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Mr. Tito (June 22, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, yet another Monday Night went by, and of course, as always on the PDC on Tuesdays, I've got the Monday Night Impressions and Phat Stats ready to go! On to the PDC!

Monday Night Impressions


-First Hour Junk: Gotta love WCW's entries with their vehicles. Gotta love the hummers too. Oh my God, it drove away before Nash could get to it! Is this Nitro, or a Master P concert? Lodi and Lenny Lane..the Gaylords. Something is going on there. Can we say Ambiguously Gay Duo? Gotta love when Savage and company interfere in a undercard match. Oh my God, Sting drove a hummer last week! Sting vs. Sid! Joy! Lenny Lane vs. Meng was horrible. Can't they book something better than this on Nitro? More No that wrestling?

-Alright, the first match was great just because Eddie Guerrero came back. The match was good too against Juvy. Hopefully Eddie gets some respect now that he's back. Nice clean win too.

-The Cat is hilarious, and hopefully he doesn't have to fight jobbers like Prince Iaukea all of his life. Hell, he's beaten Scott Norton...that should get him some better wrestlers to fight. The Cat is too hilarious.

-Kanyon vs. Booker T was a good "wrestling" match. Too bad the rest of the Triad had to attack everyone in the ring.

-Cheating at it's best happened with Piper/Flair vs. Bagwell and later Malenko with the two veteran heels cheating to win. This should fire up the angle nicely.

-Oh lord, nothing like some more No Limit. This time, they ran into the ring during a tag title match.

-A great WCW main event...but it ends with interference. Hmm..Luger comes him. I predict he's the hummer driver!

Nitro Phat Stats (Disregarding first hour)

Matches: 6 <---Long matches though
Clean wins: 1
Screwjobs: 2
No contests: 0
Disqualifications: 3

====$Tonight had some decent wrestling, but nothing impressive. I really wish WCW would make more clean win matches. Screwjobs and DQs turn fans off, and they need fans watching their show. I doubt they will even come close in the ratings this week, but they recieve a Tito grade of a


for a semi-decent show. They can improve very much. I guess Shane didn't sign with WCW afterall!


-Nothing like a good challenge at the beginning of the show! Hey, Shawn Micheals, who was rumored to be the "leak" of the Greater Power is back. Gotta love his stipulations and added matches.

-Steve Blackman attacking Shamrock? I guess this will be Blackman's last chance to get over in the WWF. Decent triple threat match.

-Good to see Edge back in action, and the Rock layed the smack down on him. He and the Undertaker are getting fired up!!

-Interesting Gorilla Slam match with Sexual Chocolate vs. Viscera. No real winner though. :( European belt back?

-Awww, poor Bossman. Now he'll go back to being stupid face Bossman, and lose all the time. Hey, maybe Nailz will come back! HA!

-Good 6 man match with Kane/X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Acolytes/Mr. Ass. Clean win for the heel trio. Good thing Mr. Ass came through with the win, or his ass would have got kicked.

-Wow, I was impressed with Wight in the hardcore match vs. Holly. Holly will learn never to mess with the big man again.

-Doh! No contest to a match that could have been very entertaining. I'm talking about Brisco/Patterson vs. the McMahons. I missed any Jim Ross comments this week, if there were any.

-Doh! No contest main event! Why can't we have a clean win in any main event?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
No contests: 3
Disqualifications: 0

======$Well, this edition of RAW was ok, but nothing spectacular. Nothing impressed me really this week, but they will win the ratings again. This show was decent, but I guess too much is expected out of the WWF everyweek. Anyways, RAW gets a


in my gradebook.

Wresting News

-Well, apparently, Shane Douglas is not signed with WCW, or are they waiting to debut him on Thunder? Kidding. If he did sign with WCW, I'm sure he would have showed up on Nitro last night, but no, he didn't show. That means his options are still open, and Hall and Nash have already expressed their dislike for Shane Douglas. I hope he turns around and goes to the WWF. Shawn Micheals doesn't have much pull backstage anymore, so his worries about his garbage will be gone. Nash is head booker at WCW, so Shane has No Chance in Hell of being pushed in WCW.

