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Today, we go back to Monday Night, for this show really has the wrestling world buzzing, at least from what I've seen early on. Hopefully, this show will create a spark for King of the Ring, and get some momentum going before the Rock returns, which the WWF will bend over to service all of his needs.

Wow, I'm currently riding a 3 day error streak. Yesterday, I said that Christian's win over the Big Show would put him in the KOTR finals, when I should have said SEMI-finals. That's pretty sad. Maybe I'm doing this on purpose. Maybe this is an angle? Maybe it's my new way of getting over with the fans? You're welcome.

After the King of the Ring, I can't wait to see the wild speculation on who will show up or how the Invasion angle will play out. It will even be funnier to see good ol' Monkey and BaBoone post plugs to their loser sites, promising that guys like Sting or Bill Goldberg will show up on RAW. That way, they could get cheap hits for their sites from banner revenue, and then buy more bananas to stick up their asses.

Was that last comment really necessary? On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis??

Due to a delay or hiccup in the Nielsen system, we ain't got no RAW ratings. D'oh. But hey, a LOT happened on Monday Night, and I have a feeling that the ratings will go up at LEAST 0.1 or a tenth of a point. I'm *that* confident. The DDP appearance, alone, should shoot up the 2nd hour to make up for the first to make the ratings increase for the first time since the RAW after Wrestlemania! Now wouldn't that be just lovely?

The appearance by Diamond Dallas Page, whether it was being the Stalker or not, would have the WCW fans tuning in to see more, and the WWF fans keeping a close eye on the show to see if he'd re-appear later on. DDP is the big WCW name that the WWF certainly needed to actually make WCW a legit force, because Lance Storm, Hugh Morrus, and Ms. Hancock aren't as big as Diamond Dallas Page is for the WCW name. Storm got the big pop because he was in his hometown, Morrus got some despite his botched moonsault, and Hancock got attention because WWF fans love their T&A (who doesn't?). DDP's appearance just makes you want some dream matches, which I've discussed in previous columns.

If RAW's rating does go down, it could be for lack of match time. Last night's King of the Ring quarter-final matches were very short in length, which is bad because KOTR promotes endurance by wrestlers, especially in the elite 8. The Main Event was the only thing that had time to really develop. Now the sports entertainment was enough to keep the casual fan watching, though. Many fans like domestic violence in the WWF, so maybe they got off on seeing Molly Holly taking the Stunner from Steve Austin, and then kept watching. I really hope nobody got hooked like that. A lot of the backstage segments were pretty funny, as well, and I'm wondering how the ratings will be affected by no opening interview to set up the main event, like the normal shows go. Who knows?

But what I do know is that we don't have ratings out, and it wasn't a holiday weekend. ARGH! Well, let's not get on the Nielsen people, for they work hard, year round, to give pretty good numbers on how television shows are doing in markets. They did, at least, get in the WWF Weekend Shows....

-WWF Weekend Shows-

Livewire: 1.0
Superstars: 1.0
Mtv Heat: 1.0

Hey..... Livewire and Superstars bounced back from their record lows on TNN. Now that's an accomplishment! When those shows score around 1.0 in their ratings, it means pretty decent business for the WWF, since both shows are on at 10 am in the morning on the weekend, when most people sleep in (or some go to bed). So hey, it's somewhat of a good thing that those numbers rose. Hey, Mtv Heat matched the early TNN shows.... Uh oh.

Mtv Heat, on the other hand, scored its LOWEST rating, ever in its history of existance or being on Mtv. This is just sick, folks. The WWF made a HUGE mistake by listening to Viacom's suggestion on putting Heat on Mtv. For one, aggressive WWF fans will NOT watch Mtv, thanks to the garbage that's put on the rest of the channel, besides Jackass. Mtv viewers are little 12 year old girls who claim that N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys are "cute", although they absolutely don't know any better. They don't miss TRL, and their dumb enough to believe anything that Carson Daly says. THEY ARE NOT WWF VIEWERS.

So the ratings are freefalling anyway, because of poor viewership. Then, the WWF gets the idea to put Perry Saturn on the show, who is still developing in his gimmick or storyline to get no real extra attention to the show, despite the announcement on Smackdown. This show is in serious trouble of surviving, and it's one show that the WWF just can't turn into a WCW show, unless they move it to TNN. Which brings me to...

The WWF should pony up Mtv Heat to get a decent timeslot for a possible WCW show on TNN. Especially if next month's invasion is great, it would be a great idea. Mtv Heat is a failure, and I want to see someone in the WWF or Viacom finally admit it. Mtv Viewers are NOT WWF fans. Even better, the WWF could give up either hour long shows of Livewire or Superstars, plus the hour from Mtv Heat , to get a WCW show on TNN. That way, the agreed times are met, and the WWF could possibly get a good timeslot on TNN. That's just a theory, since the WWF has yet to gain a timeslot for its WCW show, coming up in the fall or whatever.

-Apparently, Paul Heyman and Mike Awesome had no problems or ill will towards each other, the other night in the WWF locker room. That's good, because less than a year ago, believe it or not, Mike Awesome, the then current ECW World Champ, decided to completely ignore his ECW contract and jump to WCW to join the new Russo-Bischoff regime for their first show. His ECW contract was very guaranteed, but the money offered from WCW was much nicer than his current contract, so he jumped. He probably saw the sinking ship of ECW, for their money problems were about to really get worse then and their TNN deal was going to shit. I guess he figured Russo and Bischoff would bring back WCW from the ashes, but that didn't quite happen. But still, it's amazing that Heyman just didn't ignore Awesome, for he was supposed to be the cornerstone of ECW's eventual challenge as being the official #2 company, since WCW was about to die. Of course, what could Heyman do to someone the size of Awesome?

-Speaking of backstage at RAW, Billy Kidman was there, observing what was going on and so forth. That's nice and all, but once WCW officially opens for business, it should be PUT UP or SHUT UP for Billy Kidman, who has bitched, bitched, bitched about guys holding him down forever, despite enjoying hte big bucks he was earning in WCW. Now, he has a better environment, and let's finally see what he's made of. If he was smart, which he wasn't back in early 2000, he would have stayed on the ship that Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Chris Benoit rode on once Kevin Sullivan became head-booker in WCW. But nooo, he listened to the fools that promised him a push and more money. Let's see what you are made of.

-It seriously looks like the WWF is paranoid about any of the WCW signings reported on the internet. With Diamond Dallas Page, among other WCW guys, false reports were surfacing about if he was signed or not. Ross would tease us that he talked with so and so this week, and sources kept reporting different things each time. I think the WWF seriously thinks that the WCW angle is the way out of their bad slump, and they are probably hoping that this invasion angle will be as big as the Outsider invasion that WCW received in 1996, when the internet wasn't too strong yet.

-If all goes well, Harley Race will be on the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show later today, which you should catch. If you read William's Post earlier on the Harley Race radio recap, you'll know that he's not too fond of Vince McMahon or the way he conducts business. Harley Race is sort of a throwback to the old school way of doing wrestling, and he got a good taste of the WWF in its booming period during the late 1980's. It should be a pretty good listen. Click Here to check out the show, which should be up later today, unless a scheduling conflict occurs.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with whatever I can think of. Hell, I have incentive to write the columns now, since I can do them at work now. But hey, I do have the actual RAW ratings to look over, and probably Smackdown to hype. Joy, Joy, Joy!! See you tomorrow.

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