Welcome to the all new Phat Daily Column. Yeah, it's late in the day, but so what? I did what any male would do the night before where you had nothing to do the next day: I played video games all night. A general rule of thumb for video games is that if you have the opportunity to play them all night long, you do it! I was playing the great Mario Tennis for N64 (my favorite game), and with another player, we were trying to beat a certain team on Intense Mode in a 5 set game. Speaking of Mario Tennis, I just finished up a webpage, dedicated to that game, which you can view by CLICKING HERE. That game just rules in so many ways.

Pretty good feedback on the new PDC schedule, although there was resentment about dropping the Histories. Now look, I basically covered the 1990s backwards and fowards. Many of the columns that have been requested, like Chris Benoit or the 4 Horsemen, would take hours to do. I'll just save them for special occasions, and that's that.

I'm brainstorming for ideas for the Week in Review column, coming this Saturday, which replaces the History day. I'm probably moving the Jackson 5 to Saturday, and I'll probably use wrestler of the week, Tag Team of the week, and finally, match of the week. I'd do a "Show of the Week", but you see my grades on Tuesdays and Fridays, so how useful would that part of a column be?

Anyway, on to the PDC.

RAW Hype!

Tonight, we'll see more of the King of the Ring Qualifying matches, which basically means that guys like Christian or possibly Chris Benoit, but I don't know there, will compete in some wrasslin' bouts. We are now just 2 weeks from the King of the Ring, and I see Smackdown being the final day for qualifying before the brackets come out for the Pay Per View. I don't know about you, but the King of the Ring just doesn't mean as much as it used to. Last year's KOTR was a bad letdown, and I guess the fears of a repeat are carrying over for this year's event. Obviously, we'll see in 2 weeks.

The wonderful WWF.com RAW preview is questioning if William Regal will make more zany matches like the Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle match he booked. I'm thinking that we'll somehow see the main event booked, tonight, although I couldn't guarantee that. The Pay Per View is just 2 weeks away, and if you need to sell one of your "Big 5" Pay Per Views, you better give it a good headliner and early. That's just the way the "game" is played.

Speaking of main events, I still have great fears that we MAY be seeing Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker, part 2. Why? Well, recently, the WWF legal team threatened lawsuit towards TheSmarks.com for exposing Vince McMahon as the actual Stalker's voice, claiming that the 21 second soundbyte broke WWF copyright laws. As quick as it went around after the day it was exposed, it's rather ridiculous for someone to threaten lawsuit to it's origin, if there wasn't a reason behind it. Vince knows the internet got the best out of him, and he probably feels that it just spoiled his "BIG" plans for revealing himself as the Stalker, because lord knows anyone could ruin the spotlight for Vincy-Poo. I'm sure he was hoping to jack himself off just like he did when he revealed himself to be the "higher power" or greater power of the Undertaker back in the day. On the same page as Ole Anderson........ (Black Scorpion voice, 1990)

Will WCW wrestlers show up for RAW? Why of course. They don't show up for Smackdown, silly. I'm thinking someone like Mike Awesome or Chuck Palumbo/Shawn O'Haire (or Sean), as a team, will show up. I would mark out, totally, if Booker T showed up. Speaking of the WCW run ins, I liked how Lance Storm explained how he was getting on the show. As reported before the Calgary RAW, it was said that Storm would be backstage at RAW. The funny thing was that he had someone go get his wrestling gear out of his car, for him, to avoid anybody knowing the surprise. In other words, he did it to avoid any of the WWF wrestlers or personel that have cell phones to call up certain wrestling websites for the inside scoop.

I'm sure good old Mick Foley will make his appearance, probably with some contracts that he signed before Linda McMahon became looney. Yay. I'm wondering if he'll be behind the possible set up of Jericho or Benoit vs. Steve Austin at King of the Ring, although my money still says Austin vs. Undertaker. I don't know about you, but I feel Mick Foley has been very overexposed on the last few shows and throughout the entertainment industry. I mean, I have great respect for the man, and I find him one of the most intelligent personalities in wrestling, but damn, he's been everywhere lately. Many shows have had him, and the WWF television shows are using a lot of him. All he's doing is talking, too, especially on the WWF shows. I'm hoping that the WWF does more action with Foley, like he did when he blasted Jericho with a chair, instead of just interviews, because he's used his trap way too much lately.

There's not much else to hype for RAW because of the fact that they are still in the process of booking what will happen for the next 2 weeks. Before, everything was planned, and I could probably tell you, at least, one match booked for next week's RAW. You can't do that now with booking-on-the-fly instituted. If there's anything that I REALLY would compare the WWF Dynasty of 2001 to the WCW Dynasty of 1998, it's the unplanned booking, obviously.

-Oh boy, would I just get off on the Big Show being Sara's Stalker. Yeah, that would do me a world of good, seeing two large guys trying to make a match look good. I wonder who would carry the match? Would the Undertaker sell his moves? If they did fight in the future, it would remind me of Kevin Nash vs. Big Show at Souled Out 1998, where a weaker Kevin Nash (a weaker Undertaker) tried to powerbomb the overweight Giant (Big Show then and now actually), to which Nash hurt the Giant's neck. Could we be seeing any Last Rides, without the aid of the ropes, if this feud occurs?

-I'm very thrilled that Diamond Dallas Page has got out of his AOL/Time Warner contract and has now joined the WWF. In yesterday's column, I was hoping this would happen, and just after I posted the PDC, I saw the story. It wouldn't surprise me if DDP ran in, but he would probably be better to debut during the WWF Invasion PPV hype, because he is a mega-name from WCW, and he could take heat away from the current KOTR show, if there was any to start with. I just can't wait until he shows up, though. It will be a great sight to see DDP getting one more great run in pro wrestling, but this time, under a federation with a lot more promise than the half-assed WCW that Time Warner owned.

-On WRESTLEPALOOZA.com, Dr. Krueges got the inside track from Jerry "the King" Lawler about his firing in the WWF, the recent talks with the WWF, and the Brian Christopher situation. It's a pretty good read, and I recommend you checking it out. Lawler gets accused for being ruthless in wrestling, and he gives a pretty honest and accurate statement on WrestlePalooza, so check that out when you can.

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