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Mr. Tito (June 14, 1999)
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My condolences go out to the Professor Frank McHone and his family at this moment. My prayers are with them.

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Last night Psycho Sid, or like Rogue24 said, Scissors Sid returned to WCW. Nothing major else happened from what I hear. Sid could be what WCW needs for some good ratings, but we'll have to wait and see. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Nitro comes to us live tonight, and what's going to happen? I expect something large to happen, like a Sid main event with someone. A Sid vs. Kevin Nash match would be HUGE for WCW, and I'm sure it could draw viewers away from a TAPED Monday Night RAW. Anything with Sid tonight is guaranteed decent ratings, hell, maybe even take ratings away, but that's what they said about the Warrior. Also tonight, it was evident what is starting now in WCW, as it seems it will be Older wrestlers vs. younger wrestlers. Look for that feud to really fire up tonight. Hopefully, it's a better show than last week.

-It looks like WCW is really prying for ratings. Not only did they reveal the Greater Power last week, but this week, according to Rogue24's hotline report, they have given out the RAW results on the hotline. That's sad, and I'm sure that Bischoff will gripe about the results tonight as well. Bischoff will probably do anything tonight on Nitro, so if you don't like hearing him run his mouth, then change the channel. I got lots of comments about Bischoff last week. The point is, that right now, WCW is doing anything for ratings, just like the WWF did when they used more mature themes in their programs. When you need ratings, getting down and dirty doesn't matter.

-The question is now, how long will Sid last in WCW? There is always that incident with Arn Anderson floating around, but besides that how long will Sid hold up? Hopefully, he makes a career out of this. I'm tired of him coming and going. I've been a Sid fan ever since I first saw him wrestle as part of the Skyscrapers, and I was cheering him when he made his WWF title run. Hopefully, he's actually serious about wrestling, and WCW actually uses him well. Just keep him away from Arn Anderson, cause we don't need to repeat that again.

Stevie Richards!!!

-Since I'm a HUGE Stevie Richards mark, and since at least 10 of you e-mailed me about's attempt to get Stevie into the WWF, I said "What a great Idea!" So I'm helping out, and I hope you decide to help out as well. To help Stevie Richards get into the WWF, all you have to do is click HERE and then precede to e-mail the WWF about getting the King of Swing into the WWF. Just do it!


-The WWF better go after Shane Douglas with some big dollars, or else he'll end up in WCW. The WWF doesn't need another big name to join WCW right now, since they have the momentum at the moment. They need Shane Douglas anyways to fill their need for a main event heel, and he could easily fill that void. The WWF better keep a hold of it's talent, because even though they are at the top now, things can always come crashing down. Those lawsuits are going to hurt the WWF, and they might not be the only ones that surface. WWF is on top of the mountain, but like it happened before, they can always get knocked off.

-RAW comes to you TAPED tonight. It just makes me wonder how the WWF makes so much, yet they can't afford to be live every week? Sure it saves them money, but look what the opposition does. They always blurt out your results. Also, RAW taped shows produce very tired wrestlers, since they went at it hard for the live show the night before. The worst is when a taped show happens after the pay per view and after a live RAW. That's wrestling after two hard days of live performances. Live shows are much better than taped, so why not have them live everyweek?

-Well, reports are saying that Mike Tyson might be heading to the WWF to become part of the show again. That's fine, but can he actually wrestle? The last time he entered the WWF, he couldn't wrestle because of his suspension from the Nevada Athletic commission. This time around, however, he has nothing holding him back if he's in the WWF again. If he comes in, will there be an Austin vs. Tyson match up? That would be huge, but who would actually lose? Good questions to hopefully be answered if he is in the WWF.

Mr. Tito Presents: Wrestling's Biggest Influences.

#9 Bruno Sammartino

How couldn't I not put a world champion for 7 straight years on this list. Bruno Sammartino was the first legit dominant main eventer in the WWF as well in wrestling general. Many young wrestlers looked up to Bruno, and he's one of the main reasons that they are in the sport of wrestling. Many wrestlers jumped into the sport thinking that they could become a 7 year champ as well.

The argument for Bruno could be made by the fact that he wasn't a champion in WWF's golden era, the 1980's, and that he was in an era where there were not monsters like the ones there are now. Please. Back then, it was all technical wrestling, and it's much faker now than it was during his great years. Bruno was a great influence upon many of todays technical wrestlers, because many wanted to be just like him when wrestling. Bruno Sammartino is considered the best pure wrestler in the WWF of all time.

Bruno was a great wrestler, and he's still admired today. It seems that he wants to stay out of the spotlight(big 2), but he's always helping out independent shows. He's a legend in the sport of wrestling, and he's well respected within the industry. Great reasons why Bruno Sammartino is one of wrestling's great influences.

@That's it for today. I'll be back here tomorrow with the infamous Monday Night Impressions. So until then, maybe chill...till the next episode?

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Take Care, and Watch Monday Night Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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