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Mr. Tito (June 10, 1999)
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Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. It has been yet another slow day this week in wrestling, but we do have the Great American Bash coming up. We also have the RAW tapings, but wait, I don't report spoilers! Argh! Anyways, I have a very special segment at the bottom. It shall be interesting. On to the PDC.


-Uh oh, my favorite rap group in the whole wide world, yeah right, is heading for WCW now. That's right, Insane Clown Posse is coming to WCW to help out on their new theme cd. I'm going to be nice to ICP fans today, so don't think this is another shoot segment where I completely rip ICP to shreads. Now when they were supposively going to the WWF, I felt that they couldn't be used properly while back again. Now that they are heading to WCW, I guess they can be used for the new WCW theme cd coming out. I just hope they whine about how they are used like they did in the WWF.

-Rumors are buzzing about a brand spanking new angle in WCW. Apparently, the angle will consist of Old vs. New. The younger guys, who on camera have been complaining about the older talent taking up all the space, against the older guys, who claim that the younger talent just doesn't have what it takes to take their spotlight. But who would be on what side? Anyone under 40? Goldberg would be the only main eventer that would be in the young group. So what would WCW do? Push more younger wrestlers to make the young side look better. Not likely. Wrestlers like Sting and Kevin Nash, who are 40, enter the young group. I personally think it will be an angle that will get attention.

-Although everyone isn't as buzzing as who was driving the hummer that hit Kevin Nash like everyone was with the Greater Power, some people are wondering who it could be. It will most likely be a woman. A small rumor says that the part was meant to be Sable, even before she gets out of her WWF contract. They could drag it out forever, until nobody cared about it, and then when Sable, or now Rena is able to come to WCW, she take that role. I think if Sable goes to WCW, it would be a much better idea instead her trying an acting career since she talks like a moron.


-Alright, this week's Raw, since I have read the spoilers, looks to be a decent one at that. It looks pretty good, but I'm sure everyone know what will happen. Good old Eric Bischoff will tell everyone what happens on RAW for some good old ratings. You think with all of the money that WWF makes, that they can give us a live RAW everyweek! Ahh, but there's a catch. You see the whole reason for this is to have two weeks off for their wrestlers to heal up from injuries, that way they can be 100% for live Raws or pay per views.

-What I will say about the RAW tapings, was that Edge collapsed walking up the ramp after the match. That's a shame, as I really hope nothing is career threatening for the young talent. He has so much potential, and he's just waiting for his chance or right angle to jump in to become a superstar. Edge is very talented, but he's stuck in the Brood, who are going no where but fights with the Hardyz at the moment. Hopefully, he'll be back in no time, so that we can enjoy watching him wrestle.

-Alright, the word, for some strange reason, is that Mongo is in talks with the WWF about coming in to do an angle with his, now, exwife. What is the WWF thinking?? Sure the angle might be cool, but you know Mongo will want to wrestle. What does Mongo equal when he wrestlers? Much lower ratings! He sucks! Besides David Flair, he's the worst wrestler on the face of the planet. The only person he ever looked decent against, was Reggie White, and that was because Reggie White was only wrestling for the first time ever. WWF, sure Mongo would make a decent angle with Debra for a moment, but please, for wrestling's sake, don't do it!

Alright. Time to do something special today kiddies. I, along with my good buddie James Phire have decided that we need to do something to prove why Sting is the man. We decided to co-write a nice column for everyone to enjoy. We are doing this hoping that some higher-up at WCW actually reads this.

30 Legitimate Proofs Why Sting is the Man!

Co-wrote by Mr. Tito and James Phire with some special insight by Big Jimmy

1. Sting has never lost fair and square. You can never tell me when he lost a fair match. Everyone has to cheat to beat Sting. I swear, that I have never seen anyone truly pin Sting without cheating their nuts off. Plain and simple, the only way you can beat Sting is to cheat!

2. Sting, by far, has the most loyal fan base of any other wrestler in the world. If you liked Sting back in the day, you still love him now. He treats his fans great, and he loves the support that they give him. A true class act to his fans.

3. In his early career, he went the limit with the prestigeous world champ, Ric Flair, taking him to the limit at the Clash of the Champions. At that time, nobody considered him a main event wrestler, yet he took a world champ to the limit, and if given about one more minute, he would have made Flair summit, and thus he would have been world champ then.

4. The best reason right here. Sting NEVER left WCW to jump aboard the WWF bandwagon. Every wrestler, at least the older wrestlers in WCW, have been to the WWF, and back. Sting has always been for WCW, and he made the hard times when there was only Vader around interesting.

5. He's one of the greatest pure athletes in wrestling. Sting is always in shape. He's an aerobics freak, and he's always in top notch condition for all of his matches. Did he sit on his ass during his times off? No! He came back still in great shape.

6. Sting only got better coming back from a major injury. That's right, after he messed up his knee that one year, many wrote off his early career off as finished. Sting came back like a ball of fire, and he started winning world titles; something he didn't do before the injury.

7. Sting has some of the greatest mic skills in wrestling. When Sting talks, everyone listens. He's puts lots of emotion in his interviews or when he's calling out an opponent. Gets the crowd pumped when he talks as well.

8. Had everyone's precious Goldberg defeated on Nitro. That match took a screwjob by Hogan for Sting to lose. Goldberg wasn't going no where in that match, as Sting had the Scorpion Death Lock sinched in the middle of the ring.

