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Mr. Tito (June 12, 1999)
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Welcome back to yet another Phat Daily Column. No such day as a day off in my book, so 100, here I come!! This week has been a rather strange week, since WCW is very easy to write about, but the WWF lacks topics to do this week. Oh well, on to the PDC.


-Phew! Thank the lord that Edge will be alright. I really didn't want to see the good man suffer a career threatening injury at this point in his career. Maybe this will serve as a wake up call for the WWF, as they will realize how close they could have lost one of their future stars to injury. I think his singles push will finally go down, and I see a good intercontinental title run for the good fella. He'd make a good champ, and I think he really is the future of the WWF. He's got great talent that you just can't ignore.

-Jim Ross stated that Mick Foley is doing great in re-hab, and he is coming along with his knee surgery great. That's great news for wrestling fans that can't wait to see him in the ring. I just hope that he doesn't jump the gun, coming back from his injury earlier than he's supposed to. We want Mick at his best, not at a point where he's suffering from coming back once again. When he comes back, look for him to continue his run as Mankind, since it's very over with the fans. He won't be returning as Cactus Jack, however, as the WWF didn't feel his performance against Mideon and Viscera was as good as Cactus used to be. It could have been the wrestlers though.

-WWF has really been suffering injuries lately, and if they lose a main event player, they will be suffering. Wrestlers like Goldust, Brian Christopher, and Edge are the recent to go on the shelf, and the Undertaker is bothered by a bad back from the choke-slam from hell and his knee is acting up again. If Undertaker takes time off, they'd be screwed because they already lack strong main event heels. They'd have to push someone new, like a Val Venis or turn Shamrock bad again. The WWF better prepare for something, or else they'll get the shaft. (Ross Report)


-Dennis Rodman is set to return to WCW on July 5th. He signed a 5 appearance contract, and he will most likely make 4 Nitro appearances, and one Pay Per View appearance which he'll most likely wrestle. John Martin pointed out to me that what if he was the man driving the Hummer? That would be interesting, and it could fit since there is no nWo to align himself with. He was with Hogan, but it's unclear if he'll be with him again. One thing to consider, is that Rodman is without a team in the NBA. So the question is, what if he went to wrestling full time? He could since many NBA teams don't want him anymore. That would be interesting to see the worm go full time, as I feel that he's the best of the professional sports athletes that have come in the WCW or the WWF to wrestle.

-The word is that Master P, who recently signed with WCW, will have a large bodyguard that will wrestle for him. The word is that Master P wants to wrestle as well. Master P is helping out with the new WCW music cd, and rumors state that he could possibly form some kind of stable with Insane Clown Posse. I don't see that happening, as I don't think that their rap styles could mesh well together. I'm wondering however, why WCW feels they need rappers in their federation? Do they need them to establish them as a "hip" federation? Stay tuned for the rapping fun on WCW.

-Poor Raven. He's now having rotator cuff surgery to repair his injured shoulder. That comes at a time in his career where he was supposed to recieve a monster push, that would finally establish him as a great wrestler. He was supposed to break main event status with this push, but too bad injury beat him to it. Raven has been a hard worker all of his life, and I wish that this injury didn't happen. He deserves to be a contender, since he has a great loyal following, and many wrestling fans have a lot of respect for him. I hope he comes back, and gets right back on track. Good luck to you Raven.

Tag Team Wrestling

With WCW's resurgance in Tag Team wrestling, I feel that I needed to talk a little about it today. Tag team wrestling, in my opinion, is one of my favorite parts of wrestling. I feel great when I see a great tag match. So, here are the teams that I feel are the best OF ALL TIME.

Demolition Ah yes, one of the WWF's most famous tag teams ever. This team was vicious, and they were one of the most feared tag teams in the business. Too bad adding Crush really hurt them, and even broke them up. Damn shame.

Eliminators Pound for pound the most talented tag team in my opinion. Perry Saturn and John Kronus defined team work, and their great wrestling skill with high flying moves and martial arts made them unstoppable. They even used to whip Sabu and Van Dam, which were in my opinion, some of the best tag matches ever. Total Elimination!

Money Incorporated This team was one of my personal favorites, as they cheated badly to win every match. For some reason, this team did it for me. I have a picture of them on my wall to this day.

