Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, I'm late, so forgive me for sleeping in for once. Besides, I'm much more awake, so that makes for a nicer Mr. Tito, right? Well nothing spices up my mood like a nice serving of Chunder Thunder. What better way to spend your Wednesday evening, right? On to the PDC!

But first.....

Thank you very much to the individual holding up the Got Tito?/Lordsofpain.net sign at Thunder Tuesday night at the tapings. I appreciate it. If anyone has any captured photos of the signs from last week's ECW on TNN, please contact me or send them this way please. Thank you.


The first thing on my mind from Thunder was Tank Abbott. First off, he loses a clean match to Rick Steiner. Not dissing Rick's ability, but here is a guy who almost became World Champion at Souled Out 2000 if Vince Russo wasn't fired at the time. So he loses a pretty tough match with Steiner, which was probably each of their best matches in a while. Later on in the evening, 3 Count debuts their new single. Guess who enjoys it? Out of all of the wrestlers in the back, a former UFC fighter is in the back dancing! You guessed it, Tank Abbott was loving it! This alone had me in tears from laughing. I don't know whether he'll protect or join 3 Count, but it was a good laugh for someone who is supposed to be a badass.

Lance Storm came out, once again(as I missed the Nitro one), and fought the Artist. This is his opening feud? Oh well, I guess you have to start somewhere. I just love how the crowd was slightly silent for his appearance. While the announcers were saying "Oh my God, it's Lance Storm!!", the fans were just standing there, with a FEW ECW chants. Just a little bit. Hey, I know how to get him over!!!! Let him get on the mic, and have everyone hear how lame he truly is. Then he could say "From Calgary, Alberta, Canada", and everyone would love him right? HA!

Well, the personal feud with Vampiro and Demon or should I say, Dale Tornburg(sp?) or however his last name is pronounced. Hey, guess what...a woman was kidnapped on Nitro, as Vampiro took Asya and hid her from Demon. No woman has ever been kidnapped on any WCW program, right? I've found the problem with Vampiro!! Instead of wrestling, he's more of an angle guy now. That man can do great things in the ring, but yet he's more involved in backstage things or just something to "get the Pay Per View match over". Sigh, I miss the Vampiro of old.

I like this stuff with Terry Funk teaching Johnny the Bull to be HARDCORE. That should bring SOME interest to the rematch with Big Vito. Speaking of Big Vito, he defeated the Wall last night! Alright, finally de-pushing the Wall! How the Wall could even be considered to get a push, let alone lace the boots of other wrestlers is still unknown to me. Good job Vito! I do wish the Mamalukes were still a team, because they were a very talented team...just that they were in the Sullivan era where there were NO tag teams to fight besides the Harris Boys. Speaking of the Harris boys, where the hell are they these days?

My gosh, the main event scene is pretty bad here in WCW too. Yes, I agree that the WWF main eventers are stale right now, but you have Jeff Jarrett as champ? Hogan is his contender? Yuck. Goldberg and Nash would be better if they didn't already fight on Nitro a few weeks back...and you know Scott Hall will probably turn on Nash at the Bash at the Beach. It's all about the swerve baby!

By the way, Good job to Chad Kincaid, the new Thunder results guy!


The WWF versus USA Networks trial is coming to a close, as today will serve as the final arguments. Then, maybe Friday, but probably sometime early next week, we will have the HUGE decision which will no doubt shake up the wrestling world. I've heard some reports that the WWF is heavily winning this trial, as USA Networks doesn't have much to work with as they are trying to keep the WWF to continue dominating the Cable market. RAW is TNN....oh God, it's coming!

I don't know if this is in your area or not, but new Pay Per View videos in my area are anywhere from $40 to $50 when they first come out by the WWF. That hurts, considering I buy each and every Wrestlemania that comes out to keep up with my 1-14 box set. That's a pretty rough price for the WWF to shoot for, especially if it was a Pay Per View that wasn't liked. But then again, if the demand for the certain video is up, like how I'm going to purchase it, then why not charge so high? Argh.

Alrighty, here are your NON Spoiler Smackdown matches. If you don't like the NON Spoiler line up, just proceed past the bars, and check out the New Editions of RAW is Nitro and Bad Tito at the Phat Pharm right now!

Hardy Boys and Lita vs. Trish Stratus and T & A
Grandmaster Sex-ay vs. Edge
Eddie Guerrero vs. Big Bossman
Chris Benoit vs. Rikishi Phatu
Chris Jericho vs. Hardcore Holly
TAKA and the Kat vs. Terri Runnels and Dean Malenko
Dudley Boys vs. Road Dogg and X-Pac
Special Main Event..I guess

Looks like a usual line up for Smackdown. I'll have my thoughts on this show tomorrow.

@That's it for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with more PDC to go around, so just chill...till the next episode!

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