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Anyway, the ratings for RAW is WAR are in, and like I've done for the past 2 years. It's just amazing to see the gigantic freefall the WWF has undergone since Wrestlemania. It's just strange, to me, after a Wrestlemania that's cheered as the best ever, the WWF can't keep the momentum going. Weird.

For the sounds.... A couple people wrote in saying that they knew who were behind the voices of La Parka, Kaientai, Black Scorpion, and the Shockmaster. Well no shit, I know them too. I was just asking if anyone could clear them up with some good technology, just to have the real voices caught on tape. A couple of you tried to clear up the WCW ones, like Black Scorpion and Shockmaster, and said it was someone purposely changing their voice, and then having something cover their voice for the recording. Ah well.

Enough of this introduction, let's get on to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis

-RAW is WAR-

First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 4.4
Composite: 4.1
Composite Last Week: 4.2
Composite Last Year: 6.8

-WWF Weekend Shows-

Livewire: 0.7
Superstars: 0.6
Mtv Heat: 1.3

Ouch. Yet another decrease from Wrestlemania, which makes how many weeks in a row? This is just insane, but hey, you could point out that whatever the WWF did after Wrestlemania did NOT keep the fan's attention. My belief is that nobody gave two shits about Triple H/Stone Cold vs. Undertaker/Kane or Austin vs. Triple H for Backlash or Judgment Day. Sure, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are getting their due now, but is it too late? Has the damage been done? Exactly.

The WWF will NOT release the buyrates for Backlash or Judgment Day, as I'm sure they have a gun to the head of Pay Per View companies to never release them to the public. That's enough proof, if anyone thinks I'm being sooo negative for this situation. I'm not. It's called "analysis", where I take a good look at possibilities for changing numbers. It's not "bash the WWF for low numbers" like some people like to make me out to be. The WWF has been putting on Blockbuster shows as of late, but yet they keep decreasing. Why? It's the longterm effect of two months of bad shows during April and May that's hurt anything in the future. A lot of important fanbase was lost, and the remaining fanbase is slowly leaving too.

But what I don't get is how the WWF has put on great shows lately, but yet the number keeps dropping. I figured the WWF would be more stagnant around 4.3 or so, but no. We keep dropping. This drop in the numbers could enforce total change in the WWF. More titles will change hands. The WCW angle will be pushed up to its fullest. Names like Shawn Michaels will re-emerge from the shadows, and so forth.

Then again, I don't think the WWF is that concerned with ratings as we'd think. I believe they are just waiting for the Rock to make a BIG return on July 30th to hype Summerslam. Don't believe that the Rock will draw numbers? Just look at opening day of the "Mummy Returns". Sure, many liked the first Mummy movie, but just take a look at a lot of the reviews. Everyone aims at the Rock's performance. The Rock drew money for that movie!!! I'm convinced that a lot of the casual fans who stopped watching the WWF after Wrestlemania are Rocky fans. He'll be big when he returns, but keep in mind that the rest of the fans were growing tired of the Rock's act before Wrestlemania, with his repetitive interviewing and near undefeated streak against guys who everyone felt should get better treatment: Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle.

But the fact remains: The Numbers Keep Decreasing. I could whip out the Excel and show you the amazing graph of a drop around 5.8 to 4.1, which is a big 1.7 decrease, meaning that's more than a handful of fans now disgruntled from watching wrestling. Let's not forget that none of the oldschool WCW fans are watching, either.

RAW, as always, struggled from the first segment. They did the William Regal interview at first, and which drew around a 3.3, if I can remember correctly. Yuck. The show went up after that, but it never peaked past 4.5, which was the WWF's lowest before the recent ratings slip with absolutely NO COMPETITION. Of course, I'm now with the belief that Monday Night Football will bring more wrestling fans back to the WWF, with the channel flippers between commercials.

-Wow. Suddenly, Perry Saturn fans are very entertained. Throughout yesterday's batch of e-mails, I got a good many e-mails from those who are big big fans of Perry Saturn. In them, they said that they were finally happy that the WWF has found something good for Perry to do, and also, that his new angle has led him to the King of the Ring tournament. It was quite a treat to see many Perry fans very excited about his new angle. But yet, reports suggest that Saturn isn't happy with what he's doing, despite if he goes on his site and denies it. Why? Hell, I'd go out there and act like a goof if it would advance my career. Perry should just enjoy his new role, because it could lead to fans actually seeing what a good overall wrestler he truly is.

-New music for everyone! Chris Jericho's latest commentary has him mentioning that he'll get new music, come Monday Night RAW. Oh no... Well, if he's getting new entrance music, it will have to be spectacular. His previous "Break the Walls Down" entrance theme was one of the best in the business, and it was absolutely perfect for him. The fireworks, the countdown, you name it, made for one of the best entrances in wrestling, hands down. Of course, though, Chris Jericho is big on music, and I'm sure he had some input on making this theme very special come Monday.

-I've noticed that "Sugar" Shane Helms has been backstage at a lot of WWF shows lately. I find that interesting, because Helms was the final Cruiserweight Champion, if I'm correct. And if you watched Smackdown, you saw Jeff Hardy win the WWF Lightweight Title. Could we see a title for title match sometime soon? I believe Helms/Moore used to fight the Hardy Boys somewhere in the indies, if I'm correct, which is why their wrestling styles are somewhat similar. But the point of this is that Shane Helms vs. Jeff Hardy would be an incredible match, which we MAY see come WWF Invasion next month, which is why Jerry Lynn probably lost the title to Jeff. At least that's why he possibly lost it.

-Does anybody absolutely miss Chyna on WWF television? After she got a CLEAN VICTORY over Lita, Chyna has disappeared from the WWF scene, all together! And you know what's even worse in this situation? If she was going to take a lot of time off, wouldn't it be sensible to have her drop the Women's Title to Lita at Judgment Day? Why yes, but when it comes to Chyna, it's her way or the highway, and that's very ridiculous. Anybody else who needed time off, they'd lose the titles in a heartbeat. But not Chyna, who came out smelling like a rose before she left, like she always has. Hopefully, she'll take more time off and make no return to the WWF. That way, she can go on television and tell her life story, while trying to make non-wrestling fans feel sorry for her.

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@Oh lord, I had to end it with a Chyna rant. Oh well. I'll be back tomorrow with Daily Apples and some Smackdown hype, which is spoiler free, as always. I refuse to ruin shows for you. See you tomorrow!

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