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Mr. Tito (June 20, 1999)
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Welcome back to yet another Phat Daily Column. This is #84 in a row for those counting at home, and I'm only 16 PDCs away! Joy! Last week was a great news week for WCW, but the WWF was a bit watered down on news. Shows some excitement in WCW, I suppose. Anyways, on to the PDC!

The State of WCW

Alright, things in WCW are starting to look up. They have Sid, and we'll have to see Monday if Shane Douglas is part of WCW. They have Master P, and good old Dennis Rodman coming in. They also have an excellent angle forming with the Old vs. New getting ready to explode. It seems that WCW wants new talent from anywhere nowadays. I think they are starting to realize that change is better than the same boring wrestlers we see everyweek. I guess they realize we are tired of seeing boring screwjob matches with the same main events over and over.

Even though WCW is getting better, I still see lots of holes to fill. For one, their undercard is garbage. Weak undercards bore the viewer, and make them want to change channels to another wrestling program on another station. The have to beef up their undercard, or they will be doomed. Another thing they must do, is to continue building the tag team division. They are getting stronger and stronger tag teams, but more is better. One thing that I personally think WCW should do is to have Eric Bischoff tone his commentary down. He's saying anything to grab ratings, and that drives fans away. Stronger and not confusing storylines could help as well.

WCW is taking a good step foward out of that large whole which they dug themselves in. I think they are putting together what could be a decent ratings run towards the WWF. With WCW, you see better WRESTLING matches, but not necessarily more entertaining matches. They must strengthen their undercard for them to even stand a chance. Oh yeah, how about having a clean pin main event? Everyweek on Nitro, it's always a No contest or a disqualification. That would be very nice, and it would gain some former WCW fans', that watch the WWF now, attention.

The State of WWF

The WWF is still in a comfortable lead for the top Monday Night show, and the merchandise and everything is still selling like hotcakes. The wrestlers are imitated everywhere, and they are continuing the good storylines and exciting matches. Can the WWF be defeated? Everything that WCW tries is no match for the WWF. Even when I swear that Nitro will grab some ratings, they don't. The WWF is always pulling strong sixes in the Monday Night ratings, and it seems that nothing can stop them.

Or can it? I think that the WWF could self destruct. Now bear with me on this one, because problems are showing up. The recent lawsuits filed against the WWF could really hurt their image, even though their image is already tainted from the adult themes. I think when the Hart lawsuit is said and done, the WWF will be weaker from it, financially and imagewise. Also, if you haven't noticed, the WWF keeps repeating matches and repeating feuds as well. They need about 2 more main eventers to make it much more interesting, so that the repeated feuds don't put us to sleep. Speaking of repeating, Vince and Stone Cold are at it again..something of which is completely repeating from a year ago.

Sure, the WWF is strong now, but every giant must fall sometime. I'm not saying that they could go down at this moment, but it can happen at anytime. This repetition that the WWF has is going to hurt down the line. If they get Chris Jericho, that will help, but they need to build him up as a desired main eventer, if that's what they choose to use him as, IF HE SIGNS WITH THE WWF. Of course, WWF's repetition now is keeping them in the lead, but WCW seems to be putting on better shows now. The thing about the WWF however, is that they are always solid. Nitro sucks one week, and is decent the next. Raw is either decent or very good. Solidarity is always great to have!

And the Saga continues...

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Greatest Influences

#3 Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen

Alright, I decided to include these two together since they were always associated with each other. The Horsemen helped Flair win many matches, and Flair helped put the Horsemen in the spotlight(not today's horsemen though). The original Ric Flair Horsemen were the pinacle of heel wrestling. He was the leader of the original great stable, and it was very hard to defeat Flair and the Horsemen once they got gold.

Why Flair? I think 14 time champ says enough. He's a true champion, and at his very old age, he can still wrestle in the ring and put on a good show. Why the Horsemen? Because their cheating style helped set the standards for future generations of heels. Flair's cheating is the biggest trend setter for heels. He's the dirtiest player in the game, and together with the Horsemen, it's an unstoppable force.

Ric Flair and the Horsemen are classic heel wrestling, and they don't care to win a match fairly. You see that everywhere with heel stables. They cheat to win or if they have a title, they disqualify themselves, just like the original Horsemen along with Flair did. That seems to be an influence to me, and they will always be remembered by true wrestling fans.

@That's it for this dead news day! I'll be back tomorrow with #2 in the countdown. Joy. So until the next PDC, just chill...till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, showing what the word DAILY really means, signing off!

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Mr. Tito 1999

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