Lex Luger and Sting This team didn't originate in the 90s, because they were tagging up and they won the Crocket Cup against the Horseman in the late 80s. Great match there. Sting and Luger went on to win a few championships, and they only lose when you cheat very badly or distract them.

British Bulldogs This team was one of the powerful teams around, yet they had great wrestling skills and great agility in the ring. Too bad Dynamite Kid suffered an injury that ended his career.

Hart Foundation This team was great, but I still think that Bret carried a huge load for the team. His wrestling skill always wore wrestlers down, and the Anvil was there to pound you down with power. Bret would go on to outgrow the Hart Foundation, but he left behind a great legacy of many tag championships.

Midnight Express I'm not talking about the junk Midnight Expresses, I'm talking about the Jim Cornett led team of Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Sweet Stan Lane. They are undoubtably the most entertaining tag team in my mind, and I think they are the most talented as well.

DOOM With the masks, you couldn't beat them. But when they revealed themselves as Ron Simmons and Hacksaw Butch Reed, they were good, but not as good as they were with the masks.

Legion of Doom or the Road Warriors Even though they have seen better days, LoD was one of the most feared tag teams ever. They were very tough at first with Precious Paul Ellering by their side. They, by far, had the most devastating move; The Doomday Device.

Smokin Gunns Even though many consider them as champs without contenders, I feel that they were a good, solid tag team. They got the job done, but they couldn't stick together. They always fought you hard every night, and they never backed down from a challenge.

Harlem Heat A great team, but I always felt that Booker T carried the team. They always made a great fight with any opponents they faced.

The Outsiders Sure, they didn't defend the belts much, but when they were together, they were lethal. Maybe I'm an Outsider mark, but when you hold titles for around a year, that's pretty good in my book.

Owen Hart and Yokozuna This team came out of no where, and they had a great, solid title reign. Many consider Owen the weak link, but he did great as the mighty Yokozuna's partner.

Steiners Great team, but they suffered from too many screwjobs throughout their career. Neither man carried the team until later on when Scott needed his space.

Rockers This team began to set the standard of high flying, exciting tag teams. Too bad Shawn wanted to go singles, but look how his career turned out!

The Brain Busters I could call them Horsemen as well, but I like that name. Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson were the classic heel team that many feared and respected. They cheated to win, but they did it in ways that entertained you. Spike Piledriver!

Haku and Andre These two just came out of no where, and became a tough force in tag team wrestling. Even though Haku was the weaker half, he still was hard to beat. It was great to see Andre win tag team glory with this Colossal Connection. (Thanks to James Phire for reminding me of this team)

Owen Hart and the British Bulldog Two former tag team champs teaming up, and they did great! The had nice title reigns, and they did great on cheating to win.

New Age Outlaws They made tag team wrestling cool again in the WWF. I praise them heavily for this. They made heel tag teams great again, and then they became faces, and the crowd loved them. Too bad they are finished.

Freebirds This team was great since they could always change it up on you with different partners in different matches. Funny, they would be great in WCW now since you don't have to have the same partner to defend tag titles.(Thanks to Christopher Micheals for this one)

Hollywood Blonds Great tag team, that had unlimited potential, but they had too many personal problems with each other to become the best. (Thanks again, to C. Micheals)

The Dream Team This former lethal team was very hard to beat, and it took a break up to finally make them loose. Valentine and Beefcake were rough, but personal problems always end a great tag team.

Strike Force Great, lethal team, but again, problems within hurt this team badly. Martel and Santana were a great duo, but arrogance got in the way.(C. Micheals again?!)

Now I'm sure that I forgot to mention a few tag teams, but hey, this was only to recap SOME of the great tag teams that have ever come into the sport of wrestling. Tag team wrestling is fun, because so many great maneuvers can be pulled off with two wrestlers. Tag team wrestling does it for me, and if you noticed the two tag matches, the Luchador tag match and the Benoit/Flair later Saturn vs. DDP/Bam Bam match, really got me excited, and it helped give Nitro a Tito grade of B-. Without those, I don't think it would have passed in my classroom. But that's just my opinion.

@Well...that's it for today. I was in a good mood, so I typed a lot today. So until the next Phat Daily Column, just chill...till the next episode!

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