-Oh joy, in a few weeks, Public Enemy will be back in WCW. That's just nice, and I really jump for joy when I hear that these two wrestlers, who the crowd struggles to cheer for anymore, are coming back to the WCW. Hey, they were tag champs, right? So. I think the reason that they are falling to deaf ears is because of their gimmick. It's old, and boring. When they come on the TV, I'm like: "I've seen this before". Nothing new at all from the first time that I saw them in action. Oh well, maybe they will get over again someday.

-Good old Dusty Rhodes is supposed to come back to commentating soon. I don't care if many don't like him as a commentator, but I will say I love him! I only watched Saturday Night back in the day just to hear him commentate. I miss hearing "We are hear at the Mothership" or "It's time for the Pay Window!" I'm sure many will disagree with me, but that's alright. Dusty Rhodes is much better than Shiavone, and that's the only man that Shiavone responds to announcing in WCW. I also hear that Dusty Rhodes is also doing the booking that Nash is slacking to do.

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Greatest Influences

Before we get to the #1 about a re-cap of the first 9 influences?

#10 Shane Douglas

#9 Bruno Sammartino

#8 Legion of Doom

#7 Andre the Giant

#6 Stone Cold Steve Austin

#5 Sting

#4 The New World Order

#3 Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen

#2 Vince McMahon

And the #1 influence in wrestling, IN MY OPINION, is....

Drum Roll please...........

#1 Hollywood Hulk Hogan

This one had to be easy to predict. Don't tell me he's not the biggest influence, because his influence helped make wrestling HUGE...twice! Once, as Hulkamania started! Twice, becoming the third man to form the New World Order. Everything he's done has gained attention. Back in the day, kids everywhere were wearing the Hulkamania merchandise, and Hogan was the main star in the WWF in the 80's. Hogan was the main man who put wrestling over. Before, it was only popular with only pure wrestling fans, but when Hogan came on the scene, his charisma helped elevate the sport to a new level.

Hogan was huge in the 80's. Every main event that Hogan was in during his WWF run was huge. Many wrestlers jumped into wrestling just to be like Hogan, since he was very well known, not only in wrestling, but in all sports. He became wrestling's first celebrity, and many wrestlers wanted that. He left the WWF, and would later join WCW. His popularity brought some attention to the deserving WCW, but that was not enough. The presence of Hogan, however, made ideas stir in Eric Bischoff's head. Bischoff felt that if he could sign Hogan to WCW, he could sign anybody. Bischoff figured he could start a Monday Night show as well, and he would mainly feature Hogan there. After a while, Hulkamania, although it had it's hardcore fans, was dying. Probably the best idea that WCW ever came up with was having Hogan as the third man. Who would have ever thought they would see the day with the biggest face in wrestling, telling the fans to "stick it". His heel turn generated lots of fan interest, and it put WCW over the once powerful WWF.

Sure, Hogan is aging these days, and he's not what he used to be, but you have to acknowledge what an influence he has been in our sport. It would be hard to imagine wrestling without Hogan's influence. Maybe another wrestler would have been over in his place? You'll never know, but what I know is that Hogan has done wonders for wrestling. Love him or hate him, he's definately the biggest influence ever in wrestling. He is truly, the Biggest Icon in wrestling, no matter how much I rip on him in my columns.

Honorable Mentions: The Hart family, the Von Erich family, Vern Gagne(Thanks Captain Kirk), the Midnight Express, Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert, the Warrior(first WWF run), Lou Thez, and Macho Man.

@That's it for today. I hope you have enjoyed my 10 wrestling influences. In two weeks from today, I, hopefully, will be at 100 consecutive columns. Thanks to everyone for their support. Anyways, just chill...till the next episode! has a brand spanking new design, and not to mention the NEW fantasy wrestling and other fine Features! Click Here!

Take Care, and Happy Wrestling!

Mr. Tito 1999

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