Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Holy smokes, I recieved a ton of responses about my Sting segment yesterday. About half good, about half bad. Very interesting comments as well. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Alright, I caught Chunder, I mean Thunder tonight and I have a few comments. One, I liked the final match between Saturn and Kanyon, which ended up as Kanyon and DDP vs. Benoit and Saturn. I think WCW is realizing that Saturn and Benoit can really compete, and I am beginning to like the New Jersey connection between Bam Bam, Kanyon, and DDP. The belts changed hands, but I'm still not for the fact that anyone can defend the tag titles even though they didn't originally win them. Also on the show, WCW showed that stupid hummer hitting the limo about 50 times. It was pathetic. They are really milking this car accident. Also, the fun WCW announcers couldn't shut up about the main event match. Just shut up and call the action. Hearing constant hype about a pay per view during a match just makes me sick.-Alright, since there was so much hype about the greater power, I say why not hype or evaluate who the greater driver of the hummer is. I say it could be the following. One, Scott Hall. I don't think it could happen, AGAIN, but it's a strong possiblity. Two, Elizabeth. That would cause tension, so no! How about Hogan? He wasn't at Nitro, officially, Monday, so why not? Who knows, my dream could come true and the driver could end up as...drum roll...Sid! WCW wants him badly now, and that would be perfect fitting that they used to fued, and it would be great with two psychos together. We'll have to stay tuned on this one folks.-Oh Joy, we get yet another dose of Public Enemy in WCW. That's just great, since they were so over in WWF. They suck. They are decent wrestlers, but they lack heat from the crowd. WCW used them badly when they were popular, so what says that they will be used properly now? Plain and simple. Right now, they are finished. So retire before even less fans react to your antics.


-Oh damn, heat is really going on in the WWF about who the hell leaked out the information about the Greater Power to Bischoff. The word is that Shawn Micheals was the one who leaked out the information to his Senior Tour buddy, Kevin Nash. That's just great, tell the secret to the head booker of WCW. What's with you man? Anyways, Kevin Nash, being very smart on this one as head booker of WCW, gave Bischoff the information on who the Greater Power was. Maybe Whisper isn't join Shawn in the WWF. Maybe she's cracking the whip and telling Shawn to try and get out of the WWF so that she can persue her dreams as a Nitro girl. Joy. -The question now is what to do with Thrasher? If you were watching Monday Night, you noticed that Beaver Cleavage, who was Mosh, didn't have a match. As for Thrasher, he was supposed to have an evil clown gimmick, and he was relying heavily on ICP to get his angle over, since I highly doubt he'd want to become another Doink. So do you see the pieces fitting together? Headbangers? Reuniting? We'll have to see in the upcoming weeks, as the word was that the WWF wasn't to thrilled with Beaver Cleavage's no response from the crown(R. Kim), and Thrasher's gimmick seems to be shot.

ALRIGHT, I figured something out! I figured out where WCW went wrong! The exact point where WCW began to decline. I figured this out when I was typing the Sting segment yesterday. Enjoy!

The Night that WCW Dropped the Ball

What night did it occur in? Starrcade 1997 was the unfortunate night that caused the WCW downfall, but what did it? The Sting vs. Hogan match did it. After a year of pushing a non wrestling Sting, WCW screwed up. They really missed a golden opportunity to make their fans happy, but they had to make the match controversial. If you don't remember, that match was at the peak of WCW's ratings run, and everyone was pumped to see Sting get his hands on Hogan. WCW should have had Sting beat Hogan fair, but instead shit like the so called fast count and having Bret coming down to restart the match. It was total garbage.This was a time that everyone was counting on the aging Hogan, who has been a horrible World champ to drop the title to the real icon of WCW, Sting. Instead, they messed it up, and it drove fans away as well. They lost respect for the Hogan-Sting feud since they had to have a rematch at Superbrawl. Did anyone care? Well, a strong WWF without that kind of politics, like Hogan never doing a clean job, getting in there way. WCW fans lost respect for the world belt, because the thought of controversy was always in the way. After Starrcade, the ratings slowly went down. Everyone was so high on Sting during that time, and after that disappointing match at Starrcade, they decided to start a up and coming WWF juggernaut.It's as clear as day. That day was the time that WCW went down hill. Because of their antics, they have house shows that don't sell well, a dominating Hogan backstage, and less respect for WCW by fans. They were beating down RAW before this match, and look what happened afterwards. After this garbage match, junk like the NWO split up and the horrible Bret Hart angles were in effect, and WCW was dwindling as the WWF re-took its thrown. That's just what I think.

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