Yes, I indeed took a day off yesterday. Sorry, but after coming home really late and then having to wake up early to go to work, I didn't have much of a choice. I traveled to a quality Valley Wrestling Federation, backyard wrestling, event. Little did I know that this very event would carry on until 2 am in the morning! But anyway, it was a great show(check out their site by clicking Here), and it was all good fun to watch it. Besides, a day off is good to recharge the batteries, right? On to the PDC.


So where was I on Thursday......

Oh yeah, of course, Vince Russo. Like I mentioned Thursday, do you think the wrestlers will respect him now that he almost quit WCW? Seriously, this is a man who somewhat makes or breaks wrestlers in deciding who gets pushes and who does what. Now that this threat of Russo chickening out is around, wrestlers will think "why listen to him now because he could be gone later". Therefore, he's in trouble in that aspect of the whole thing. Wrestlers didn't like the way he was treating them before, and now this? Oh my, he's in trouble!

It's even worse when you have Eric Bischoff somewhat against him..along with Brad Siegal, who heads up the WCW operation for Time Warner. You could say they are just against Russo, but then again, this is a man who tried to book a scene where Vampiro set the lockerroom on fire.

But what would Russo leaving WCW mean to the company? Well, I'd look for a show to somewhat resemble the Sullivan era, but slightly better...and that doesn't say much though. You could say that Russo is better with the younger guys. In some ways he is. Some ways, he's just another Bischoff. You notice how many midcarders are shoved on the scene at once? See, Russo gives the midcarders more television time, and that's all. But if he's gone, Bischoff might have more control once again, and the days of midcard wrestling would matter will ultimately be over.

Speaking of this Vampiro fire thing, why would WCW even try it? Well again, it's Russo thinking, and he just loves to toy with personal relationships for his "soap opera". Asya and Demon are actually engaged and set to be married, and the fire scene, of course, would injure Asya, and Demon would then go after Vampiro more. But instead, we get to see Vampiro jumping off the Nitrotron, and ending a match for some odd reason.

Right on Tammy Sytch! She passed her drug test! Many were thinking, including WCW, that Tammy had gone back to her older ways, but nooo, not this time around. She's as clean as a whistle, and I hope an apology for accusing her of using drugs comes very soon. I also hope she can some way make it back to WCW, because her character was starting to take off there. She was starting to get attention again, and she would be much needed if that Triple Threat reforms in WCW. Now that would be a treat.

Oh yeah. To prove how bad WCW's direction is going, Russo's wonderful system just lost a good sponsor of Burger King. They didn't need the PTC to ride them and bother them to leave WCW. Burger King didn't like WCW's content, therefore, left them as a sponsor. Who will follow suit?


One thing I don't agree on is that Vince McMahon somewhat went off on USA Networks in his statement at the end of last week. USA has been very grateful to Vince, and they let him push his adult themed wrestling to the limits. They gave him extra time slots whenever they needed them, always backed the WWF when asshole parental groups chase them, and so forth. I don't blame USA at all for trying to get the WWF back, because USA has pushed for the WWF to be their top program on their network, and they built their whole network around them. If lost, their whole network will be in disarray. The show that kept them on top is now gone, and the rest of the shows will suffer without the constant plugs on the WWF shows for other USA shows.

With WWF Volume 5 coming eventually(Summer was its original date, but it could be later now), we should ask the WWF to put certain themes on the CD. I'm pushing for the Tazz theme, Benoit theme, and the Radical theme to be on that very CD. Especially the Tazz and Benoit ones, which are two of the best in the business in my opinion. But anyway, you can tell the WWF what you want for Volume 5 by clicking Here

Steven Regal is said to be coming back into the WWF, but at what role? Last time, the WWF tried the "Man's man" gimmick with Regal, which couldn't show any potential as Regal exited, stage right, out of the WWF. Now, after a horrible return in WCW, Regal is back yet again in the WWF. The question should be how long will he last this time? Now that, I don't know, but I'm sure he'll be thrown into some good "wrestling" matches, since he can put up some rough matches when he wants to.

@That's it for today's edition of the PDC. I'll be back tomorrow with a Monday Night preview, even though the official ones are now both offered via radio show online now just hours before the show. Just chill till the next episode!

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