My name is Mr. Tito. Each day, I write columns about wrestling. I state my views on the wrestling world, and I bring it to everyone daily. For under 2 years now, the PDC has been pumping out columns each day of the week. Even Saturdays. Here is my story....


Well damn. Thanks to the Webmasters SLACKING OFF, I made a mistake of saying that others were wrong for reporting that La Parka was released from WCW. My bad, and call me "wrong" for doing this. Although I'd point the finger of shame at myself for this, I'd rather give the Finger of Shame to's webmasters for NOT updating their site, especially a main company's site. Somebody should light a torch under all of their asses over there, because that isn't the only thing without an update. WCW probably pays those guys a lot to do this too.

Thunder had a 2.5 this week, which is OK for heading into a Pay Per View. However, the numbers aren't spiked from this "surprise" hype, but then again, I'll get flooded with those summer excuses, so I better be quiet.

My gosh, who or what could this surprise be? Please Sunday, get here quickly! I'm tired of hearing about rumors on this! You know what a big rumor going around about it is? The reformation of the New World Order. Yes, another damned incarnation, and F's for them in my gradebook. Oh, did I just say that? If they recycle and try this gimmick one more time, my gosh, then it will be truly over. Especially with Hollywood Hogan in charge of it. (IF this happens)

I say the surprise will be a mixture of things. Probably a heel turn by Goldberg, a return of Scott Hall, and some celebrity will show up? There is no actual surprise yet, as WCW doesn't have one yet. They are probably pounding their heads on a table, trying to figure out how the could "change the wrestling world forever". It's put up or shut up time this weekend at the Great American Bash.


My gosh, panic has struck wrestling fans from this WWF rumor about NO DDTs or TOMBSTONES in the WWF. First off, it's JUST A RUMOR and NOT FACT...yet. If anything, it would be from pressure of the media from recent accidents with children using those moves. That's it. The Undertaker attempted a Tombstone on Smackdown, but X-Pac stopped it. Was that a part of this new "rumored" rule? I don't actually know, as I *think* I've seen the Rock do it either on RAW or Smackdown. So I don't actually know if it's true or not, and we'll find out if the WWF says so.

Smackdown did a good 5.0 this week in the ratings. Now this is what I'm expecting from a show without any May sweeps shows to fight against. That's a very strong number, even with the summer excuse. The show was pretty solid overall, with the usual WWF loose ends here and there. Very predictable too, especially on the main eventer end. It's rather funny how only 4 wrestlers are allowed to even touch that World Title right now. I think the main event angle is what drags the rest of the shows down in my opinion.


Ok, I have to agree with TNN for a censoring action this week. During the opening intro with Styles and Gertner, Jazz came down. She was talking in the mic, when BAM, out of nowhere, Justin Credible canes the hell out of this. TNN scrambled this, and I agree with it. Violence does have a limit on any show out there on basic cable, and to have someone cane the hell out of a woman is just wrong. It gets out of hand when wrestlers perform holds or slams on women, but to beat one down with cane is just utterly wrong. Good job to TNN here!

TNN had no wrestling in their first half hour of their show, and a lot of commercials. This definately hurt them, and probably lost some viewers from this. They did, however, have LOTS of cracks at TNN throughout the night, which makes me wonder why they censored ECW last week? The best was when Raven was punching Anton on the turnbuckle, and the crowd was chanting. Styles said "they are counting how many people who watch Rollerjam!" That was great!

Raven had the honor of tapping out to the WORST SHARPSHOOTER IN THE HISTORY OF WRESTLING. Ahem. The "Clapper", which is Scotty Anton's horrible version of the Sharpshooter(or Scorpion Death Lock), was applied to Raven..and he tapped out. I guess Raven is truly on his way out, and he puts over Scotty Anton of all people. Raven will probably put over Justin Credible many more times, and then he'll ultimately show up somewhere else.

The final match was a dream tag match. Man, I remember the best one was back in 1996, and Doug Furnas had a mean feud with Rob Van Dam at the time. Furnas challenged RVD to a dream partner match, where he'd fly in his legendary parnter, Lefon(it was something like Kroffit or something them). RVD wanted Sabu as his partner, and at this time, Sabu hated RVD because RVD wouldn't shake his hand in their respect match. They tagged, and I witness one of the best tag matches...EVER! Tonight, we had Tommy Dreamer with dream partner Sandman versus Justin Credible and his dream partner Rhino. OK match, with Dreamer taking a mean drop on the ladder from the top rope. You know the ending..everyone and their mother ran in. This week had a badly messed up and hesitated Van Daminator. Geesh.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 2
Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Eh, a weak show after about 3 weeks of good shows by ECW on TNN. No wrestling in the first hour definately hurt this week's show in my opinion, thus giving it a


in my opinion. I predict a 0.7 thanks to that first hour.

@That's it for today's PDC. I'll be back tomorrow with some wonderful Great American Bash predictions, and other goodies. Just chill till the next episode!

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