Welcome back to Phat Daily Column is TITO!!! Well, the Great American Bash is over and done with, and the surprise was officially revealed. YIPEE! Not saying that it's great or anything, but that the speculation of who or what it will be is now over. Now, we can all move on with our lives and look forward to tonight's Monday Night shows. On to the PDC.


Surprise - The state of being aroused by something unexpected

Well, it's obvious that many predicted that Bill Goldberg would turn heel tonight as a part of the surprise...but not THE surprise as it was. As far as surprises go, Bischoff screwed up here. After about a month of hype about how it would "change the wrestling world forever", all he did was a simple heel turn on a guy who was into his 3 week of a comeback. I've seen many polls and reader's e-mails this morning, and it seems to be a total disappointment.

But let's look at this heel turn, because you never know, it just might work. First off, Goldberg isn't that well liked. Sure, a good bit of fans are cheering for him, and it's very loud right now because he just returned. Before, however, WCW had problems with crowd cheering. It was getting so bad that they would usually crank up the crowd noise machines to top levels just so the crowd would sound like they are cheering his name. Ummm, this is the only positive.

This move was trouble....let me tell you why. Heels are expected to play up to the faces..you know, back down from them. How can you tell that to Goldberg? Also, I think that WCW should have built up Goldberg better as a face before turning him. Like I mentioned above, he's only been around about 3 weeks now, so some fans aren't too familiar with him yet again. Another reason this could be a bad move is that he is now a part of a supergroup. Goldberg has always been better on his own, but now, he'll be a thug with the rest of the new blood.

Here's a real good one: What if Goldberg gets hurt? Bill Goldberg is VERY injury prone, and if he just so happens to hurt himself again, there goes your main storyline and your shock about him turning heel.

At least WCW has one thing going for Goldberg lining him up with the New Blood. Jarrett is the only real enemy he has in that group. It's ridiculous to see him side with Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner, two wrestlers he had beef with. With Jeff Jarrett, he never had any matches with him or any bones to pick, so it's a safe move as far as credibility goes.

As for the rest of the show, things seem to have run smoothly. Lt. Loco Chavo is STILL your Cruiserweight champ, as I beg to let him wrestle! Vampiro FINALLY gets the win over Sting, as I hope they both move on to bigger and better things. Their feud has lasted forever. Wow, Ric Flair survived the retirement match with his own son. I bet he'll fight David tonight. Hollywood Hogan will get WCW gold at the next Pay Per View, no doubt, as the terrible days could come back again. I bet we will see a Hogan(face) versus Goldberg(heel) match for the World Title down the road. Mike Awesome picks up the stunning win versus DDP this event. Kronic is your #1 contenders now, and let's see what they can do with this. Thank god! GI Bro Booker T won! Franchise and Scott Steiner also won. Call me 5 for 5 this time around.

As for the WCW.com Nitro preview, it seems that WCW has taken the WWF route to their hype, as they want to you listen to their online show for that later on tonight. Yay, screws me royally on my Monday Night hype.


Tonight, we continue this never ending saga of the Corporation X and Kane/Undertaker/Rock. You know what we'll see....there will be an opening interview, and if not opening, it will be after the first or second match. It will set up some stupid match later on in the night, which will have the Rock on the same side as Kane or the Undertaker, and they will fight each other! Oh my God, that is soooo new! Please. The worst thing about this storyline is that it's good for another 2 months or however long it takes for Stone Cold to come back. Now that isn't good.

WWF.com is saying that Samuel Jackson will be at RAW tonight. Ok WWF, go back in your tapes and look at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Smackdown appearances upon looking for the right way to use an actor to help them hype a movie and to look good on WWF television as well. Samuel is the man though. There isn't any movie anymore which he's in that isn't hilarious or great. Samuel Jackson will be there to hype his upcoming remake of the film Shaft. Can you dig it?

I like how many still rip Chris Benoit to high heavens because of his lack of charisma and the NO mic skills. Please..like he needs them. He's been through his career based on his ability to perform in the ring. He can make any opponent look good, or push any opponent to having their best match possible. Each match, besides the one with Road Dogg, has been a treat to watch with Chris Benoit. You want his gimmick? He's a tough person to defeat. There you have it, as he's shaping to be one of the best Intercontinental champs ever! There is nobody out there with Benoit's ability in the ring. How can I prove that? He made Sid look good in the ring, that's why.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with more PDC, as it will be Monday Night Impressions time! Before you chill till the next episode, be sure to check out the debuting Makin' the Tag on the Phat Pharm today!

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Take Care, Enjoy Tonight's shows.

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