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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Submitted by Mr. Tito on 6-13-00 @ 10:15 EST

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, did the "surprise" pay off yet from last night's Great American Bash? That question will be discussed in the wonderful Monday Night Impressions here in today's column. Also, did the WWF put on a more interesting show than normal? Again, we'll look at that too. On to the PDC!


It was nice of Vince Russo to totally screw over his upcoming pay per view by having his main event matches from Bash at the Beach last night. Bill Goldberg versus Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett versus Hulk Hogan were going to be the main matches...but they were instead pushed up to last night. If Russo failed to spike the ratings here..oh my, he's in BIG trouble.

How was Goldberg received last night? Well, he did have his boos here and there, but he didn't seem to get booed out of the arena like a major face turning heel would. Hmm. He's already turning into a very sad heel. He had lots of help from the New Blood, and couldn't even finish off Kevin Nash. So sad....

Want more heel turns? Well, not really, but Shane Douglas turned on his tag partner, Buff. What that will do for the company, I don't know. Kidman helping out Hogan? Please. Speaking of worthless turns, Chris Kanyon is the worst of them. I forgot to comment on it yesterday, but how can you get thrown off of a cage by a New Blood guy, and then join them? You know Russo/Bischoff thought of that angle just days before the event. If I was going to screw over a friend, I wouldn't sit out many weeks in a halo to do it.

On the plus side, Big Vito and Terry Funk had a good hardcore match. Now WCW is truly capable of this when they really want to try! It's a shame they stole Chris Benoit's sportsmanship angle and gave it to Vito here. This seems like the only real positive though for me. Also, Booker T ran in to save Hogan...Booker running with the main eventers? Also, I liked the Demon return. He fought Vampiro to a great match!

Senile old man....God, I still don't know why Russo has him coming out for Hugh Morris again. Pathetic. You see, he can't write any more crap, so he brings back old crap! Russo is such a creative mind folks, and did I mention he was totally responsible for the WWF's success? Yeah, whatever. That's why he's not responsible for WCW's success. Even an ape could come into WCW and book something better than Kevin Sullivan. Hell, Russo even puts himself over Ric Flair.

God, I don't even need to review this show any further. Russo completely clusterfucked the whole show, and he's desparate at these times. Ryan Boyd said it so well yesterday in his column: "WCW is still throwing crap at the wall, and hoping something sticks". It couldn't be said better. Look at the many swerves performed last night. Look at them tonight. Look at how Vampiro suddenly has some mystery person, instructing him. It's garbage, and I'm tired of watching it.

I'll probably get the e-mails stating how big of a "fucking WWF mark" I could be, but I don't care anymore. I grew up watching WCW, so I know what the hell I'm talking about. I've seen all of the lows of WCW, and this is slowly becoming the lowest point of WCW. Hell, your surprise is even agreeing with the new format of WCW, as Bill Goldberg does not like the new shock television. The wrestlers are just now doing it for the paycheck and not for enjoyment. It's a complete joke and nothing can save WCW now unless two more popular WWF wrestlers jump to WCW to shake things up just like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall did in 1996.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 3

Last Word: God, someone clean that wall! WCW is in real trouble now and they will try anything to get our attention. Ha, you turn your top face into a heel, and that's not working. As for Hogan, he'll win that title...they are just delaying the tragedy known as WCW.


for this week's garbage show. They will probably get around a 2.9 in the second hour just because some people want to see that crap hit the wall, but it's really hitting the fan!


Oh God!! Opening interview was a good 21 Minutes this week. Yes, it did set up about the whole show, but come on! This time we had probably the worst McMahon on the mic, Linda, speak. Oh wait, this is "sports entertainment", and I should appreciate that, right?

The WWF was loaded with some excellent matches tonight. Chris Jericho and Triple H put on another classic, although many more matches could ruin a pay per view blowoff. Kane versus the Rock, before it was stopped, was a good battle. Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy had the task of going after the Jericho-Triple H match, and their abilities in the ring eventually made the fans cheer. Hell, even the Dudley Boyz versus the McMahon Boys was fun to watch, as I'd never thought I'd ever see the Dudleys fighting the McMahons..ever.

But what made this night good for the WWF, is that they had some interesting twists behind their matches. Look at the Stephanie and Lita match. Kurt Angle gave Lita a hard Olympic Slam to enable Stephanie for the win. Afterwards, Kurt Angle was getting pretty close, with Triple H watching in the back. Also, the thought of seeing what Kane looks like, under the mask, helped the night, and that angle could be continued to help Kane's character.

However, any matches involving X-Pac and Road Dogg versus any Radical should be rethought. Benoit had a horrible match with Road Dogg last week on RAW, and X-Pac had a bad match with Dean Malenko, and they had great matches back in the day at WCW. I don't know what the WWF is doing with X-Pac and Road Dogg, as they seemed so out of place tonight, standing around with the McMahons and Triple H.

Oh God, Crash Holly is the Hardcore champ again, after Gerald Brisco held that title forever. That title reign by Brisco seemed like years compared to the other title reigns for that title. 24-7 hardcore fighting anymore? At least we had a few weeks rest from it. Also, I guess it's time to see if Bull Buchanan can wrestle in the big leagues. I have an idea...change his name! Give him a better gimmick!

Wow, Val Venis is in a red hot feud for once. His feud with Rikishi ignited at Smackdown, and more gasoline was poured onto the fire tonight! Good stuff, as Val Venis needed that for his sinking career. Now if they could only give him a good finisher....

G-TV came back, but don't ask me who is behind it, because I really don't know. Nobody is officially behind it, as the WWF is never sure to keep it or lose it. Finally, I hope Jeff Hardy gets the best out of his King of the Ring shot.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Finally, a non-stale WWF show! The twists on certain angles were played out great, and the action was the best for the WWF in weeks. Storylines were clear as usual and not clusterfucked like that other federation. I'm giving this show an


as it would have been to the promise land, but those evil opening interviews never do it for me. I predict a good 6.2 versus WCW in hour one.

Overall, one federation came out to play tonight. The other just kept confusing us.

Other Wrestling Stuff

ECW on TNN continued their summer blues by getting a 0.8 for the last show. Wow, I was guessing a lower rating, because I felt that the show was somewhat lackluster from previous weeks. But oh well. We shouldn't discuss this, as we should savor ECW's final weeks on ECW on TNN. It seems as though this lawsuit could be going in the WWF's favor....

Nothing really happened yesterday in court with the WWF and USA Networks, as the first day is usually used to show opening sides from each party. Things should really start to heat up today, and I bet this situation could get resolved around Wednesday or Thursday. The impact of this trial is so HUGE, and it could impact the way the WWF does business forever. Same with USA Networks, as the WWF is their money maker. I don't care what you say, but ECW and WCW can't draw the money for USA like the WWF did.

It seems that WCW could be jumping to FOX, which many say that this deal with SFX is complete, therefore a jump away from the Time Warner owned TNT/TBS. But what about FOX though? FX is MUCH WORSE in the ratings than that of TNN. Of course, WCW could throw a show on the main FOX station, and that would do wonders. It would be odd for professional wrestling to be on FOX, especially because certain individuals on FOX sports, and we won't name Keith Oberman, rip wrestling all of the time.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with the Ratings Analysis, and other goodies associated with the PDC. Be sure you check out the Phat Pharm for the latest edition of Bad Tito!

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Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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