Ain't nothing like Friday baby, Mr. Tito's going to crazy. Well, not really, but there are some wonderful issues I'd like to address about WWF Smackdown. I'll say it now in the intro, it was your typical and regular WWF show. Same stuff, different week. Anyway, this and more in today's Phat Daily Column!


Does the WWF really care about D'Lo Brown? Apparently not, as he is now used to put other wrestlers over, and not to elevate his career. I keep hearing garbage of an upcoming push, then I'll hear that the WWF isn't too pleased with D'Lo's condition, even though he busts his ass to stay in the shape he's currently in. Last night, he put over Scotty Too Hotty. No, THIS IS NOT A TOO COOL RANT, so settle. This is just the latest match that D'Lo has lost, and that's a shame because when given a shot, D'Lo could be HUGE for the WWF. He's got the charisma...he has the great finishing moves...and as a heel, he can anger the crowd by being very cocky! But nooo, instead of doing that, we have to job him to everyone in the WWF. Not only that, they made him a pimp with Godfather. Many could care less about D'Lo from that point on, and his turn on Godfather has meant absolutely nothing! Something truly needs to be done, or they will be wasting some very good talent who might leave when his contract ends next year.

Smackdown also featured the WORST long boring Corporation X interview ever! If they'd ditch these things or at least shorten them drastically, their shows would be much better! Everytime I see them coming out, I know it's going to WASTE 20 minutes of my time. Now that's 20 minutes of my time I will never see again, and 20 minutes of my time that I can't flip to Nitro to see Russo make an ass out of himself. The long boring interview stalled the show from getting the promise land(A+) for my grades, and it will continue to be that way. Maybe I just don't get it...or maybe I'm the only one out there that these things bore?

Oh God, the WWF had to result to having Samuel Jackson in Shaft character to protect Crash Holly. Now that's about as lame, if not worse, as having Chucky mess with Rick Steiner's head on Nitro a while ago. I'd be much more interested in seeing Shaft if they would have had Samuel as Samuel. He's one of the coolest personalities in Hollywood, and that alone would be good for his movie if he came out as himself. Sort of like what Arnold did. He came out as himself, and probably helped to boost his ticket sales a little bit.

I do like one thing about Smackdown, and that was the rough continuation of Rikishi and Val Venis. Those two are busting their asses for this feud. Hell, both of them are hurting each other as a result of this feud. Val Venis suffered injured ribs, and Rikishi suffered a cut requiring 6 stitches on his head from Smackdown. I think that they might be trying too hard to get this feud over, but if it's what they need to do, then keep doing it!

Bull Buchanan got a surprising victory over Chris Jericho. Suggestion for Bull. Get new ring music!!!!! That old Bossman theme is soo boring, and lame. It's not something that would help your image as a tough heel. Just my opinion.


Well, look what we have here. Yesterday's column had a good 4 paragraph rant about Vince Russo. Apparently yesterday, Vinnie Roo quit WCW because the Standards and Practices, who I predicted he'd start blaming, were too tough on him. Awwww, poor Russo. Can't you book a clean angle if your life depended on it? The answer, obviously, is NO from his quitting WCW.

Yeah, nice one, as Eric Bischoff talked Russo into "thinking" about his career in WCW instead of quitting. What's even funnier is that Bischoff and other execs want Kimberly, Lex Luger, and Miss Elizabeth back now, since each are out of WCW thanks to Russo. See, do you guys read what I've been saying about Russo this whole time? He's a problem to WCW. He's nothing but pure ego, and nothing but a smut writer who was maybe 1/20 of the WWF's writing staff.

Ahem. Even if Russo stays, who will respect him because he almost quit because he couldn't write a "clean angle". NOBODY. This completely proves how "great" Russo truly is, especially to those who keep insisting that "Russo is God". Let me replace that "d" with "ne" to say Russo is Gone!

The other thing I predicted was that Hulk Hogan would be gaining his power again, which has happened. I knew it would be only a matter of time before Hogan would cooperate before wanting to put himself on top of WCW again. Jeff Jarrett has no chance in hell of winning at the Bash at the Beach. Hogan will take that title and hold it forever. No "heel" Goldberg can stop him now!

So maybe that cheesy shock value will now disappear, and WCW will go way below 3.0 once again. If it's not Russo's doings, it just the fact that WCW has been damaged goods ever since Bischoff's head was way up Hogan's ass, and also when booking power was given to Kevin Nash in 1998. Ever since then, WCW has NEVER been the same competition that the WWF remembers once fighting. I'll agree that it's hard to dig out of a hole that was six feet under already.

@That's all for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with one of my favorite columns to do of the week, and that's the Saturday ECW on TNN rants! I'll have grades, impressions, and Phat Stats of that show who might not be on TNN in a few weeks. Be sure to check out the Phat Pharm for BRAND NEW columns this week! Each day has been updated with a NEW column!

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