Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. There are only 2 more influences left in my personal top 10, and one of them will be revealed today! But before that, enjoy some classic PDC news and views!


-I'm awaiting tonight to see if Shane Douglas will actually be at Nitro. If he shows, of course, that proves that he's officially signed, if he's not at Nitro, then he is still undecided where to go. That simple. If Shane is going to show up, what will he be used for? The Hummer driver? Please. A part of the Old vs. New angle, well, maybe, but it could get nasty against Flair. I think it would be stupid to sign with WCW, because he'll be so misused like the many main event wrestlers that enter WCW from ECW. We'll see tonight!-Lots of concern backstage is centering around Sid and Arn Anderson. Many think that they can never get along. Arn has stated that he's upset with WCW signing Sid, but he'll be alright about it as long as Sid is never involved in any angles with him. That's good to hear, because with all of the wrestlers actually hating each other in WCW, we don't need another embarassing confrontation between Arn Anderson and Sid. Hey, who knows, if they fight again, Sid will come after Arn with a hole puncher or a stapler.-Bischoff is attempting to bring more and more talent and celebrities in. He feels new wrestlers equal shock value and that equals ratings. Although the ratings were weak this Monday with Sid's first appearance, it is gaining interest. If he has Sid wrestle, I think that would generate interest. He blew a perfect opportunity, in my opinion, to gain some ratings this Monday if he had Sid fight Kevin Nash. Hopefully, this happens this Monday. Also, look for Bischoff to bring in more celebrities. He has Rodman coming in next week, and I'd think more would be on the way. Keep the wrestlers coming, but don't invite stupid celebrities.


-This is funny. UPN is somewhat upset over Sable recently quitting. They feel she is a big part of WWF's success, and losing her could equal less ratings. HA! Does UPN ever listen to the crowd noises? If you listen to the crowd reaction of Sable, then listen to crowd reaction of Debra, you will find something out. More people cheer for Debra! Way more! So UPN, be like the WWF and forget about stupid Rena Mero, because she's easily replaceable, and not to mention that Debra was more popular than Sable. People want to see Puppies more than they want to see the Grind.-Is the WWF having talks with Tammy Sytch, formerly known as Sunny? Some reports say she is, and some aren't. I think bringing her back could be huge for the WWF, and a fitting replacement for the money hungry Sable. Of course, if they sign Sunny, then they will have to sign Chris Candido, and I think he's a good, young talent to have. I'd like to see Sunny back in the WWF, not WCW. It seems that the women in WCW get on crowd reaction. Oh well.-Everyone keeps saying that the WWF will have the Acolytes lose the titles, and have Farooq reform the Nation. Ha! I say that's bluff. I heard that the WWF is pleased with the Acolytes, and they want to keep them as a tag team, since they don't have many solid tag teams like they used to. Besides, why start the Nation again with Farooq as the leader. That went absolutely no where until the Rock joined the group. I highly doubt that Farooq will be kicked out, so don't believe it when you hear it.

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Greatest Influences

#2 Vince McMahon

The man behind the WWF. That's all I have to say about Vince McMahon. He's ran the whole show throughout the years, and he busted his ass to get his show back on top when WCW was ahead. Vince McMahon had dreams of bring his federation to the big time, and make wrestling popular. He worked hard on his federation, and pushed the right wrestlers, and made it big. His influence comes from giving us the best wrestling and storylines around. His mean boss attitude is present in many wrestling organizations. He knows what it takes to make the WWF successful. When WCW was defeating the WWF in ratings, did Vince back down? No! He led a charge that would eventually defeat WCW, and they now have a comfortable lead.Sure, many wrestlers helped "make" the WWF what it is today, but you have to have someone running the show to keep it successful. Vince has worked long hours to provide the best wrestling entertainment in the world. He always works for great storylines, and he's not afraid to take a bump for the company nowadays. His hardwork and devotion to the world of wrestling makes him a great influence.

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