confusing angles. Can they do it? I highly doubt it anymore. It's really pathetic when you have all of that great talent around, yet you still get your asses whipped by 3 points in the ratings. Simply pathetic WCW.


-Yesterday, Dan Montalto e-mailed me with a great thought. WCW is paying Master P and other rappers millions. Ok, but why can't they pay millions for Chris Jericho?!? I swear WCW doesn't get the big picture on Jericho. He has talent that can be used for the future of wrestling, like mic skills and actually good wrestling, but will WCW make any effort to give him millions? NO! Instead, they waste their money on rappers. WCW better hope that Master P can get them ratings, because they sure as hell didn't fill that Superdome like Master P predicted he would, and that's his hometown.

-Well, expect, hopefully, that WCW will but on a monster Nitro on July 5th. Expect Dennis Rodman to make his first of 5 appearances there, and expect Bret Hart to return. Bret will definately receive the push he's deserved, but it's a damn shame it took a tragedy for WCW to give sympathy to Bret, therefore, giving him a push. As for this Nitro, hopefully WCW will have a strong midcard and a main event for this show. I'm tired of hearing they hype and getting nothing. I challenge WCW to put on a great show this night. Of course, they don't listen to what the fans think.

-Well, rumors are surfacing that Hogan is displeased with Sid Vicious's return to WCW. Apparently, Hogan feels that by adding Sid, WCW has increased their problems. Strange, I could have swore a few months ago that Hogan was pushing for WCW to try to sign Sid. What the hell? I heard the reason for that was because Hogan and Sid are good friends in real life? I guess I'm confused.

-Did WCW sign Shane or not? I'm hearing stuff that he will debut on the so called monster Nitro on July 5th, which is at the Georgia Dome by the way. I don't know if Shane has signed with them yet. Usually, if WCW signs someone, they push for a wrestler to be on WCW programming as soon as possible. Maybe they are saving him, and think what a "shoot" interview would do for the ratings. That would be huge!


-The King of the Ring is coming, and the hype for this is getting large. Many think a super screwjob will happen. They think that somehow, Vince might doublecross his son, Shane, and join with Austin as faces, or Shane will be kicked out of the Corperate Ministry and Stone Cold will take his place. Either way, I highly doubt that Stone Cold will turn heel. He's way over with the fans, and at least wait until his popularity is dying to turn him heel, just like WCW did with Hogan. He wasn't as popular as he was, so they turned him heel. It works very good.

-The Rock is getting the title shot, and the word is that the Gold will be his. Undertaker needs some time off to rest his injured back, injured hip, and his still banged up knee. The Undertaker is a real man, because he wrestles through so much pain. Maybe I should stop ripping on how much I hate his new evil gimmick, and realize how damn tough he really is. Other wrestlers would take time off from injuries, but the Undertaker wrestles through them. Anyways, he's really hurting right now, so now it's sensible for some time off, so therefore, possibly dropping the strap to the Rock.

-Alright, I'm not into video games, but I will mention the release dates of WWF Attitude, since I get e-mailed about it all the time. According to Sunny Sandru of RWIN, the Playstation edition of WWF Attitude will now be released on July 28, and the N64 edition will be out September 1. Why have they been pushed back so far? My theory is that they are removing a few things, like maybe Sable? Someone pointed that out to me, and that seems sensible since they removed the option to create a Blue Blazer. Either way, whenever it's released, it will probably be the best wrestling game ever, and it's making me want to get back into video games again, when I finally retired from the video game business a few years ago.

@That's it for today! I want to thank everyone for their responces to my 10 Greatest Influences columns, and always remember, they are my opinions, just like everything in this column. So until the next edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column, just chill...till the next episode. New PHAT design, not to mention a great Fantasy wrestling league, along with all of the great wrestling news you could ask for.

Take Care, and Drink Your Milk.

Mr. Tito 1999

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