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Mr. Tito (June 13, 1999)
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Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well tonight I proudly begin the Wrestling's Biggest Influences, like I promised. This is a 10 part series, and I have, what I feel, are the 10 biggest influences on wrestling. Check that out at the bottom, and the rest of the PDC is here as well!


-Oh joy, the word is that Scott Hall will take the whole summer off! Damn it! How much time can this man take off? I love to see Scott Hall in action, but all of time that he's taking off is really annoying me. I, along with other wrestling fans, want to see him wrestle. The word is that he's not getting paid for his time off, but I highly doubt it. He should be contractually obligated to wrestle. They should have got on Sting as well for taking so much time off, and not being injured. It makes me sick when wrestlers can just take time off as they please. But hey, this rumor could just be a throw off to being the hummer driver.

Oh my gosh. I was dying for WCW news, but thank god the Great American Bash is tomorrow. Make sure you go to Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire tonight to see Play By Play by the Professor, Frank McHone! Here are my predictions:

=Hardcore Hak vs. Brian Knobbs. I think Hak is due for some kind of push with this stuff with Bischoff, so I feel he'll win. Plus, Brian Knobbs sucks! Winner: Brian Knobbs.

=Disco Inferno vs. Buff Bagwell. I pick Buff to win this, but I expect a good show as well as a match with these two.

=Earnest the Cat Miller vs. Scott Norton. Although Norton will be pissed, I see the Cat winning this match to continue their funny feud. I think the NWO Black and White will do something in this match to cause Norton to lose. Maybe turn on him? Winner: the Cat!

=Konnan and Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Bobby Duncum and Curt Hennig. I somehow see Hennig and Duncum winning this, since Hennig is really bitching about being in this angle. This win will also increase their feud for more weeks. Joy. Winners: Hennig and Duncum.

=Saturn and Benoit vs. DDP and Bam Bam. I think that DDP and Bam Bam will walk away with this one, since that will allow someone to beat them on Thunder, and then allow them to win them back on Nitro, and then lose them on thunder...wait a sec, I see repetition! Winners: DDP and Bam Bam.

=Ric Flair vs. Piper. It's about time for Piper to finally lose, or you'll hear about it in my column tomorrow. Winner: Flair.

=Kevin Nash vs. Savage. Kevin Nash, head booker of WCW, won't let Savage beat him. Plain and simple. No matter who the "driver of the hummer" is, Nash will win it, and he'll keep that title for a while. Winner: Big Sexy, Kevin Nash.


-Well, both the lawsuits are now filed against the WWF, them being the Sable lawsuit and the Hart lawsuit. The WWF should settle out of court with the Harts, because that one can get really ugly. As for the Sable one, she's got "No Chance In Hell" of winning that suit. Now I could see suing them for a cool 10 million for damages and winning that, but 140 Million? That's ridiculous, and even Johnny Cochran couldn't help her win that. She's asking for way too much on harassment and "unsafe working conditions". WWF should stick that one out because she'll be easily defeatable since she can't talk to well, and that will hurt her testifying!

-Well, the word is that the WWF Volume 4 cd is coming out in November, and I'll buy it the first day it comes out! Volume 3 is great, and I hope Volume 4 surpasses it's greatness, as well as how great it did on the Billboard charts. I'm excited for this, and I will tell you that Volume 3 is damn worth the money! A great investment if you will. The WWF has made a lot of themes since Volume 3 came out, so I expect another great cd.

Mr. Tito presents: Wrestling's Top 10 Influences

#10 Shane Douglas

Why Shane Douglas? Because he started the Extreme revolution, a revolution that changed the face of wrestling. That's right, ever since the day he began Extreme Championship Wrestling, it has been making shockwaves throughout the industry of wrestling. He helped start what every other federation copies, or tries to mimick or top.

Now it's given that he was a Dinamic Dude and Dean Douglas, which have no influences. What he did to begin ECW is enough. His interviews were also influencing the world of wrestling, as he said whatever the hell he felt like saying. When he began ECW, I'm not too sure he would ever see the day when ECW was as famous as it is today. Right now, it's beginning to push it's way into the spotlight, thus making it 3 large wrestling organizations to watch on TV. It all dates back to him starting ECW.

It's very hard to say where Shane's career is taking him right now, but what he did for the world of wrestling by starting a revolution that could offer something new to wrestling fans, makes him great. The wrestling world would be rather strange without ECW's influence on wrestling.

@That's it for today kiddies! Be here tomorrow for #9, as well as the usual PHAT features of the Phat Daily Column. So chill...till the next episode! = Great News

Take Care, and Always Watch Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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