Holy macaroni, it's Saturday already. It's been a long and interesting week, for it was my first full week out of college, full-time that is, for the school year, which made me stay up about 2 or 3 hours passed my average bedtime. I usually go to bed at 2 am by the way.....

Today, I will debut the Week in Review, which I really hope goes well. I'd really enjoy doing the history columns, still, but time is money and I don't have it to spend these days, even if I'm done with school, full time. If the Week in Review sucks, it will get dropped quicker than a Russo WCW angle!

Thanks again for all of the computer help, as I'll read through your emails, today, to see if there's anything else I could do before reinstalling Windows, which is my last resort. I just want to bodyslam this computer, and then give it a piledriver. Yeah, a piledriver! Well, maybe I should just give Bill Gates a piledriver for creating such a shitty Operating System, which DOES have a monopoly over America's computer system. We'll see how big and bad Microsoft is when the X-box fails completely.

Blah. On to the PDC.

Week in Review

As a whole, I'd say it was a decent week of wrestling. Both shows gained B+ grades in my book. I'd say RAW was more of a one match show, with the great cage match at the end, while Smackdown was more well rounded in terms of wrestling and "sports entertainment". But as far as this week is concerned, it's continuing a pretty good string of WWF shows, ever since Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit won the Tag Titles. The shows are much better than anything produced hyping the Triple H/Steve Austin vs. Kane/Undertaker feud, which in my opinion, has hurt the WWF, long term.

This week saw the King of the Ring shape up a lot more than expected, with the Main Event announced and the 8 KOTR qualifiers now in place. The main event was booked Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Steve Austin, which puts smiles on a lot of people's faces, compared to having another Austin vs. Undertaker main event match, which I'm still saying will happen, but now at WWF Invasion. Austin's beatdowns on Jericho and Benoit on RAW caused a lot of eyebrows (not the Rock's) to raise, although that may have been redeemed after what happened on Smackdown.

As far as other television highlights, Ms. Hancock made her big WWFE debut on Smackdown, and a lot of hardcore WWF fans are just shocked. They didn't see those long legs because they refused to watch Nitro or Chunder. Yeah, they laughed at me for my loyalty in watching WCW shows. I had SOME incentive to watch, ya know. Also this week, Tajiri made a very good debut for his first WWF television bout, shelling his whipping boy image and busting out the Japanese Buzzsaw. Come to think of it, the WWF did RIGHT for bringing him up as Regal's slave, because it allowed fans to get familiar with who he was. Having William Regal as sort of a manager won't hurt at all, either. The King of the Ring is really looking good right now. Spike Dudley also got the chance to get his name kicked around, more, by headlining Smackdown in a match with Steve Austin, although the ratings weren't showing it at all.

Decent television week, and pretty newsworthy as well. On to the awards...... (NOTE: Best Wrestler is listed below the Jackson 5)

-Best Match-

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle, Cage Match, from RAW

This match easily got it, hands down. In a cage match, fans expect the wrestlers to either get really bloody or take incredible bumps off the top of the cage. Benoit and Angle provided the second part, and in a big way. First, you had the nasty belly to belly suplex off the top rope, which had to hurt both competitors in some way. Then, Kurt Angle took a missed moonsault off the top of the cage. Now look, he's a former Olympic gold medalist and a great mat technician. This guy is taking your money bumps? That's just amazing, and it's even more scary when you look at how far he's travelled since his WWF debut. Guys like him don't take those bumps, and he did. Finally, we had another Swandive headbutt from the top of the cage by Chris Benoit. It's a wonder that he's never broke his neck doing that move from such a high distance. Funny thing is that he did that several times on Thunder, back in the day, which was an incentive to watch before he bolted off to the WWF.

This cage match was just tough, and more power to both Benoit and Angle for the great risks they took. The match finished off with Steve Austin screwing Chris Benoit out of the win, and allowing Kurt Angle to become victorious. It puts heat on Benoit's feud against Austin, and it puts emphasis on Kurt Angle being a heavy favorite to win the King of the Ring this year. Awesome television match, here, by the WWF for this week.

