Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. This is #82 for those who are counting. As for the PDC, today begins the final five wrestlers in the Greatest Wrestling Influences saga. On to the PDC.


-The Old vs. New angle is really heating up, as plans for the angle are starting to unfold. What you won't see in the angle are the wrestlers involved in the Nash vs. Savage feud like Sting and Sid. WCW mainly doesn't know what side to put Sting or Nash on, so they will keep this separate feud alive for a while the rest of WCW gets ready for war. Morale in the locker rooms is very high for this angle. This could be what WCW needs to grab some ratings. Of course, Sid's first Nitro appearance and Sable showing up on Nitro didn't do much to the ratings. Hmm.-The buzz about Sable, or should I call her Rena Mero now, being paid to be on Nitro. Although the news about the $50,000 was false, I still believe she was payed for that seat. Do you honestly think that someone like her actually camped out the night before tickets were selling to get that seat. No. I highly doubt that she won them in a damn Radio contest either. She was payed off somehow, and I don't think the WWF needs to prove that in their case. It's kinda odd for a WWF superstar, who wants out of her contract, to be in the center of the front row on the television angle. Isn't that ironic? WCW should have waited for her to get out of her contract. WWF will probably counter sue her ass, so WCW's dreams of having Rena will be over. Good move WCW.-Everyone keeps wondering if Chris Jericho is going to leave WCW and go to the WWF. Well, July is coming up shortly, and the question is, will he re-sign with WCW or jump ship to the WWF. The WWF has said, like reported before, that they will offer him more time for his band and other ventures, but for less money. WCW on the other hand, was offering him a little more money, and a strange promise about a US title run, and only one World Title shot. Your guess is as good as mine where he'll end up. This will be the last time I speculate on where on Earth Jericho is going. I'm sick of doing it, because it's a never ending story of BS that I can't stand anymore. Why doesn't he make up his mind? Here's my final call until he officially signs with someone. I say he'll jump ship to the WWF. I think with the recent talent coming into WCW, he'll feel like he'll be left out, and he'll make the career choice of a lifetime, therefore, jumping to the WWF. That's what I think, and that's all I gotta say about that.


-With some excitement about WCW getting new talent, and you know how new talent always brings some attention, the WWF is scrambling to sign the latest free agent. The word is, although he is heavily leaning towards WCW, that the WWF isn't giving up on Shane Douglas. I don't think that the WWF would want to have WCW gaining Sid and Shane in the same month. Even though Sid and Rena didn't attract ratings, you know the WWF is sweating this. I heard somewhere that the WWF is really combing the independents now, not with large combs like it was done in the desert in Spaceballs. Anyways, the point being that the WWF is hungry for brand spanking new characters, even though their fomula right now is still destroying WCW in the ratings. Better storylines = Better Ratings. I hope they can always remember that.-The WWF seems a bit in limbo about the Hardcore division. They feel it hasn't got the attention that they feel it can get. I say expect some major changes to the hardcore division. I don't think it has ever got off the ground, with the exception of the original champ, and I thought that the Road Dogg made a good hardcore champ. I think the WWF is trying to use the hardcore title as what they expected the European title to be. The only thing that a wrestler in that division must be, is "hardcore", and that isn't doing it for me.

And the Saga continues....

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Greatest Influences

#5 Sting

Yes, I'm a Sting mark, but you can't deny that he's been a major influence in wrestling. He's always been a hero to turn to, and he's one you can always rely on for a great show. His influence comes from keeping WCW alive during the dark days when everyone was in the WWF. His high energy in his matches made WCW have some interest, thus keeping it alive for years to come. If you don't agree with me, just remember back when he was the original Crow. He didn't have to speak, he didn't have to wrestle, yet he was the most popular man in wrestling still. That proves that he has influenced the fans throughout the years. His influence involves a certain Hitman using his famous finisher. Hmm..I might be a Sting mark, but you can't deny his greatness. Just look at him now. He's in his forties, yet he can still wrestle a high energy match. He's one of the things that still influences me to watch WCW. If he wasn't there..well, I wouldn't watch it as much. Sting has always been there for WCW when they needed him, and he's become the biggest WCW star of all time. That makes him a great influence.

@That's it for today! Only 4 more influences to go! So until the next Phat Daily Column, just chill...till the next episode.

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