9. He can take a whole year off from wrestling, and come back in his first match to win the world title. That's right, after his year as the quiet Crow, he comes back in his first televised match, and beats Hogan for the world title. Not bad since he didn't wrestle for a year(besides house shows).

10. He's never lost a step in his career, unlike many of the other older wrestlers. Sting is now either 40, or pushing it, but he can still perform well in the ring. The other wrestlers that are around his age, get injured easily, or move much slower than they used to.

11. He did not say a word for an entire year, yet he was the most over wrestler with the fans. He was voted most popular wrestler in magazines that year, but he didn't say a single word. That's odd, but it shows why he's the man, because he doesn't need word, he'll use actions and respect.

12. Sting was the first man ever, to clean the Giant, or Paul Wight, fair and square. He defeated the Giant without cheating like the rest of WCW had to do. He did it during the World tag title unification. Paul Wight is a very hard man to defeat fairly, and Sting was the first.

13. Sting never backs down from a challenge. If anyone calls him on, he'll be right out to accept the challenge. He's not afraid to defend his title against anyone in the sport, and he'll even put the title up for grabs on a same night that he wins it.

14. He has never let success go to his head. Unlike other wrestlers, Sting just enjoys the business and has fun with his success. Other wrestlers get very corrupt when they are successful, using it as excuse to get the excesses of wrestling, not to mention how high their ego grows.

15. Sting has never done anything to disrespect the sport of wrestling. What I mean, are bad incidents out of wrestling or even backstage that would give wrestling a bad name, unlike many other wrestlers who get in non stop trouble outside of wrestling, or get into heated arguments or fights backstage.

16. Sting never had to lower himself to vulgarity or lude gimmicks to either make him look tough, or to gain crowd heat. His gimmicks and his interviews are always clean, but he doesn't need that garbage for the fans to love him or wrestling fans to respect him.

17. The only constant hero in the sport. What I mean by that, is that he's always been the good guy. Other wrestlers had to turn heel just to get over. Not that way with Sting. He's always over as a face. He's the only hero that you can always cheer for, because he'll always be good.

18. When Hulkamania was running wild in WCW, cheers for Sting were much louder than Hogan's. That's no lie. If you can remember their encounter on an early Nitro, where they fought and the fans were cheering for Sting more than they were for Hogan. Sting had Hulk Hogan beat that match too, as he had Hogan in the Death Lock until the Dungeon of Doom, like they always did for high profile Nitro matches, ran in before Hogan could tap out after screaming: "he's gonna break it Macho!"

19. Never needed back up or help to win any of his matches. Unlike other wrestlers, where they have managers or other wrestlers helping them out, Sting has done his matches by himself. He never had any help whatsoever to help him win a match.

20. He once took the very dangerous nWo by himself! Back in the day where everyone couldn't stop the nWo from jumping wrestlers, Sting could take them all on, even without his baseball bat. It takes a lot to do that, since the nWo was very powerful back in the day.

21. Another strong point, that is very effective now. His matches lately on Nitro, like the match against Flair and Diamond Dallas Page, recieved the highest ratings, and almost actually defeated RAW at an interval. No other matches came close, so that proves Sting equals ratings.

22. He's able to destroy you with two lethal moves. He can make you tap out with the best submission move in the sport, the Scorpion Death Lock, or he can nail your ass with the Scorpion Death Drop, not to mention setting that up with the high flying Stinger Splash.

23. Helped gain fan interest during to the old NWA before it was WCW. Face it, he brought interest because he was someone to cheer for. Before, you had cheesy faces like Dusty Rhodes, but now you had Sting to cheer for, and the early fans painted their faces every night for Sting.

24. Merchandise is always selling. Throughout the years, many wrestlers have had droughts on merchandise selling. Not Sting though. His goodies have always sold to the fans, and his shirts are all over the crowd.

25. Didn't back down from the NWO when they first entered the sport. If you remember when Scott Hall made his second appearance, Sting came right up to him and called him on, not to mention slap him in the face. Sting was ready to stand up for his company, to fend off the Outsiders.

26. He earned his millions, unlike other wrestlers. Sting has never asked the management for more dollars, but the other wrestlers get it from jumping ship, or constantly whining about it. Sting worked his way up to the millions, as every other wrestler should.

27. He told WCW to stick it when the blamed him when he didn't actually join the NWO. The WCW badmouthed him when they thought for sure that he joined the NWO, but when he proved them wrong, did he stick around and help out? NO! He did whatever he wanted to do, because WCW disrespected them, and he didn't join the NWO either since he's the real true face in the sport.

28. Even after all of these years, Sting is still the most over wrestler in WCW. Many wrestlers have come and gone in WCW to be popular, but the fans still cheered for Sting more than the other wrestlers. That says a lot.

29. Sting has won every title in WCW, besides the cruiserweight, which he can't qualify for. It's funny, how much the WWF hyped up Shawn Micheals for winning every title. Sting has won them all just like Shawn did, and many times more with each title.

30. Last but not least, Sting still makes facepaint cool in the late 90's. Every other wrestler that paints their face nowadays is laughed at, but not Sting. Little kids and older fans still paint their faces up, or show support by wearing the Sting mask.

In Conclusion! Well, I hope those are valid points about why we feel that Sting is the man. What is WCW not thinking by not pushing him?!? He's obiously the man, and these 30 proofs, hopefully, give everyone great reasons to believe that he's the man. I hope you have enjoyed this segment!

@Phew, that was a mother to type up! Anyways, thanks for reading, as always, and just chill...till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, who isn't a Sting mark, he just respects the man, signing off!

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Mr. Tito 1999

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