-Best Tag Team-

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

This award may be in jeopardy from surviving, thanks to the dismal WWF tag team scene these days. It's obvious that Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy are great singles stars and that they are the future of the company. That's good, but it totally shafts the tag team division, which many people still love. The Dudley Boyz are the only remainder of the MAIN television show wrestlers, which only means that the Acolytes should get pushed up and that new teams, with young wrestlers with potential, should form to pad this division again. It's needed.

Anyway, Jericho and Benoit basically win this award because they were successful in defending the World Tag Titles against Edge/Christian. It was a good old school tag team match, loaded with tag moves, cheating, and 2 face in peril situations. You don't see that much in recent tag matches, for they go more with highspots instead of fundamentals. Jericho and Benoit won after the classic heel duo slit up tease. This match was probably #2 in the rankings, behind the Best Match this week.

-Surprise of the Week-

Kane vs. Prince Albert

For two guys who are two of the taller and bulkier wrestlers in the fed, they put on a pretty decent match together. Albert somewhat showed the potential that Jim Ross was suggesting, with the impressive Gorilla press slam on Kane and the counter of the Chokeslam with the DDT. Kane showed some good stuff, too, especially with his dropkick out of the Baldo or Albert Bomb.

This match ended the possible KOTR showdown, but with no Kurt Angle help as promised, it's apparent that Albert may get his chance to show more of his ability against the biggest achiever in the federation. It's unknown, however, where Kane will go now, although some big slug could roll around and give him a challenge. He's a good and deserving IC champ, who should have a lengthy title reign for the first time in his career, for his year's of dependability and willingness to work with ANYBODY.

The Jackson 5

5. Rhyno: Bumping machine, who got a great cheap win on RAW. Too bad his Hardcore title was ripped away, with no storyline to back it for Test.

4. Steve Austin: Trying to be as psycho as possible. His petition stuff on Smackdown was just hilarious.

3. Chris Jericho: Wrestled good this week, and took a beating on RAW.

2. Chris Benoit: This guy is peaking in great lengths. Although Jericho is getting the pops, he's not wrestling as well as the Crippler.

1. Kurt Angle: See below.

-Best Wrestler-

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle had a great week, period. On RAW, he ripped a new asshole of the Richmond crowd, and then, he puts on a great match with Chris Benoit later that night. The moonsault will be etched in my memory, forever, because it was just insane of him to do such a move. And the scary thing is.... what else will this man do? It's apparent that he has a lot more potential to go, and he's only in his 2nd full year in the WWF. Now that's scary. Angle won the big cage match on RAW, although it was from Austin's little help.

For Smackdown, Kurt Angle was the whipping boy for the Undertaker. It's amazing to see a guy who is marginally improving by the week, face a guy who is totally decreasing by the week. Undertaker allowed for Angle to get the cheap DQ win, because putting over people, at least lately, is bad for his health. Before the match, though, Angle talked to X-Factor and sort of formed an alliance with them. That might not be a bad idea for X-Factor's future, although I have a feeling that we'll be seeing Albert vs. Kurt Angle, this week on television, since Angle didn't help the Prince out during his match with Kane.

In my opinion, Kurt Angle is the best the WWF now has to offer. He's the absolute BEST talker, and his transition from amateur wrestling to pro or studio wrestling is just outstanding. He's definitely using those 3 I's to his ability.

-Wrap Up-

So what's to come of the next week? I'm expecting more of a tease towards the WCW invasion, but only something like they did with Ms. Hancock this week, and nothing more. The WWF has a Pay Per View to sell, and that's that. The Monday after the King of the Ring should be a fun one, with a full fledged possible invasion coming!

I do bet that we'll see a lot of tag matches with two KOTR competitors tagging up against two other KOTR competitors. That's WWF booking tradition, and I'd be hard pressed if they did something different there. I'm not sure what the WWF will do for a main event, though, since Austin has fought Benoit and Jericho many times, in separate singles matches, already. Hopefully, the WWF will announce the main event a little earlier than what they did with Spike Dudley this week. But hey, I guess that means a 20 minute interview? Shoot.

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