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I was watching ESPN late Sunday night, and they had a feature on the KISS Demon and his relationship with his father, who is the manager of the Florida Marlins. The Demon is somewhat of a personal trainer for the Marlins, while still wrestling on the side for XWF, which he plugged many times. The funny part was when pitcher Ryan Dempster came in with full face paint and started cutting promos. Dempster was sympathetic towards the Rock, though, calling him his "main man". Must be since the Rock lives in Florida? It was funny to see something like this on Sportscenter.

Steve Austin's spousal abuse is all over the mainstream media, which I was predicting in a previous column. CNN and various AP sources are reporting it. I guess from a business standpoint, the WWE is thankful Austin walked out of the WWE before this happened, because how could they explain Austin's problems when he's an active wrestler? Of course, knowing the sick-fucks in the WWE, they'd make an angle out of it.

On to the PDC.


Decent opener between Rob Van Dam and X-Pac to start off the show. If this was 1994 X-Pac against today's Rob Van Dam, then this would be up for Match of the Year candidate, possibly.... Van Dam advances in the King of the Ring tournament, thanks to Booker T's help. By the way, the winner of the King of the Ring will receive a Undisputed Title shot at Summerslam. That's interesting, because this tournament is mostly made up of midcarders, aside from borderline Jericho. I guess the idea would be to have a midcarder win the tournament, build him up for 2 months, and then give him the title shot at Summerslam? With this new stipulation in place, my money is now on Brock Lesnar to win it all.

Interesting interview in the ring by Vince McMahon. It tried to provide fans with some logical knowledge about why Steve Austin won't be showing up in the WWE, possibly ever again. Vince brought up the walkout after Wrestlemania, and stated that Austin owes an apology to everyone. However, Vince did thank Austin for all of his years of work in the WWE (since he was partially responsible for it's rebirth in 1998), and drinks a beer in Austin's honor. Very interesting, especially with the turn of events later in the show.

OK bout between Jeff Hardy and Raven. I seriously can't get into neither character because both have either been jobbed out lately or their character is built up only to disappear off the main television shows for a while. The Undertaker's part in this was weird, as he stood at the entrance and looked on.

With the segment between Brock/Heyman and the New World Order, Kevin Nash had a good 3 or 4 inches on Lesnar. By the way, you can place your bets, right now, on who will cleanly pin Brock first. Kevin Nash would make a good bet.

Goldust was fantastic on his acting role tonight. Probably his best yet.

Oh har har to the fact that Molly was caught with a Thigh-Master. Could we embarrass her any further? At least she's not borderline anorexic like the rest of the WWE women.

Chris Nowinski versus Spike Dudley wasn't too bad. Chris Harvard looked good, but let's face it... he was against Spike of all people, who weights a buck fifty. Still, there's a starting point for everyone. Nowinski would later talk to Vince about his education, in what was a decent promo about his Harvard education.

Ric Flair came to the ring, and announced that he was having ONE MORE RUN at being a professional wrestler. Good. And he was correct at being better than most of the WWE superstars in the locker room at his current age. Then, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit blamed Flair for taking out Austin and attacked him. I thought the segment was great, but the crowd seemed quiet for it. I guess we could blame that on Austin, too, as he was supposed to give that extra rub to Guerrero at King of the Ring?

Vince McMahon would get the word from a road agent about some big WWE superstar, possibly Steve Austin, heading to the arena. This was a great use of a fallen superstar to usher the return of another...

Next, it was D'Lo and Trish Stratus versus Crash and Molly. Who cares about a Heat feud? In case you didn't watch Sunday night's HORRIBLE, and I mean HORRIBLE edition of Sunday Night Heat, Crash challenged D'Lo to a match, in which D'Lo pretty much squashed Crash like every other WWE superstar already has. Crappy mixed match which saw Crash, of all people, getting pinned. And he wondered why I once called him a jobber?

Give Lita some acting lessons, please. She has to do something constructive with her time since her injury.

Next, it was another Undertaker squashing of a Hardy boy. Seriously, if you are going to give the Hardys a chance to EVER move up, you can't have an old fossil pounding them every week. Raven and Jeff Hardy tried to interfere... Hmmm, a Raven and Undertaker alliance could get interesting, although it's doubtful that it would ever happen or benefit Raven in any way.

Brock Lesnar vs. Booker T was next. Not much of a match, as it was only serving to have the nWo getting revenge on Booker T for his earlier actions. Bubba Ray Dudley is the only man to pull a decent competitive match out of Brock, thus far. Where was Bubba tonight, by the way? Is he getting Mtv Heat duty?

Thank God for the Rock. Vince McMahon came out, hinted that Austin would be coming down. However, the same road agent warned Vince that it wasn't Austin in the arena, but another big superstar. The Rock's music hit, and he came down to a very loud pop. WOW! The WWE delivered on this surprise. Rock would threaten Vince to get out of the ring, and then announce that he'll be at the King of the Ring in some capacity. Awesome. The WWE has badly needed the Rock in recent times, as ratings, merchandise, and house show attendance could surely (don't call me Shirley) benefitted from the Rock being around. Great ending to a dismal overall RAW.

LAST WORD: I didn't read into anything on the internet beforehand, so the Rock's return was a big surprise to me when I was watching RAW. That's the feeling absent from becoming an internet fan or a daily columnist. The midcard matches were slightly better than last week's RAW, but some matches on RAW weren't acceptable. Let's note that ratings from Mtv Heat are around the 1.0 area, whereas RAW receives a 4.0 rating or so on every show. So to associate both shows won't quite work. I'll give it a


(C plus) I liked some of the angles, the Rock return, and some matches, but the RAW roster just doesn't have many good matches in them. Get Benoit on this show, and things could change...

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