Welcome to the wonderful Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'm here at work, which I'll be at Monday through Thursday, 9-12. It's indeed nice, for I get to sit behind a better computer than the Compaq From Hell and I'll be using a network too. It makes writing this column MUCH easier, and fun, too, for I'll be getting paid to write this column, because all I have to do is sit here at the computer and supervise others who use this computer lab. Ah, what a job!

As for the Compaq From Hell.... it's going to get Windows reinstalled, but before that, I'll do an f-disk on my harddrive. It's the last resort that I was avoiding, but I have no choice now. It's definitely some internal problem with Windows. Besides, I know how to put back my drivers, and my computer could use a fresh start.

On yesterday's column, I did forget to put the name "Hulk Hogan" in the Elite list for the 1992 roster, but I did make mention of him in the paragraphs afterward. My mistake, but it doesn't bother me that I forgot his name, especially when talking about that year. Sid vs. Hogan in the main event of Wrestlemania 8......... YUCK, what on God's green earth were they thinking back then?

Let's see what the WWF could be thinking about for tonight, so on to the PDC!


Before we start, let me ask this: does WWF.com honestly need lots of pop up banners? This is a near billion dollar company, and everytime you go somewhere on that page, at LEAST 2 banners show up. Now I could understand, highly, for someone making an earned income off of a page with having pop up ads, but the WWF? Please.

Tonight, we may be seeing at least 2 of the Quarterfinal matches of the King of the Ring. I'm sort of disappointed with the brackets though. Here's how they go if you didn't catch William's post earlier:

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Big Show vs. Christian

Tajiri vs. Rhyno
Perry Saturn vs. Test

I don't know about you, but I'm somewhat disappointed that the WWF is only having the semi-finals at KOTR instead of the whole tournament. Oh well, at least the semis and finals will get extra time for their matches to develop, and that could build up more drama.

The first Quarterfinal is Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy. I'm remotely disappointed on this match booking, as I was hoping for this to be the finals match. Hardy is the best face in this tournament, and Angle is the best heel. It would have been a money match for the finals, especially since Jeff Hardy could be the only one for fans to believe an upset would occur from. But it's booked now, and there's nothing to do about it now. Angle will easily go over on Jeff Hardy here, although it should provide for a good television match.

Next, the Big Show vs. Christian. Yikes. Nothing like a Heel vs. Heel match to set the crowd on fire. It gets even worse, considering Angle is the person they'd fight in the semis. Anyway, I'm thinking they'd put Big Show over here, although Christian is more marketable since Big Show is too lazy to give any effort these days. It's quite sick that Big Show can just slack off, while Mark Henry is busting his ass in Ohio Valley Wrestling, among others. Christian vs. Angle would be a million times better, but Big Show tapping to the ankle lock would be good for Angle.

Now we have the match that the ECW fans will mark for. From their TNN matches, I can say that this one should be a great one. However, they wrestled on a trampoline in ECW, with louder crowds in jam packed bingo halls. BIG DIFFERENCE! It should be a great match, though, because Tajiri can get as stiff as he wants to be because Rhyno will sell anything or take pain to make a match look good. Of course, in ECW, Tajiri would kick Rhyno, and he'd keep getting up at full speed. Rhyno has come a long way, ya know, and I'll put my money on him to win this very match.

Finally, we have Perry Saturn vs. Test. Now this is a strange matches, booked of all places for the King of the Ring. My guess is that they'll have Perry Saturn win this match, in hopes that his new looney character is actually getting over with the fans. Now this is the internet, but from what I've seen, many "marks" or whatever are enjoying Saturn's recent work, so far. Now whether that translates into the arena crowds cheering him or whatever, that's a different story. Either guy, here, can work a match, so it wouldn't hurt the KOTR tourney on the outcome.

So what about the main event at King of the Ring between Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Steve Austin? Well, you can expect Austin to MAYBE pick up a partner to have a tag match or two this week. I'm still thinking we'll see the Dudley Boyz vs. Benoit/Jericho sometime this week, since Jericho/Benoit saved Molly Holly and Spike from a bigger beatdown than what Spike was already receiving. I'm not sure if the WWF will attempt Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin or Chris Benoit vs. Steve Austin, but it wouldn't surprise me.

How about the Undertaker's Black Scorpion, oh, I mean Stalker who is watching his wife's g-string while she gets out of the pool. Oooops, everyone was watching that. Earlier, Calvin posted that was MAY see the Stalker revealed at the King of the Ring. Wow, that gives you an extra incentive to buy that Pay Per View, eh? I still say that either Vince McMahon, the actual voice of the Stalker segments, or Steve Austin will end up being behind it. If not, I'll stick with earlier predictions like the Big Bossman, Kane, or the Big Show. Yay.

Maybe we could see a WCW run in? I don't know.... you'd figure that the WWF would save it for Smackdown, since that show just received it's lowest rating, ever, on UPN. If I were the WWF, I'd have a different WCW guy on BOTH SHOWS. Yeah, that's simple thinking, but it could distract from the Pay Per View, but oh well. Something will come over the Street Fight booking of Shane's match against Kurt Angle, possibly tonight.

