Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. What I felt was a good Monday Night just went by, and of course I've got the Monday Night Impressions to serve to ya. On to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

My thoughts and prayers are with the Professor Frank McHone this week. His brother passed away a few days ago, and my best wishes are with him at this moment. Like I said before, my prayers are with Frank and his family.

Monday Nitro

-First Hour Junk: Very nice to see Savage, the ladies, and Sid coming out of the hummer. Good combination to look out for. Hennig/Windham vs. Bryan Adams/Vincent was torturous to sit through. Another fun Savage interview, but it would have been better with Sid there. Kidman vs. Hugh Morris was a decent match, and Kidman is the man. -Alright, the crucial 2 hours begins with a fun Flair interview. Piper comes down for more boring stuff, and then Malenko comes down. Joy. The interview segment with all of its happenings are only just setting up a good 8 man later.-A semi-clean win for the Cat against Scott Norton? Wow? I guess that proves that the Cat is going to be pushed somehow. He's a good heel, that always runs his mouth. I wonder if WCW would ever push him for a title. He'd make a great TV champ or even US champ. Bad shots by Bischoff on the man, Jim Ross, during this match. Uncalled for.-Disco's career must be going down the tubes, since Van Hammer beat his ass. That's a shame, because Disco is a hard worker and he's very entertaining in my opinion.-Fit Finley needs interference to beat a loser like Brian Knobbs? Knobbs is sorry, and he's only a tag wrestler, if that.-Oh my God! Rena Mero at Nitro!! Who cares? I liked how Bischoff was milking every moment of it. He must have been proud of himself, and Sable's in trouble now with that law suit for showing up on WCW. Moron.-I liked the Nash interview, because I like hearing Sid shout at someone. That's a great feud in the making.-The 8 man tag match was a good "wrestling" match, and Buff Daddy got the win!! I'm so proud! Finally, some damn respect for the Buffster!-Hak vs. Steiner was good, but I've never seen a wrestler get thrown through a trailer. Is that trailer made of cardboard by any chance? This match, hopefully, ends the Steiner-Sting feud, so Sting can move on to better things...-The tag match between La Parka/Psychosis vs. I guess the No Limit soldiers (Misterio/Konnan) was alright, and Master P's purpose in WCW isn't that bad, I guess.-Good ending to this, just because Sting came down and helped out. Now I know I'm such a "Sting Mark", but it's good to see him being put in a good angle working with Nash. Sid/Macho vs. Sting/Nash...not a bad tag match. I was wishing for Sid vs. Nash this match though, instead we got a match with Macho, that was an obvious DQ.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7Clean Wins: 4Screwjobs: 1No Contests: 1Disqualifications: 1=====$Not a bad edition of Nitro. 4 out of 7 clean pinned matches. Very good! I like how Sid is being used already, but what I don't like is Bischoff's attitude during commentary. He needs to win ratings with his wrestling or angles, not running his mouth. But anyways, not a bad edition of Nitro, but a few more great matches would be nice, instead of booking stuff like Van Hammer vs. Disco. Anyways, Nitro gets a


for its all around decent show. Make Sid wrestle next week, and ratings will go up...guaranteed.


-Nothing like a good, long Corperate Ministry opening interview. Joy.-The Austin segments in the office were alright, but I like wrestling! I'm still a bit edgy about him as the CEO. Wresters don't make interesting bossed in my opinion.-Road Dogg vs. Mr. Ass was decent, but it was given that Chyna would help out the assman. I am interested in Road Dogg vs. Chyna at King of the Ring.-Nothing like a good Rock interview.-Rather interesting Women's title match, since not too much wrestling was involved. I guess Bass is now with Ivory. But that title never really had any wrestling involved. -You must suck (Bossman) really bad if you need to disqualify yourself to beat someone blindfolded. Pathetic Bossman. Test is a lucky man however...-That was lame with X-pac and Kane fighting over whoever gets to fight the Big Show. I wanted to see how long X-Pac could last against the Big Show...but no..-Impressive showing by Shamrock to defeat Jarrett with a straight jacket on. -I expected a DQ with Mideon and Viscera vs. the Stooges. I about fell over laughing when I heard that comment by Jim Ross saying that "Viscera was the largest man that had ever been on Patterson." Ross will get some heat for that one. -Kane is good, but fighting two badasses known as the Acolytes is very hard to do. I can see him losing to them.-The Rock vs. Triple H and the Undertaker was a great win for the Rock. Great ending to a main event match. Corporate Ministry breaking up? hmm.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8Clean Wins: 3Screwjobs: 2No Contests: 1Disqualifications: 2====$This edition of RAW was decent, but nothing spectacular happened with the EXCEPTION of a great main event. I liked the match with Kane vs. the Acolytes. I wish a few matches would have been finished better. Anyways, this week's TAPED edition of RAW gets a


for its show.

Wrestling News

-What will happen with Sable now? Last night she was at Nitro, so does that mean she has already breached her contract with the WWF, which she is trying desparately to get out of? That could kill her case against the WWF, right? Well, it could be looked at this way. She just bought a ticket, so she's free to do whatever. It's just that WCW decided to show her is their decision. I highly doubt it. She had front row seats, in the center, on the camera angle. Oh please! That's garbage, and like she waited all night to get that seat. WCW obviously wanted her there, because they probably have a deal with her already, and they could be thinking that this could get her out of her contract. Interesting.-Good old Scott Steiner is struggling with his recent injuries, and it's very uncertain when he'll return. They say he might need shoulder surgery, that could end his WCW career. That's a shame, since he's the BEST WCW heel. Of course, injuries come from abusing illegal substances. Of course, his injuries might not be from steroids, and I'll be nice today since I get flooded by BPP fans when I rip him to shreads. If he comes back without the surgery, he will hurt it worse than ever. Get the surgery Scott, that way you won't suffer when you get older. Wrestlers are so stupid when it comes to injuries.-Where on earth will Shane Douglas end up? The recent word is that he is boucing between two offers, one from the WWF and one from WCW, and he's leaning towards WCW more. Recently, Ric Flair said that he refuses to work in an environment with Shane Douglas. That could be a large factor, but what it will come down to for Shane is the money. Whoever pays him more will win him. WWF should get him, since WCW snatched Sid. If WCW were to get Shane, that's a new WCW superstar that can really shake things up, and draw some ratings. We'll just have to wait and see on this.

And the Saga continues........

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Biggest Influences

#8 The Legion of Doom

That's right, good old Hawk and Animal. They are in my mind, the most influencial tag team ever. They have been around for ages, and fans go crazy when they come out. The Legion of Doom, sometimes known as the Road Warriors, were the most powerful tag team around, and their presence was always felt in tag team competition. Since their days surfing independents, and their classic AWA days, the Legion of Doom have been admired by wrestlers and fans. Other wrestlers admire how devasting they can be as a tag team, and they admire how they can get a tag match over. The Legion of Doom, by far, has the best tag team finisher...the DOOMSDAY DEVICE! The Legion of Doom, at their prime, were the hardest tag team to face up against. I highly doubt they were beatable at that time.Sure, their careers are dwindling as I write this, but face it, they did influence the tag world. They were always tough, even when they were older and LoD 2000. It usually takes a good screwjob to even beat LoD. They were the biggest tag team in the industry ever, in my mind, so that's why they are 8th in my Wrestling's Top Influences.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some Ratings Analysis, and #7 in the countdown. So chill...till the next episode.

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