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Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.7Second Hour: 2.9Third Hour: 3.2Composite: 3.27


First Hour: 6.5Second Hour: 6.8Composite: 6.65

Head to Head

RAW: 6.65Nitro: 3.05

-Alright, what does this week tell us? For one, the WWF is still very powerful. And two, WCW needs to do more than to buy Sable a ringside ticket or have Sid Vicious interfere in matches. Raw's taped show easily defeated a very hyped up Nitro since it was coming after a pay per view that set it up. WCW needs to have Sid actually wrestle Nash in a main event. That would probably draw ratings. WCW also needs to put on better undercard matches, because Van Hammer vs. Disco Inferno just doesn't do it for me. This week shows that the WWF is still much more powerful than WCW, so WCW must put on a better show to even take some ratings away. I thought that Nitro this week was a stronger Nitro, but it's few loose ends hurt it. Better watch out Nitro, RAW is Live next week.


-Well, the good old WWF lawyers are going straight after Sable now that she showed up on Nitro. They will, of course, claim that it was WCW behind the lawsuit the whole time. Good work WCW, you will probably mess up Sable's case completely. You could have had her without putting her on Nitro, but no..you had to be cocky and try to draw ratings. Now, the WWF is going to smash your lady superstar that you want so much. WWF is now really going to win this ridiculous 140 million dollar lawsuit. Before the evidence could have made the WWF win, but now poor Rena Mero is going to get the smackdown in the courtroom. But hey, her Playboy is coming out soon, right?-Well, the Harts are advancing to sue the pants of the WWF for the recent tragedy with Owen Hart. They are probably going to sue the WWF for about as much if not more than Sable is suing for. The WWF will probably try to settle this one out of court, because of their recent angles and programming, the court would probably rule that the WWF was doing it for ratings. The courts and the Harts are wrong. The death of Owen Hart was an accident, and it could have happened to any wrestler. Owen Hart practiced it many times beforehand, but an accident happened when it came time to do it in front of thousands of fans. A very strong case for the Harts, however, is that the WWF continued the show as if nothing happened. That is the real killer in this lawsuit, and that will probably be the factor for the Harts winning it.


-A few people within WCW, aren't too happy with the recent Eric Bischoff commentaries during matches. They feel his rude comments are dragging the company down more than they are helping WCW. The officials and wrestlers of WCW feel that Bischoffs comments anger wrestling fans, and therefore they tune into RAW. I agree. Some of his comments are good about the wrestling, but some of his comments should be left out. Stuff like the ripping of Chastity for her movie career and the Jim Ross about only calling two kicks comment should have been left out. I do agree, however, that revealing the Greater Power was a good move. If someone leaked that information to me, and I was President of a rival organization, hell yeah I'd mention that. -Many wrestlers in the back are furious at WCW for allowing Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff to never show up at Thunders and Saturday Nights. Many wrestlers like to talk to head bookers about ideas, and when they never show up, then they have to rely on Nitro, which is a very busy night to talk to a booker, to tell them their ideas. Yeah, that just shows one of the reasons why WCW is very disorganized at the moment. It seems that there is no leadership, except how dictated Nitro is. This can't be good for WCW, especially if they ever dream about getting to #1 again.

And the Saga Continues...

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Greatest Influences

#7 Andre the Giant

The late great Andre the Giant. He brought so much to wrestling that many don't realize. He was the first dominant big man in wrestling. Many wrestlers, who are large in size, were like "look at that big man! If he can do it, so can I!" Yes indeed. Andre the Giant influenced many large individuals to enter the sport. Andre was also the first big star attraction to the early WWF. His large size gained fans interest, and he helped the WWF begin to get successful. For a man who really has one clean loss to his record, which is disputed, I think he well deserves to be on this list. After his feud with Hogan, many thought his career was finished. They were wrong. He formed a team with Haku, and became a very powerful team known as the Colossal Connection. This team held the belts for a good amount of time. If you saw his Biography on A & E, you saw how much trouble and pain he went though just to wrestle. This man gave it all he had in every match that he wrestled.I truly do miss Andre. He was one of my favorites back in the day, and the interest in the big man made me watch wrestling more. It's a shame that he's left us, but at the same time he's left us with so many great memories. He was a great performer, and he was definately a large influence on the world of wrestling.

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