Stay tuned to LoP for possible match listings for Tonight's RAW.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Reviews

It's back! Thanks to Suncoast Video having a great deal on some older WWF videos, here we are with 2 videos reviews, 2 video reviews, 2 video reviews (acting like DDP). Instead of being the asshole monopoly that they are on most videos, Suncoast featured a 2 WWF videos for $8 deal, which I couldn't resist. I went with 3 Faces of Foley and Eve of Destruction, since I never had the chance to review Foley's first, and I wanted Eve for my collection. I wasn't willing to pay the $19.99 they were charging for them before this sale, seriously. The other videos there were Mick Foley: Madman Unmasked, Unforgiven 1998, Best of RAW Volume 1, and the Undertaker video. I almost went with the Undertaker video instead of Eve, but I didn't feel like suffering through any of the ridiculous things that the Undertaker went through in the mid 1990s. I only like the Undertaker from his early WWF career, before the age, injuries, and ridiculous storylines started setting in. Anyway, on to the reviews.

-WWF Eve of Destruction-

Now I only caught parts of this when it was originally on USA, so here we go with a review. This video is a recap of what occurred in 1999, but focusing on a handful of matches only. Matches like Foley vs. Undertaker from KOTR, Edge/Christian vs. Hardys in the ladder match, Steve Austin vs. Vince in the Cage, Foley vs. Rock in the last man standing, Shane vs. X-Pac from Wrestlemania, and maybe a few others.

It was a pretty good review of each match, with the wrestlers discussing what went on for each match. Even Vince McMahon was on the act, as I forgot how badly beaten he was for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre match, especially the table spot! The analysis on the Edge/Christian vs. the Hardys in the ladder match is the best part of this tape. They talked about how it was their shot, and they discussed how some of the moves or whatever else was done. I like that ladder match much better than any of the TLC matches, since it was non stop action, where the TLC matches have a few breaks in between spots. That's understandable though.

I did enjoy seeing one of X-Pac's last few stands as a good overall WWF superstar when he fought Shane McMahon. When Triple H turned on him at Wrestlemania 15, he didn't evolve into another character. He's still stupid X-pac from Degeneration X, while Triple H turned into the Game and changed his career forever. I would have focused more on the I Quit match between Foley and the Rock at Royal Rumble 1999, you know, where Foley got his brains bashed in. Oh well, because you had many Rock vs. Foley matches to choose from. Finally, we have Foley vs. Undertaker in the Hell in the Cell match, which I could discuss, but I'd be beating that dead horse once again. Many egos bash it for not being a "great" match as HBK vs. Taker, but then they don't remember that Foley was knocked out and destroyed by the 2nd big bump. He worked the rest of the match, probably more battered and bruised than anyone else wrestling a match.

LAST WORD: Pretty good video, despite only being 45 minutes (it was an hour with commercials back then). If you need a quick recap of 1999, this is a good video, especially with the Hardys vs. Edge/Christian match (although the TLC video is better for that). I'll give this one a B+ (B plus).

Three Faces of Foley

Finally, I'm able to review this video. For some reason or another, this video seemed to always hide from me, whether it was at the rental store or if it was overpriced somewhere. Thanks to 2 for $8, here we are!

Now if you are looking at a recap of what Mankind, Dude Love, and Cactus Jack did up until King of the Ring 1998, I believe, then this isn't your video. However, if you want a great inside look at Mick Foley himself, from his own perspective, then this is your video. The setting for this is Mick Foley talking to the Hardy Boyz, right in front of the WWF crew setting up the ring for an event. It's pretty cool from that perspective, like Foley is telling the youngsters about his career.

We start off with the famous Mankind Jim Ross interview, which I'm glad they put on this video in its complete form. It's an incredible interview, and one that set motion into giving Foley the rightful respect for his career that he was lacking at that point in 1997. We then shoot to the formation of Dude Love, to which Foley gives you a lot of insides on. If you haven't read "Have a Nice Day", you should get this video to give the inside story on Foley's characters. Then, we go to the WWF debut of Cactus Jack, which was a great moment for Foley. It was in Madison Square Garden, and Foley the great Titantron segment where all 3 Foleys talk to each other. Man, I loved that. He came in and just destroyed Triple H that night. A big thing missing from the 1997 Triple H feud was the Cage match, where Foley jumped off the top of the cage like Jimmy Snuka. Man, that was a moment.

Next, we get some Foley and Funk action. They showed some clips of their tag team run, and then to the hardcore match they fought when Foley wrestled as himself in a rare moment then. God, that was a brutal brawling match back then. We go through some other stuff, and then we approach the King of the Ring match with the Undertaker. I wish the WWF would have included the Austin feud, before the KOTR 98 match, but they only had 60 minutes to work with. If you didn't know anything about what really happened at KOTR 1998, get this video!

LAST WORD: This was a pretty pleasant video to watch, although there are some stuff missing that I would have enjoyed seeing. Stuff like the early Mankind, with his brutal feud with HBK or his bumps vs. the Undertaker, or the Austin feud. Foley's inside view on each segment of his career makes this video great, and it would make it even greater if you didn't read "Have a Nice Day". I'll give this video a B+ (B plus), too.

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